Becoming The Ideal Man Of The Future

Becoming The Ideal Man Of The Future

i became the ideal man of the future

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  1. 07 net says:

    Danny, a STEM graduate: “I think I can hot glue this huge ass glass bowl to the jumpsuit chest”

  2. Lilly Alece says:

    My favorite part was when Laura called him “Future Boy” that should have been the title.

  3. Vaccinate Your Memes So They Don’t Die says:

    the fact that danny didn’t give his candies for cuties to laura makes me mad

  4. Banjo Peppers says:

    “a janitor who’s lost his mind” is EXACTLY what that looks like

  5. Lili says:

    can’t believe none of them predicted scientists inventing color!

  6. The TARDIS Named Sexy says:

    Laura: Are you hot?
    Danny: *Stares awkwardly*

  7. Maria Eduarda says:

    Why is this SO FUNNY

    I literally cried from laughing so hard

  8. bhbrewster says:

    Danny: There are no pockets in the future.
    Me: *laughs in women’s clothing*

  9. Kaylyn van der Merwe says:

    Denny Gorbzalez: lEmOn cElLo

  10. Polly B says:

    You should’ve bought a beardddd Dany THERE’S NO SHAVING IN THE FUTURE

  11. yooncoholic says:

    Them: danny’s parrot shirt can’t hurt you
    Danny’s parrot shirt:

  12. Janelle Mammen says:

    Danny: “In the future, pockets don’t exist”

    Every female who’s had to buy a pair of pants:

    • Ducky Malu_ says:

      why help help help

    • Neda Laj says:

      @a yellow paper crown just buy trousers that are loose-fitting. I have jeans from new look, called dahlia i think? very big pockets. Trousers from Hollister fit my phone and cargo pants for hiking and working. Tonnes of pockets

    • teabaggie says:

      chaimilk guy pant for testicle gal pant for vajayjay

    • jintie says:

      @Neda Laj new look jeans suck absolute ass the proportions are whack as heck they’re incredibly cheaply made they rip super easy and the styles are all ugly no thank u

    • Synnove Erickson says:

      when that have fake pockets😡😡😡

  13. Urcansir says:

    Y’all think Laura knows the baby she’s babysitting keeps using her card on amazon?

  14. Upsetti Spaghetti says:

    “This is my second channel.”

    “GeT tHaT thROugH yOuR sKuLL”

  15. Lilliana Draws says:

    “A net to catch men”

  16. Michayla Lawrence says:

    Whoever made the pantsuit for women’s outfit really had a good idea where fashion was heading.

  17. Ansel says:

    Why does this seem like an outift the janitor in neds declassified would wear

  18. Brink Esourd says:

    Why not turn the belt “backwards” so the sliding motion would be on the “inside” of the belt. Not visible. With ample room for 50’s themed gadgets and gizmos?
    Come on Drew, get it together.

  19. okay hello says:

    “I bought this belt because it looks futuristic”
    Year 2000 is technically the past

  20. Van Zyl van der Merwe says:

    (Time traveller from 1939 ends up next to Danny)

    “Our scientists were correct!”

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