Being Rudely Awoken by a North Korean Missile

Being Rudely Awoken by a North Korean Missile

North Korea fired a missile and woke up half of north Japan. I then complain about being woken up for about 3 minutes, as the wailing siren goes on and on.
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20 Responses

  1. hipsterci - Overwatch & Gaming Highlights says:

    Just imagining waking up to “North Korean missle launched” being blasted down my ears and my phone going off, like how the fuck do you stay calm?

  2. Abroad in Japan says:

    FOR THE RECORD about 3 years ago a friend and I nearly visited North Korea (flying via Beijing), for the infamous trip to Pyongyang. But then it dawned on me, why the hell would I help fund a regime that’s actively pursuing a nuclear weapons program and constructing missiles which are being not only aimed at the country I live in, but at other countries I care about as well. Not only that, but it’s a regime that oversees the misery of millions of its own people.
    Going there and making a video about it seemed irresponsible – and it annoys me these days when I frequently see vloggers/travellers praising the country after a handful of carefully choreographed days in Pyongyang, as it will only lead to more people going there and funding the regime.

  3. Tony Music says:

    South Korea is so much more inviting than North Korea.

    North Korea is a Seoulless place.

  4. Dash - says:

    *Missile Threat*

    Wakes up

    *Gets another notification about life threatening situation*

    Gets angry and goes back to bed.. classic

  5. Madison Clayton says:

    thank GOD you mentioned youtubers who go to NK thinking it’s just so quirky and weird (like funforlouis, or whatever his name is, for example). we need to stop supporting those youtubers just like they need to stop supporting a place like NK.

  6. A Ku says:

    This has got to be the most British response to a missile attack I’ve ever seen.

  7. Yamen .S says:

    I am Syrian, and I live in Syria.
    Here, it has become so natural for us, citizens, to hear explosions, airplanes, and mortars everyday while we continue our daily lives that we actually can’t really sleep peacefully if there were no sounds of explosions.
    I can so relate to this.

  8. kill gore says:

    I still can’t understand why people would travel to a place that’s threatening to barrage us with missiles

  9. Sean Mcpherson says:

    “If you go to North Korea you’re a fucking idiot” 😂😂

  10. MapleAndAnimeCrazy says:

    This is the most British response I’ve seen to this whole thing.

  11. Kaiser Soze says:

    the scary part of this video is the TV turning itself on.

  12. Wogs in Tokyo says:

    US baits Japan into attacking them. Japan gets nuked. North Korea baits US into attacking them. Japan gets nuked.

  13. Steve Spencer says:

    I’m going to visit North Korea, after I’ve joined the army and I’ve become a tank driver.

  14. Laurence park says:

    If Jake paul made the title “I ALMOST DIED???? NORTH KOREA TRIED TO KILL ME!!!”

  15. 19 Sho says:

    If I didn’t watch this video, I’d never realise that sleeping Brits are more scary than a missile.

  16. GamingDischarge says:

    Damn, North Korean missiles these days, so rude

  17. Ananas & Banana says:

    Chris: Ughh.. these nuclear alarms are so annoying, oh well better go back to bed


  18. Squirtle says:

    In Britain, kettles are automatically turned on by the government

  19. I Dunno says:

    A true Brit. More pissed off about being woken up 3 times than a missile being launched overhead.

  20. Dalek14mc MK2 says:

    Can we finally do something about North Korea so this guy can sleep?

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