Behind The Scenes: I Bought The Most Haunted Place On Earth

Behind The Scenes: I Bought The Most Haunted Place On Earth

This is the vlog/behind-the-scenes/bloopers of “I Bought The Most Haunted Place on Earth!”

Friends in this video:

Also edited by Beau!

Vine Boom Beat:
Among Us Jazz Remix:

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32 Responses

  1. Casey Breen says:

    “The scariest stuff is the stuff I didn’t show you”
    * clip of them wearing among us shirts proceeds to play *

  2. Cell says:

    Security:”you’re here for the private investigation right?”

    *proceeds to battle with lightsabers*

  3. Plink the Necrobird says:

    “What’s one more ghost?!” Is just such a raw fucking line

  4. Filet-o-fish says:

    This is an absolute fucking masterpiece from hell

  5. E says:

    Watching Charlie and bizly singing in a car in the middle of the night, has officially made my day.

  6. Autumn Blizzard says:

    “Well that’s because the rental people like to hide.”
    “They like to what??”
    “Yeah but if you go outside you can probably find them by the woods.”
    “By the woo-??”

    Those rental people are either running a cult or are cryptids

  7. Rori Frost says:

    “the only thing people in West Virginia have to learn is how to escape their state”
    I didn’t know charlie knew so much about WV

    • Ryden Nikita says:

      Also I think when they messed with the spirit box and it said ‘Heaven’ it was because every radio station at some point during any day plays Country Roads. There might have been a bunch all playing it at the same time that that just happened.

    • Braindead 420 says:

      its the same for Ohio too. he should go there sometime and just TRY to escape. please help me i cant get out.

    • Cabbage Queen says:

      if you try to leave West Virginia the Bears drag you back in

  8. unoriginal name says:

    I would love to see more joke ghost hunting videos if at all possible as I’m just a really big fan of the paranormal and seeing you mocking the more mainstream/fake side of ghost hunting makes me very happy, love your videos keep up the good work man

  9. Ryden Nikita says:

    “I think the only thing people in West Virginia have to learn, is how to escape their state.”
    Take from someone who lives in WV, Charlie is absolutely correct. And it’s the only real reason I decided to make High School harder on myself by going into a program that allows us to take a class at a technical school alongside our actual high school classes.

    Not that anyone will see this, but if you do…

  10. Samarah Stanley says:

    I’m glad that Slimecicle is one of those youtubers that does nothing wrong and always brings a smile to anyone who watches him

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