Being the Best/Worst Ever

Being the Best/Worst Ever

life, amirite?

♥ The Team ♥

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Behind the Scenes:

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Music: Assembly Line Frustration by ionics
Baseball montage:
Piano montage by

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you 😀 …come here often?

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51 Responses

  1. Isabella S says:

    When your favourite colour is purple

  2. M Lyrics says:

    Almost at 5 million, that’s crazy because I was here before 1 million ?

  3. Flumpty Mcbuckets says:

    thats more then seven ears
    jaiden where did you get all those ears

  4. SmOL AysHii says:

    My motivation depends of my self-esteem.

    It’s deeper than the ocean.

  5. Grim The Sun Warrior says:

    6:07 *pink is the best color*
    *It’s the most manly color* ?

  6. Speed Rubriker says:

    I loove ❣️ to climb trees….

  7. David Dedaj says:

    She enjoyed screaming on that baby wayyy too much ?

  8. Speed Rubriker says:

    The description ….

    Yeah life

  9. Michael Moses says:

    6:28 Got’3m

  10. Forgotten catt says:

    8:25 *Am* *I* *the* *only* *one* *who* *replayed* *that* *part* *coz* *it* *is* *AWESOME ┬┴┬┴┤ ͜ʖ ͡°)*


    Be careful roman lettuce has ecoi

  12. Song Lyrics says:

    8:23 Jake paul has joined the chat

  13. Scar_to_the_ lit says:

    This video helped me a lot, thank you Jaiden! ?

  14. Somya Goel says:

    *Jaiden is a beautiful being.* *Period.*

  15. Tamar ‘s Sketches says:

    Who else creates something for such a long time, has pride in it for 5 minutes and then hates it?

    Yep that’s me

    • Trashy Arty says:

      ohoho! Dont get me started. i worked on a charecter color design and changed many things and it took about 5 hours, but then i found the mistakes at the school uniform design and oh god im dying inside–

    • Tamar ‘s Sketches says:

      Trashy Arty I feel you. As as a cosplayer I hate everything I do after seeing other people’s cosplays. But I SPENT A MONTH SO FRICK IT

    • Trashy Arty says:

      +Tamar ‘s Sketches it sucks so much.. AND I WAS SO PROUD–

  16. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    Wow throwing shade at ricegum, jake paul, and foozietube aka all the scum of youtube lol at 7:27

  17. L.J Harms says:

    He cut off his earlobe not his whole ear.

  18. Yennie Fer says:

    Congrats on #1 on trending!!! ^_^

  19. Leo Sahlen says:

    Video is 2 seconds of 10 min


  20. ••• Habobo72 ••• says:

    noooo there was only 2 sec left for that 10min mark 🙁

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