Behind The Sims Summit Stream Event

Behind The Sims Summit Stream Event

ESRB Rating T for Teen: Crude Humor, Sexual Themes & Violence.

The Behind The Sims Summit is on now! Event started Oct 18, 10 AM PT.

The Sims™ 4 base game is officially free to download!* What comes next? Get ready for sneak peeks and special announcements as well as a whole lineup of special guests. This event is all about celebrating The Sims and The Sims community!

Tune in for updates on The Sims™ 4, The Sims™ FreePlay, The Sims™ Mobile.

00:00 – Countdown
04:32 – Intro with Host Phoebe Robinson
07:22 – The Sims 4 News with Phil Ring
08:28 – Early Concepts for The Sims 4
10:02 – Kelsey on The Street
12:20 – The Sims 4 x Overwolf: Bringing Mods and CCs to The Sims 4
14:09 – The Sims VP & GM Welcomes YOU to The Sims
15:17 – 22 Years of The Sims
16:35 – Head of Brand Introduces the Plumbob
17:37 – Anitta’s Behind The Sims
18:48 – Dance Break with The Next Kidz
20:47 – The Sims Freeplay News
22:50 – The Sims Mobile News
24:56 – The Simmers Make The Sims
26:48 – The Next Iteration of The Sims: Project Rene
27:53 – Early Concepts for Project Rene
30:20 – Closing & Infants Tease
31:10 – Credits

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*Additional content requires separate purchase & all base game updates. Applicable platform account, internet connection, and EA account may be required. Age restrictions apply.

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42 Responses

  1. India Oliver says:

    Cannot wait for this baby update we have needed this for ages!!!

  2. CleoPhoenix says:

    I’ve reverted back to playing Sims 3 lately for the “Create a Style” feature. Seeing a team dedicated to “Project Renee” to bring patterns and a color wheel brightened my morning. 😄 Tho can we get more testers for these changes so they don’t break my game while running multiple packs? That would be awesome.

  3. Aury ™ says:

    Glad to see we only had to wait 8 years for actually alive babies in a life simulation game

  4. Vic Vera says:

    “This meeting could have been an email” feeling.

  5. Daniel Harmon says:

    What we really want is to be able to build walls on half tiles.

  6. Reforja | Arte Digital says:

    the mod platform honestly is really exciting, they’re going for a Skyrim approach, which means that the sims 4 will never really die due to mods

    • Saint-Izawa 伊澤😈 says:

      @Welshy there’s 50 million active players, that’s too bad you feel that way I sorry. FYI if you don’t like it than don’t engage w the community or YT vids cause all that does is boost engagement. Its not airport you don’t have to announce if your departure. [that’s a joke btw]

    • DatBadAssUnicorn says:

      @Welshy I wouldn’t say that.. I play sims 4 almost every day. But I am getting annoyed with all the bugs all the time.. they can be frustrating..

    • Welshy says:

      As far as a lot of peoples passion for the franchise the sims 4 is already dead

    • DatBadAssUnicorn says:

      @Bart Skampson yeah I agree. Im excited for it and possibilities but also worried it’s going to end up like Skyrim.. on PlayStation witch is what I play on.. on Xbox they have better mods for skyrim.. so I’m worried. It would be pointless if that happens.. and very disappointing..

    • Bart Skampson says:

      @DatBadAssUnicorn they would get SO much more people playing sims if they had the mods venture to console players

  7. Bance The Yorkshire terrier says:

    wow sims going crazy with paralives with those now place able pillows but really this is amazing and can’t wait to see future updates

    • Kit Callahan says:

      its integrating the tool mod, I’m excited for the mod platform and I really hope the modders I follow are on the trusted list cause they deserve it

  8. Sage Palmer says:

    absolutely getting some inspiration from Paralives! But I think that’s great – Paralives is going to be awesome, and hopefully this pushes the sims team to listen to the players and give us these great customization features

  9. 💜Crystal💜 says:

    I have been playing The Sims since it first came out I have never had so many problems like I have with the Sims 4. I’m really enjoying the stream but I still cannot forget all of the glitches bugs and problems that we have the game. Showing us the Stream to newcomers and two people like myself who have been playing for years it’s trying to Hype us up and to not think negative about the game but in my defense every single time they launch a new pack or kit they always launch it with problems and to me that is unforgiving. A lot of us are not into all these kit packs we would like expansion packs game packs stuff packs. For all of us who have spent hundreds of dollars on this game feel a little disappointed. I hope this stream they start changing things so we all enjoy playing The Sims 4. Personally I don’t play The Sims mobile nor free play but that’s just me I’m not interested in those Outlets just the Sims 4 Sims 3 Sims 2 and The Sims

    • Val Nadis says:

      My sims 4 is so glitchy, I haven’t played it for a few years… Sims teleporting around the house, dishes not being done, sims unable to use stairs, unable to build certain ways anymore, etc.

    • Alexis Norry Valkyren says:

      We may yet live to see a day when the restaurant food arrives within 12 hours of ordering…

  10. notcharlesiiofengland says:

    THE JIST FOR EVERYONE: A new Sims Title is in development, ‘Project Rene’. Sims Freeplay is getting a sims makeover, smoothing out the appearance. Sims Mobile is getting balconies. Sims 4 is expecting a baby update sometime next year, as well as two packs, which were not mentioned much. Also a new platform for custom content and mod sharing.👀

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