Beer Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Beer | Price Points | Epicurious

Beer Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Beer | Price Points | Epicurious

In this episode of ‘Price Points’, Epicurious challenges beer expert Garrett Oliver, Brewmaster of Brooklyn Brewery, to guess which one of two beers is more expensive. Garrett breaks down pilsner, Belgian White, IPA, Munich Dark Lager, barrel-aged and fruit sour beers before making his guesses!

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Beer Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Beer | Price Points | Epicurious

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66 Responses

  1. Jonathan Greenwood says:

    Knowing Garrett, I bet he can blindly name all the beers and knows a few of them just off the bottles alone. He truly is a Beer Expert. I have been lucky enough to work for Brooklyn Brewery and was even luckier to be taught all about beer by him.

  2. Tokyo Swan says:

    Would be much more interesting if the viewer knew the brand.

  3. chlomoney says:

    if he had a beer review channel i would subscribe. he’s good

  4. Yoda of Soda says:

    You know it’s the good beer when he tastes it and he hits you with the “Pop”, “Boom”, “Zing”

  5. Efe Açıkgöz says:

    I don’t even like beer but I clicked the video as soon as I saw it. Now I have a lot of knowledge about a beverage I do not enjoy drinking

  6. Federick Jonathan says:

    gosh.. are there no tea experts out there? hello??!!

  7. Salmo Ali says:

    He should do a radio show. Nice smooth voice.

  8. Salmo Ali says:

    I like this guy

  9. David L says:

    This dude has one of those voices you could listen to all day.

  10. GT Wharton says:

    Garret Oliver wrote the book on beer, literally. He is the author of The Oxford Companion to Beer.

    • dampaul13 says:

      He’s actually the editor. Each entry is written by individual writers, often with multiple entries.

    • Andre Cruz says:

      That’s even more impressive. His job was to make sure that everything was correct, hence his knowledge has to be pretty vast.

    • dampaul13 says:

      +Andre Cruz The good news for Garrett is, they tend to to invite hacks to contribute. Obviously, people usually write in an area of expertise.
      But you are correct, it’s his name on the front cover, it all comes down to him.
      If you haven’t read it, it’s fascinating, a choose your own adventure.

    • asighofrelief says:

      He did the Brewmaster’s Table too!

  11. The Ape Talks says:

    This guy sounds like a character Dave Chappelle created

  12. Janvier Kim says:

    OMG, they made one for beer! How about tea?? TEA??!

  13. Paige says:

    I could listen to this man describe paint drying. His voice is the best beer.

  14. Darwin's Beer Reviews says:

    Great choice with getting Garrett to do a beer episode!

  15. PlugInKali says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t try any porters or stouts. In any case, he is very eloquent and did an amazing job explaining the characteristics of all the beers 🙂

  16. Jeffrey Delmonico says:

    Now do wine. Because Adam, and Penn & Teller, has taught us that’s all BS. Let’s see if that’s true.

    • Ryan Tamburrino says:

      It’s definitely not true. This challenge would be an insult to any master sommelier.

    • Melody says:

      Yeah lmao they would pick like supermarket wine and then like good wine to make it easy probably. Like the bread one. I dont think it would go like those experiments did.

  17. Jonathan Stewart says:

    I really wish they’d tell us what brands are being tasted.

  18. Matt McLaren says:

    For those unfamiliar… Garrett Oliver is basically beer royalty if you’re in the industry. He started Brooklyn Brewing Company, one of the highest rated and longest running breweries on the East Coast. And he has authored some of the most important pieces of beer literature of this generation, including the latest edition of the Oxford Beer Companion, which is basically a 600 page encyclopedia of every beer term you could think of.

    Dude is the real deal.

    • Jack Tse says:

      Garrett also took on David Chang for the craft beer world. Thanks Garrett!

    • Ona1000 says:

      Omg I’m happy you wrote this. I’ve had their black chocolate stout and it’s been my favorite beer ever since even though I haven’t had it since the place I got it took it off tap. Probably gonna grab some next time I head to New York.

    • Heyitsaddie23 says:

      Thank you for the info!! I was wondering

    • al145 says:

      I was gonna say, he definitely sounds like he knows his craft and the history of it. He should teach a class.

    • Matt McLaren says:

      +al145 hes contributed quite a bit to various beer education programs. But it’s mostly because he actually writes the books that people would study in beer classes. Lol

  19. Tien says:

    NEXT UP: Cocaine expert guesses Cheap vs Expensive Cocaine

    • Joshua Duplaa says:

      I don’t do coke lol just word of reference from friends

    • Daniel Chen says:

      “… So Cocaine B is a fairly off-white powder, and when I take my razor blade here to put it into piles, it separates very easily with little to no clumping. To me, that’s a hint that this cocaine has been cut with additives. But let’s see how it snorts.” *SNNNNRRRRT*

    • Melody says:

      +Daniel Chen “oh, yeah, see that burns, its probably got a lot of baking soda or something. The burn should only last a few seconds. *tries the other one* ooh, very bright and fresh with almond notes. This is how a good coke should be”

    • Melody says:

      +Daniel Chen also usually the whiter it is the worse it is… it needs a little color.

    • brandon zhang says:

      “maan, this some motherfuckin’ drywall!”

  20. Peter West says:

    man, hats off again to the blackboard guy. keep outdoing yourself, it’s amazing.

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