Being a White Student at a Historically Black College

Being a White Student at a Historically Black College

On this episode of ‘MINORITY REPORTS,’ we met up with Tiago, a white freshman at Morehouse College, an HBCU in Atlanta that counts Martin Luther King, Jr. and Spike Lee as alumni.

We sat down with him to hear why he decided to enroll in the school, asked his peers for their thoughts on having white students on campus, and followed along as he showed us what it’s like to be one of very few non-black students at school.

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107 Responses

  1. VICE says:

    “I feel like I belong here if I’m putting in the work. It’s that simple.”

    WATCH NEXT: The Slavery Detective of the South —

  2. Deven Jordan says:

    “We were all humans until
    Race disconnected us
    Religion separated us
    Politics divided us
    And wealth classified us”

    • Tracey Marie says:

      Schwingalongadingdong but people breed outside their ethnic group also. . Skin color is just a trait like eye color.. No matter what tribe, country, or culture we come from, the difference is how we all look not how we are as humans. Ethnicity is not genetic yet people act like it is, when in fact it’s a social and political construct and the reason behind racism and discrimination.

    • Tracey Marie says:

      Deven Jordan unfortunately for mankind, they always will be 🙁

    • Jesus Christ says:


    • Nam Balloon says:

      Deven Jordan love that quote so much

    • Patrick Hyche says:

      Race has always been there… The primitive mind was developed biologically by certain ethnicity’s in different geoghraphic enviroments across the world for early man an his people it was necessary to survive.

  3. John Covfefe says:

    “And if we had white people just come in here, I would feel disrespected.”

    If I had other people base me off of my race and felt a certain type of way because of my presence I would feel very discriminated against.

    • Miles Han says:

      Even if it is discriminatory and possibly even racist to say that, try to look at it from their perspective. Of course they may or may not be right in saying that, but it helps a lot to understand why it would be hard to deal with white people coming into an environment in which they have never been welcome in.

    • Nicholas Pegasus says:

      Tim Dixon do you think the best way to end racism is to ignore it? There’s no ending racism. That’s a fire you won’t put out. But we’ve been shooting water at it since MLK and he got shot back with a bullet. TF you all always want US to be peaceful passive and naive for. We didn’t start that fire and black ppl for the most part in this country have been tap dancing around it. When we DO riot it’s our own shit we destroy. Our own communities. When gangs DO kill it’s another black man or family. You need to go preach all that shit to your white brethren. These sick mfs get on social media every bday for Trayvon and say he’s a thug that deserved to die. Always talk about us being stuck in the past but constantly they’re the ones honoring flags and statues from the Confederacy. We sit and watch OUR young men get slaughtered for stealing candy or selling CDs but a Dylan Roof gets peacefully apprehended or a Nicolas Cruz gets peacefully apprehended. Any other race of ppl would’ve went to war with white ppl in America by now and either won or died out trying and THATS why racism will never end cause white ppl in this country will never respect us UNTIL they get hit in the mouth. Fire with fire? Smh. What a joke. Black ppl as a whole haven’t even came with smoke in this country.

    • TJ Wolf says:

      John Covfefe “If I had other people base me off of my race and felt a certain type of way because of my presence I would feel very discriminated against.”

      Welcome to the colored mans world.

    • AMaliciousMoose says:

      The full quote is that if the student population became 40% white and it changed the cultural atmosphere of the school that he would feel disrespected.
      I’m not sure why he was taken out of context in the beginning, but the full quote is around the 19:00 minute mark.

    • Nicholas Pegasus says:

      TJ Wolf FACTS

  4. Matthew Panaro says:

    They talk as if there are only 2 races within this country SMH

    • Largepro21 says:

      Exactly most American’s dont even know that the West x Coast is #MEXICAN History. #fax

    • Basquiat_The_Creator says:

      This. America is too obsessed with pitting black and white folk against each other.

    • Segamania Buddy says:

      There’s only one race , the human race.

    • Leo Alexander says:

      I’m not defending it, honestly, but whites–being the majority in the US–are the most likely ones to supplant the black students. Plus, those two groups are the founders of the US (by choice or not), in terms of the thirteen colonies at least, and so the troubled past between them has a certain relevance to the situation. African Americans have been systemically denied the rights and privileges of a nation that they have just as much right to (so do other races, just talking about their specific history) and they fear becoming marginalized at Morehouse, a school built to allow them access to higher learning; adding insult to injury. That’s not to say other races weren’t wronged or oppressed: Native Americans, Mexicans, “Texians”, etc. History shows that us whites have enough of that shit to go around, apparently. Context matters–a concept that would have saved a lot of typing in this comment section.

    • Brown skin boi 96 says:

      Matthew Panaro Well latino/hispanic isn’t a race there are a ethical background of different people in the spanish community.

      East asians (yellow race) make up a low population percentage in america.

      A lot of native americans (red race) were wiped out by europeans the white race.

      A alot africans ( black race ) were brought here by the white race / exchanged and bought by other slave owners so there’s gonna be black race vs white race. 😂

  5. Billy Murray says:

    So long as you make it black vs white, that’s how it will be. Why cant people just be people??

    • Billy Murray says:

      Caleb Kohl I understand just as well as you do. I’m not sure why people are arguing against my suggestion that we should stop fighting with each other

    • Billy Murray says:

      Chris Li not even close to prevalent. Everyone has equal opportunity. To suggest otherwise is nonsense. Any successful minority will tell you this.

    • Ryan Drake says:

      Because the Jews who control our media and financial systems need us to fight each other while they rob us all blind. Divide and rule, the oldest trick in the book of power and control.

    • Johnson Taylor says:

      Billy Murray Because a failed media institution like Vice needs race baiting videos to get clicks. The vice empire is collapsing and this is one of the ways to get it going.

    • AMaliciousMoose says:

      Because that’s not the reality in which minorities live.
      People (but minorities especially) are defined by the colour of their skin and their place of birth, so they can’t just “be people” separated from the identity our society forged for them.

      Most of us (white people, men especially) won’t understand that until attention is drawn to the roles we’re given, until we struggle against them. I think Tiago’s experience demonstrates this, because being a minority in a space built for someone else has widen his perspective. He’ll never know what it’s like to be black, but he has a deeper understanding than most of us do.

      A quote that’s stuck with me on the subject is this: “We teach people that race is real, but it doesn’t matter; what we should teach them is that race isn’t real, but it does matter”.

  6. alberto gonzález says:

    “Reverse racism” lol its just called racism

    • christo 04002283 says:

      Nicholas Pegasus you don’t need to have peers or be taught somewhere that’s what the internet’s for.

    • TommyStrategic says:

      Chieko Asami I think what Zachary is getting at, and where you maybe misunderstand, is that racism is an ism, like liberalism and conservatism. Its an ideology that says that race is a primary way to order humanity and society. While you as a person can discriminate based on a person’s appearance, you are a racist only if you believe society should be based on raced on a basic level. This was the case in America.

      Morehouse, like most HBCUs, was created because existing colleges wouldn’t admit black students simply because they were black. That was racism. Not wanting to lose the cultural capital of Morehouse is not racist. Creating and maintaining HBCUs was a result of racism, not a cause. In fact, some of the students voiced concern that they would lose a place of reprive from the racial bias outside of their colleges.

      There is almost nothing anyone in this video could do to create or contribute a race-ordered society. Period.

    • D3viant Gamer says:

      WTF he literally just said that reverse racism is racism… lol salty much

    • TommyStrategic says:

      D3viant Gamer But reverse racism isn’t a thing. Reverse discrimination, maybe. Racism is the belief in a race-ordered society, like we’ve had for most of our history in the U.S. There’s no such thing as a “reverse race-ordered society.” Most of the people crying ‘Reverse racism!’ fail to remember that actual racism created black America and black colleges and institutions.

    • Lucas M says:

      Zachary Leatherwood bait

  7. Moldygreenbean says:


    Smartest girl in that group.

  8. Dean Daniel says:

    Americans are programmed to be racist. They would be too powerful without this

    • Hi I says:

      Dean Daniel this video is of accepting I don’t know why you are saying this

    • kristal fisher says:

      Because all we talk about is race probably

    • Lux says:

      Your right. Americans are obsessed about race. Especially the far left Americans.

      “OMG your black! I’m so so sorry!” – a white American.

    • Joseph Lawrence says:

      Lux the democrat party of america loves creating pointless narratives about racism. Then they broadcast it to the world and wonder why we think americans are stupid and insular

  9. Sadlexyy says:

    I didn’t know that people were so offended by the existence of historically black colleges…hilarious

    • Ben Shapiro says:

      No shit theyre the majority dumbfuck

    • Nicholas Pegasus says:

      Ethan Matz based off the white mans propensity to teach HIS STORY… Aka a whitewashed version of History.

    • PenguinMaster says:

      There are schools are nearly all white. Whats your point?

    • Alien167 says:

      Ben Shapiro
      This’s exactly the result of what injustice, discrimination, and exclusion can do. Those institutions carry these names, just like some health institutions carry the name of their specialities. Like cancer center, cardiovascular centers, dentists cabinet etc. It’s the way of saying that: You have been excluded, or discriminated, because of your race and skin color, here is a place specially designed for you. This epithet need absolutely be given to those institutions. Because you have many black people looking for them, for the same reason I mentioned above.

    • Tony P says:

      Damn straight.

  10. AfroKito Boho Artist says:

    Go and be successful, Tiago! There are other Whites who attended HBCU’s, when I was in school. HBCU’s are phenomenal!

  11. WereBakedFreestyles says:

    I see a lot of mixed kids and as a mixed person I learned that black people are just as bad as white people when it comes to racism so I don’t know why they’re trying to say Thiago is out of place when they’re out of place too according to the black community..

    • Aerial Mitchell says:

      WereBakedFreestyles We know Kaepernick is mixed, that’s VERY well-known. He identifies as a black man , though.

    • TJ Wolf says:

      WereBakedFreestyles “black people are just as bad as white people when it comes to racism ”
      Hmmm I wonder why. If I had a black grandma who told me stories of gettin beat while coming back from buying milk at the store, how do you think I would see whites?

    • Lydia tea says:

      that’s hella true lot of black ppl -NOT SAYING ALL- are just as racist as racist white ppl. y’all just don’t blatantly call racial slurs at ppls faces but they’re just as racist. as an asian i’ve been discriminated against by black ppl numerous times

    • WereBakedFreestyles says:

      Basquiat_The_Creator Right, im glad someone understands what I was trying to say lol and her argument wasn’t even valid she’s talking about people in Europe and Africa like that affects us and in some places in Africa they kidnap light skinned people and hold them to ransom but thats a different story lol

    • Basquiat_The_Creator says:

      Aerial Mitchell First off, don’t be so damn disrespectful, identity issues are nothing to take lightly and can’t just be “sorted out”. I stated I received racism and prejudice from white people, but I lashed out at the premonition that black people are not racist, as I have experienced it first hand. I do not claim to be black when it suits me, as I do not perceive myself as black or white, only me, a person of mixed heritage. I carry the culture of both sides of my heritage. Identity issues occur within mixed race people, as I have felt before, because we are “too white for the black kids, and too black for the whites”. Everybody sees us as ‘other’. The hostility you have displayed is part of the problem. The black community deserves it’s due criticism just like the white one, we all know how minority have been treated by the majority, so why is there a problem when I speak my truth. Y’all call Obama black, or Kapernick etc when it suits you. Embrace us as us, not as you. Do not minimise my struggle and my heritage. This whole one drop rule, you percive the other race in us the same way, you’ve proven that. Peace be upon you.

  12. Mycel says:

    lol they elected the only white guy as president

    • NTSP SP says:

      +Chéri Sue
      What you’re saying right there is the reason why we as humans have never and will never co-exist peacefully with one another. Ignorance, lack of acceptance, negative opinions, close mindedness and history keeps this lack of social progression alive. It’s really sad too- peaceful protests? Blogs? Speeches? None of it will ever work and we are so stupid to think that we can all one day come to a collaborative agreement: because there will always be a person with a mindset like this.

    • Paul Spears says:

      It should show to all of the White Genocide/Nationalists here that HBC aren’t racist; YouTube is like a Whites Only haven. They have a fear of being overtaken like Whites have done with everything else in history. The fact that they’ve accepted him not surprising to me but is remarkable.

    • cl2iCk3T says:

      I voted for former President Obama. I wish I could, again. Your comment is offensive.

    • UTubeIsMuhKrakane Literally says:

      they say cream rises to the top

    • Christian Deans says:

      He said there were 3 white people at the college, not the only one

  13. Bijan Rahman says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with this. black people have a culture and a community and there’s nothing wrong with wanting that. it’s different if there’s all white schools because at one point in america people were refused opportunities because of their color. white people have always been the majority. I think this is a great environment to build character and confidence. to see people who look like you and have the same vision as you succeeding.

    I think if a white student wants to go there, they should show that they appreciate and respect the culture like tiago. it’s just like going to another country. you respect their culture instead of trying to take it over and appropriate it for yourself.

    • Lechiffresix six says:

      Bijaun, I never used phrases such as ” were refused” , I call it what it is , white people as a whole just did not want black students and the spaces they think were theirs and only theirs. As a muslim , I will never say ” I am being hated” I call it what it is , call oppressors by name and they’ll get it .

    • Gallowglass says:

      I agree completely, but you’re still following a double standard. If people of color are allowed to have private, largely segregated schools, it logically follows that any other ethnic group that has demonstrably been oppressed by the US government should have that same right, whether they’ve been “accepted into the majority” or otherwise.

    • iTrobRob says:

      Problaly one of the best comments under this video.

    • Bigby Wolf says:

      one of the only intelligent comments on this vid

    • fuck says:

      This is a double standard and doesn’t mesh with equality. Either every race can have distinct “safe spaces” or no race can.

  14. Doctor Gonzo says:

    So they are actually ENCOURAGING segregation? Did we learn anything from MLK?

    • MrCleanMachine98 says:

      If you knew history, especially MLK, you’d know he talked about Police brutality against the black community. And importantly that America has given Black people a “check step of insufficient funds” Do you quote this from MLK ” “Why is equality so assiduously avoided? Why does white America delude itself, and how does it rationalize the evil it retains?”

    • Doctor Gonzo says:

      MrCleanMachine98 I am not talking about police brutality I am talking about segregation you’re bringing up this issue out of the blue. As MLK said in his famous I have a dream speech “I have a dream that one day little black boys and girls will be holding hands with little white boys and girls.”

    • slowdive 111 says:

      _”I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”_ -MLK

    • shyvixx100 says:

      Doctor Gonzo you’re people killed mlk

    • DraiAKA says:

      There’s nothing ironic about Dr. King going to a HBCU when black students were denied admittance to Harvard, Yale, Auburn, Texas A&M and other primarily white institutions. Be clear, The only reason why HBCUs were created was bc White schools locked their doors 1st. Doctor Gonzo

  15. Royaltybrand11 says:

    This boy is literally saying his experience has been 99% amazing and I see a video of him being embraced and accepted yet I see these comments like this boy is being tarred and feathered and mobs of ppl are screaming at him and he is being Marshalled in by the police wait… now who did that happen to? 😐🤔🤔🤔

    • First Name Last Name says:

      Biniyam What “people”? There was one person who said that, now he’s representative of the entire black student body?

    • Latenightrr says:

      Royaltybrand11 Actually most of the comments have been about how its ironic and kinda funny how when given the ability blacks tend to want segregation and exclusion even though they will tout the virtues of inclusion alongside their leftist masters. Oh and bonus points for bringing up how racist America “used” to be because you’re super “woke” and you know the truth WINK WINK :))))

      I agree thought that everyone was super nice to that kid, and that warms my heart.

    • Goyline Oyveyberg says:

      He a white token bwoy mah niggah

    • LittleRainGames says:

      Louise Alice im sure our white ancestors said the same thing about black people.

    • Elder Legends says:

      tig ol bitties!!!!

  16. Kommandant Rios says:

    This story is very dramatic. If you feel disrespected by students of a different color coming to your school you produce the hate the school was founded to protect against

  17. A shakie space says:

    To all the non Americans that don’t get it. America history is not yours okay we can’t copy and paste what “works” in your country due to our history or that you don’t see why we talk about it so much. We need to find and we are finding what is & isn’t working for us. There is tension and will be tension for years to come so we can’t ignore a wound that is healing. Racial issues are important to us because our country was built on them. We still have problems from the way it was established too. Pls understand that we aren’t being obsessive weirdos but trying to fix one of our many flaws to become a better country to live in.

    • Lechiffresix six says:

      they get on my last nerves with their basic ” as a european” who gives a shit , they won’t confront racism back home in europe or wherever the hell they are from , but feel like telling black americans what to do.

      see this is why I like my anti racists to not use the safe space i carved to fight my battles. i want them to fight other white racists , because that’s where the work truly is at.

    • piet grasspriet says:

      “they won’t confront racism back home in europe or wherever the hell they are from”
      If you dont know where they are from how do you know what they do about racism. What makes you think we dont confront racism in Europe, dont talk about things you know nothing about.

    • Lydia tea says:

      A shakie space i’m american but don’t assume other countries aren’t rooted from racism like america. there’s deep historical racism in many countries you just don’t know about it. open your mind. stop acting like america is the only one with problems

  18. Donnie R says:

    I don’t care what anyone says. I’m black and that white boy right there seems open minded and genuinely kind. I love those type of people. He’s trying to learn how to be around people other than his own race. Why is that so bad?

    With that being said, y’all can’t tell he don’t look like a slave owner in 13:36 Lmao!

    • Donnie R says:

      Don Dutch you think people who go to expensive private schools are exposed to every race?

    • Paramjot Singh says:

      That’s great and all, but this type of mindset only works in a uni-cultural society. How will they behave in a multi cultural work force? Studies have shown a multi-cultural work force is able to produce better ideas and solve problems better because problems and ideas are tackled by different methods learned in different cultures. How can one understand another person’s point of view if they never integrate? In my opinion, safe spaces only segregate people. In the video some of the Black students said they would welcome a white student to come and learn about black culture, but wouldn’t everyone benefit from fully intergrated school that we have already? Why segregate? I understand history is involved. But as Morgan Freeman once said about defeating racism, “You don’t talk about it.”

    • Donnie R says:

      Nicholas Pegasus black people always complaining about racism and here we have a white kid trying to grow as a person by learning how to communciate with people non-white. But still people like you gotta bring your negativity to the picture. I just graduated from a PWI and for the past 4 years I’ve experienced white people (not all) not making an effort to talk to black people. So when I saw him doing this, it made me feel good to know not all white people are closed minded. Which was something I already knew, but its still good that these things get into people minds instead of the normal shit the media misinforms people about

    • Shouting Ship says:

      I’m Italian-American. Black people treat me like garbage all of the time.

    • Unique_FN says:

      Donnie R I’m Mexican would you accept me to this school?

  19. Jael says:

    HBCU stands for Historically Black College/University. Historically. We are aware that history repeats itself if there aren’t any positive amendments and changes made to said history. I don’t feel like any of us here, black American or white American, look forward to history repeating itself as far as segregation and racial volatility is concerned. So I appreciate them for giving him an opportunity and allowing him to learn a culture he seems genuinely open enough to care for. This may not happen vice versa for a black American student at Yale, but it’s not about vice versa. It’s simply about progression, which is what all of these young men and women are striving to make. Southern hospitality is indeed a real thing, and I’m glad he feels safe and unharmed in a space that is not necessarily created for him. Great job with this one, Vice.

    • Bradley Myers says:

      420psilo I type to fast and trying to keep up with auto correct. Hahaha

    • Aerial Mitchell says:

      Segregation was when black people were most prosperous, even MLK understood that before he died. Some black people truly live in a fantasy world of “kumbaya” where everyone gets along. Yet, the hatred and vitriol that whites inflict on black ppl still exist in the same way it did during Jim Crow and slavery. Wake up , please. White people , collectively, do not have this welcoming , “kumbaya” mentality most black people seem to have , not when white supremacy still exists. Too many of y’all seek white acceptance and validation, that’s why y’all are so eager to allow whites in black spaces, despite the racial tension that exists in this country because of them. White people show us who they are time and time again yet, y’all still choose to not get it. We don’t need white people in order to progress, period.

    • Bradley Myers says:

      Aerial Mitchell I agree particularly to your comment. I think it is waaaaay bewand what can completely understand when it comes to humanity. Ie the racial understanding of why there are many races and diversitys of man kind. If anyone can figure it out / solve it please let me know. I have a theory but its not of this world.

    • MrCleanMachine98 says:

      exactly they could have made this video at a black student at a ivy league why is VICE spending time and resources victimizing white people

    • Logic is Dead says:

      Jael what are you talking about. There are black people at Yale😂😂😂. The closest thing to segregation we have in America are colleges like these. No one should be admitted or judged by the color of their skin….(and yes this does include white people)

  20. Karl says:

    I attended Morehouse and this is not new…I remember we had a Chinese student who was fully embraced…in fact he was more Afrocentric than I was 😂 and we jokingly called him Martin Luther Chin

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