before and after you discover the subreddit for a hobby

before and after you discover the subreddit for a hobby

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80 Responses

  1. i ' m f u c k e d u p says:

    Tbh when EA took over Water they kinda ruined it

    • Septiquad Doubleyou says:

      You spelled “Nestle” wrong.

    • John Velasquez says:

      Im fine with it. Im willing to pay an extra 5 dollarce for the PH level balancer DLC and really gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment.

    • i ' m f u c k e d u p says:


      No, actually Nestle was the last company that did an update to Water and they just announced that EA is the one that will take over. (09/03/2018)

      AND i know that EA puts the PH level balancer which makes everything easier and fun but there are ALOT of things that i personally dont like:

      *Paid Cups*
      This is the most annoying thing they’ve made when Nestle was in charge of Water you could literally use all the glasses without paying $9.99

      *Slow Refill*
      Now you HAVE to pay $4.99 to make the dispenser pour faster (WTF)

      *Cup Skins*
      For some people this is good but for me its a no no. You could purchase ‘Soda Logo’ skins which is not WATER BTW and put it on your cup. Like what the hell?!

      I could go on but it would be too long because there’s alot if things i hate about EA taking over. There are some good things implemented to Water by EA

  2. RayOfTruth says:

    Unless you post something bad about SAO or Crunchyroll on r/anime.
    Then you just get banned.

    • leinadyon says:

      SAO is trash

    • Ben To says:

      +Drebolaskan Thats an overstatement. People hate on it because they are sheeple. SAO is just mediocre.

    • RayOfTruth says:

      +Ben To or because they watched a show and genuinely thought it was bad, or agreed with many of the issues people have pointed out that they might not of noticed before.
      Doesn’t mean you can’t like it, but you have just as much right to like it as someone else does to dislike it. Art is all subjective anyways.

    • Cinder says:

      lol anime!! 😛

    • Da Kat says:

      ahhh that’s because nobody is really an enthusiast of the topic they represent, they’re actually an enthusiast of one brand that operates in that topic. they’d like to think theirs is the only way to represent the topic.

  3. KingTurny says:

    I really wanna *SEE* the water between sips

  4. Cognitive Dissonance says:

    People who enjoy water at pH 8 and above are so basic.

  5. Cognitive Dissonance says:

    Water we doing with our lives.

  6. Cognitive Dissonance says:

    The hydrophobes just don’t get us.

  7. Soy Sauze says:

    You want a nice cRiSp balanced flavor so no *Dasani*

  8. Karamia says:

    Lmao r/coffee and r/tea is that you

  9. HitzCritz says:

    Me: *Drinks water with a plastic cup*

    Water enthusiasts: *wAtER yOu dOiNG tHErE, siR!?*

  10. Elezer_ Jefferson says:

    Water is just *ICE SOUP*

  11. Ethan Whitlock says:

    Mark Zuckerberg enjoying human water

  12. Pearathon says:

    You: water
    Someone else, slightly smarter: H2O
    Me, an intellectual: dihydrogen monoxide

  13. Zack Spindler says:

    Instructions unclear. Currently drowning in the Red Sea.

  14. damnjabroni says:

    This is my friend. He spends like 20-30 minutes reading about a topic on reddit then all of a sudden he is THE expert. I don’t think he’s pretending either, I think he actually convinces himself he knows more about topics than experts. Like when he started reading about fitness… I’m a personal trainer and he would always try to tell me contradicting information to what I learned in school. Then I’d research a little and discover he read like one article that got some information wrong, and didn’t look at a single study. But after reading 2 articles he knows more than the people that have studied it their whole life.

  15. Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

    Please send me some. We barely have any water on Tatooine.

  16. slurp says:

    *You know, I am something of a scientist myself.*

  17. Blue Raspberry says:

    Then comes that one person,”Does it matter I don’t see a difference it’s Clear either way”

  18. Larvitar Dratini says:

    Any actual water enthusiast would drink exclusively Vichy Catalan. If you must get a practical bottle or if you aren’t wanting the high TDS, get some Fiji.

  19. Spined1234 says:

    Damn, this guy has been drinking water all his life.

  20. TheSalaryman says:

    If water is so good, then why isn’t water 2 released yet??

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