Beef Pirozhki – Food Wishes – Russian Meat Donuts

Beef Pirozhki – Food Wishes – Russian Meat Donuts

Learn how to make Beef Pirozhki! If you’ve never had or heard of beef pirozhki before, imagine a very light jelly donut, except instead of jelly, it’s stuffed with savory meat. Da, please! Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this delicious Beef Pirozhki recipe!

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81 Responses

  1. Chris H says:

    Meat Donuts. Two of my favorite words.

  2. Ill Bill says:

    Is Chef John a Russian Bot?

  3. Feta Cheezz says:

    In former Soviet Russia, Beef Pirozhki eat you!!!

    After all, you are the Jabba The Hutt of your Russian Meat Donut.

  4. Kouri says:

    Yurio would be pleased with this

  5. Girl Fieri says:

    Chef John I’m a college student and I only have brown rice, marble cheese, a box of KD, milk, eggs, half an eggplant and low fat PB in my kitchen along with some condiments. WHAT DO I MAKE?

  6. Bracha Muradov says:

    My mom is Russian and she makes this all the time, it’s soooo gooooddddd!!

  7. det414 says:

    Nice collusion!

  8. Bracha Muradov says:

    “After all u are the Vladimir of what u Putin” 😂😂

  9. Brendyn evans says:

    I love the collusion comment…lol

    • Keith Doran says:

      Brendyn evans conclusion

    • kindafoggy says:

      That and “some of my un-named sources…” and “I’ve had other jobs, some of which I’m allowed to talk about.” and “let’s not waste too much time feeling dough” !! Hhmmm. Pretty subtle ;o)

  10. Jorge B. says:

    What, no cayenne ?!

    • Keith Doran says:

      Jorge B. Amazing really. A savory beef dish gets choked of cayenne. One for the books.

    • Amethyst says:

      Jorge B. You can add a dash of it if you really must but to be honest if I were Chef John I’d put garlic chives instead of dill into the dish. But thats just how I like to make meat pierogi so to each their own.

      I’d save the dill for fish pierogi which you make the same dough. But you make the filling with fish (I used tined salmon but you can do it with tuna I don’t because I hate tuna) lightly sauted onions & finely chopped fresh dill.

      The rest of the preparation for the fish perogies is the same as the meat perogies. You can also make cabbage & mushroom perogies. It’s worth looking online for a couple of different recipes for pierogi fillings.

    • Dwayne Wladyka says:

      Amethyst I have a mixed Slavic background. Pierogies are so good and the filling possibilities are endless.

  11. edward nygma says:

    Oh, god! The Russians got to chef john. I mean, Chef john for president!

  12. Zero Point says:


  13. mort glickman says:

    nice… political shade

  14. Big Papi says:

    I’m going to make this recipe immediately…..but is there a vegan, non gluten, non-dairy version available? I might be allergic to dill as well. Have to ask my Yogi.

  15. Другая Кухня says:

    Классные пирожки получились!

  16. Cameron MacDonald says:

    Chef John, you are the “real” San Francisco treat!… and you can quote me on that, if you like. After all you truly are the Rembrandt of my gastronomic endorsement.

  17. Bender Rodriguez says:

    You are truly living the dream… well my dream at least. Creating recipes and puns while getting paid.

  18. Daniel C says:

    Sureeeee you meant adhesion

  19. Johnny Doe says:

    I was expecting a Putin joke,and you did not disappoint.

  20. Sam says:

    That would be good with some red onion jam inside it with the mince.

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