Bed Head – Simon’s Cat

Bed Head – Simon’s Cat

Simon’s Cat: Bed Head

A concerned cat practices his bedside manner!

Poor Simon is under the weather will a visit from the cat help him bounce back? Featuring Simon, the cat and a serious case of the sniffles.

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‘Bed Head’ Credits:
Directed by: Simon Tofield
Design/Rig: Trevor Phillips
Animation: Jimeno Farfan, Emma Wakley, Karen Ullman, Jennifer Cashmore
Compositor & Story Development: Liza Nechaeva
Producer: Emma Burch
Associate Producer: Edwin Eckford
Production Manager: Rebecca Warner-Perry

Sound Design: Shrooty

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Q. Why isn’t ‘Off to the Vet’ available in full on YouTube?
A. ‘Off to the Vet’ film production and crowdfunding campaign was a huge undertaking for the Simon’s Cat Team. Our hope is to produce more long form, full colour content for our fans but without having to turn to them through crowdfunding again. The film was completed in 2015 and submitted it to a selection of international film festivals over the following months. During this time, it was exclusively available to all funders that contributed via our private production blog. The feedback we have received from our funders has been overwhelming positive and we hope they are extremely proud of making the film a possibility. If you are a funder and have any questions regarding the campaign, please contact us at

Q. What software do you use?
A. Simon’s Cat is made using Adobe Flash / TV Paint / CelAction animation software.

Q. Why does it take so long to make each Simon’s Cat film?
A. Even though the films are made on computer software, they are still hand-animated in a traditional manner, frame to frame. It usually takes between 12 and 25 drawings to create 1 second of a Simon’s Cat film.

Q. Where can I buy Simon’s Cat merchandise?
A. You can purchase Simon’s Cat products from the official web shop:

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20 Responses

  1. Planet Floral says:

    4 views 85 likes 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  2. Minno Durkin says:

    My cat ALWAYS drinks whatever is on my nightstand. It’s so annoying

  3. Simon's Cat says:

    If you haven’t already please check out our latest STORYTIME episode of Simon’s Cat – ‘Cat Dad Looking for Love’ : 🐱

  4. Mr. Chubby Tabby Cat says:

    when my cat steps on my chest every morning, he meows perfectly….oh I forgot to mention he almost breaks my ribs a few time too!

  5. Sunny Days says:

    Ah great a new Simon’s cat. This is why I subscribe. Disappointed at the compilation of old films yesterday that’s not “new”.

  6. 照橋心美 says:

    i’m japanese but i’m watching this movie!!!

  7. yasmeen ebrahim says:

    1:22 a hair 😂

  8. Jill Hurley says:

    I don’t understand why the clock was ticking the whole time.

  9. ChaBoyUmbre says:

    yay, new content

  10. 79 Louise says:

    When I was ill my cat touched my tummy because she knew what was wrong with me while the ambulance men came to take me to the hospital. I love how they can tell if your ill. ^^

  11. equarg says:

    Who else had a cat on their head while watching this!

  12. Nugget says:

    That moment when Simon realizes he’s allergic to cats..

  13. Esther S. says:

    My kitten does the exact same thing, lol

  14. GaHyun Hwang says:

    Love it. Nice work!

  15. Andrew Kovnat says:


  16. pssywagn says:

    That was so funny lol

  17. loricat says:

    I could have the worst day ever but when I watch your videos they always make me smile for a while. Thank you so much for that.

  18. Dianna Diatz says:

    When my cat, Zorro was alive, he loved to sleep on my head (or anyone else’s in the row house I used to share.).

    He would also rest his chin on my head, or rest across my shoulder with a paw out. Zorro was very sweet-tempered.

    He was infinitely more gentle about it than “Simon’s cat!” lol

  19. Pavla Bišická says:

    What is that mysteriouus ticking noise? 😀

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