Before video of trump protester being sprayed

Before video of trump protester being sprayed

This was a minute or so before the other video of where she got sprayed… doesnt look like that man is groping her at all. If this was somebody that groped her why would she stand right next to him not complaining at all?

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20 Responses

  1. PMDownUp says:

    You can tell THOSE are Soros funded lol.

  2. Giovanni Hernandez says:

    Come to the bay(Oakland) Donald. The bay gets active and doesn’t let this
    stupid ass shit go down. #bayareatrump

  3. nismozx6r says:

    White person screaming black lives matter around other white people in a
    place with no black people around, then punches old white man with no
    regard for his life because black lives matter and his doesn’t. Then white
    person pepper sprays another white person. So much contradiction so much
    idiocracy so much bizarre sh*t. Life is so precious that we will screw each
    other over to prove the point… Only good people’s lives matter. But the
    ones who lie cheat and steal seem to get ahead in this world…

  4. EsotericOccultist says:

    Black lives matter is a racist movement for morons.

  5. EsotericOccultist says:

    If black lives matter why do they kill eachother so much?

  6. R. says:

    Like, I get the protesting Trump thing… but they’re doing it wrong.

  7. ThisISme757 says:

    stupid Trump supporters

  8. Not_politically_correct says:

    “Stop doing crime blacks”….excuse me sir…white people commit crimes too

  9. Iron Belly says:

    what up with whiney little white girls

  10. BolivianFishKeeper says:

    These people are so disruptive …they deserved pepper spray right into
    their eyes.
    Spray it real good !

  11. Jeff Kelly says:

    ‘All lives matter’ sounds a lot like ‘ All whites matter.’ Took me several
    seconds to figure out what was happening here.

  12. Coregame3 says:


  13. PLOMPERS GTAV says:

    What a traitor to her own race!

  14. Logi Bro says:

    I love how people think that black lives matter means that black lives are
    more important than other lives. On the other side, the BLM protestors are
    going about this all wrong and just makes the cause seem like a joke.
    Whatever, I’m sick of humans, you’re all fucking idiots.

  15. dylan pheifer says:

    Guess what you are still the asshole you dumb hypocritical fuck

  16. slosh11111420 says:

    Where’s the part where she try’s to assault some one??

  17. taxidrivernwo says:

    How about an actual conversation instead of yelling out hashtags?

  18. Taylor Jerling says:

    I love this video #BlackLivesDon’tMatter

  19. yoshih9 says:

    Not that I support trump, but that girl got straight shrekt and TRUMPED by
    the guys. In fact, watching her get fucking rekt so hard has made me a
    trump supporter. GG.

  20. Kaleb Jonathon says:

    Soros will reimburse her