Behind the Sketch: Stefon with John Mulaney – SNL

Behind the Sketch: Stefon with John Mulaney – SNL

Writer John Mulaney shares the origins of Stefon and how making Bill Hader break became part of the character.


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37 Responses

  1. Spinellious says:

    I enjoy the sketches with Bill Hader : D

  2. jessicaaaturbox3 says:

    finally all the backstory I have ever wanted

  3. navy says:

    Can’t believe John is just hosting the first time😳

  4. Spiros Mousouris says:

    *I C O N I C* what a hilarious character and mr. Hader was amazing

  5. Elizabeth Espinoza says:

    Biggest takeaway from this: John LOVES Party Monster

  6. Emmanuel Alejandro says:


  7. Karen's World says:

    It really was a beautiful wedding

  8. luckystarrose says:

    Why do I feel an overwhelming sense of pride like my own tall child is hosting SNL? Congrats to John, this is well-deserved and overdue.

  9. Sam Raycraft says:

    “My girlfriend works at yoshinoya beef bowl”

  10. Z Zmn says:

    i have watched that wedding many times, i never noticed Bill was crying at the end?? was it his last show?

  11. Peggy Hill says:

    The last year I’ve really enjoyed SNL. Reminds me of Belushi, Radner, Chase, Curtain, & Akroyd Days! You’re finally back on top SNL!

  12. something clever says:

    Meyers goes in for the kiss but Stefon wasn’t having any part of it!

  13. JackieWarner13 says:

    Always loved when Bill lost it

  14. chas ames says:

    Yesyesyesyes. This show has everything.

  15. fragwagon says:

    Alf in a trench coat and hat….lol

  16. Nick C says:

    3:00 Ok but… John looks hot as hell in that latex

  17. Ivan Paligutan says:

    Thank you Grant Gustin for creating such an iconic character.

  18. Elgin Coates says:

    I love this. I wish they’d do something like this regularly. Its intriguing to hear the story behind how a certain sketch or character came to be.

  19. Jessica Pisetsky says:

    John Mulaney & Bill Hader are such a hysterical team, Stefon is an amazing character & the way they changed the lines on Bill made it even better. Genius! I never get tired of seeing Stefon!

  20. sweetboo1022 says:

    Until tonight when the show airs I think I shall just listen to what’s New Pussycat all day long and honor of the one and only John Mulaney.
    I do believe that tonight may be the best SNL episode ever but if they don’t have Bill on it for at least a little bit I’m going to be really sad😟

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