Belgium v England – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Play-off for third place

Belgium v England – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Play-off for third place

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86 Responses

  1. Arif Budisantoso says:

    The arrogance of British media pre match against Croatia.. They can bring the 4th place medal home now.. Congratz Belgium, u guys are brilliant in this WC.

    • Zoe Hannah says:

      Elliott Lane offending others is your way of expressing excitment? Woooow

    • John Johnson says:

      Zoe Hannah how exactly did the football team “offend others”… I’m dying to know!

    • Elliott Lane says:

      We were confident we could win, are we not allowed to be? Should we think we’re going to lose every game as to not offend anyone.

    • Elliott Lane says:

      Imagine being so sensitive that English fans being excited about their team doing well at the world cup offends you. go back to your safe space.

    • John Johnson says:

      We’re the ones offending apparently though, even though myself as an englishman is just looking for entertainment, that is what football should be about, I’m still rooting for Belguim as well, not just England.. But apparentely im arrogant? lol


    I think Belgium deserves to be champion instead of france. But Croatia will beat them very easily. RIP FRANCE

    • Glutty Mimosa says:

      MOHIT KUMAR SHARMA The France won because she was better ^^ Belgium was strong but she lost against the France!

    • MousselightMakeup says:

      You don’t understand anything to football, anyone would have play that way in order to gain time, and even if mbappe had played fairly, Belgium would have lost anyway. Stop being salty rofl

    • Mol Lida says:

      I pick france even tho I am not from france

    • Your friendly Peacekeeper says:

      looool what a joke

    • John Johnson says:

      As an Englishmen I think my team did better then I thought they would, but I honestly believe Belguim were the ones who DESERVED to win the cup, their playstyle was overall better then France and loved watching them play, they played the best out of anyone in this world cup imo

  3. Jeff LaFlare says:

    How tf did england even get past knockout stage


      Jeff LaFlare By playing set pieces lol bollocks

    • poisonous pickle says:

      fabian bravo Very deserved help Columbia were the dirtiest team I’ve seen in ages.

    • Simon Rodgers says:

      Becoz they played against bigger piles of shit than them. All the talk about England heroes on their return home for fuck sake ! Other than Panama who are pub side they limped through the other games really and had the easiest path to the Final than anyone….

    • The Unknown says:

      Yeah they booty, other teams deserved better tbh

  4. Psycho / Rules Of Survival says:

    Congrats 🇧🇪 Belgium 🇧🇪 for getting the 3rd place !! Try harder England 🙂

    • John Johnson says:

      England did good though mate, compared to how we normally do especially lol! but yeah belguim should of been in the Final, not France.. Belguim played fantastic football during this worldcup, they played some great football and think they were the best team overall

  5. Harley quinn says:

    Congratulation belgium 🇧🇪 3rd 🥉
    Next time number one 🏆

    L’union fait la force

    From indonesia 🇮🇩

  6. Mayur Panghaal says:

    Belgium deserved finals agst croatia

  7. adil bouyakhe says:

    Pickford best keeper

  8. First Name says:

    Somehow England have managed to mess up even with the easiest path of the tournament

    • Combat Orca says:

      That’s pretty insulting to Sweden, Colombia and Croatia, all who played better than Spain, Germany, Argentina and Portugal this tournament..

    • animeforeverjoho says:

      got owned by the playmaker Luka Modrić .. if you understimate Your opponent you gonna be burned.

    • Rikki Panero says:

      jordi de waard lol ahhh does that make you feel abit better to not kill yourself? you fuckjng piece of arrogant alcohlic piece of shit.

    • First Name says:

      Combat Orca True but England have had a fairly easy path

    • Combat Orca says:

      Compared to France and Belgium’s? Yer I’d deffo say so, but I still think these were some of the best teams in the tournament. Germany, Argentina and Spain I think would have been an easier run in this tournament, but everyone would be going on about how impressive England was beating these prestigious teams if that was the case; rather than saying they had an easy route.

  9. aswin maddy says:

    It’s coming home 😂

  10. إكتشف حولك الرياضية says:

    Belgium the best for me 👏👏👏 ❤️❤️

  11. Julio Agosto says:

    Congrats Belgium!!

  12. JM Manzanares says:

    Congrats Belgium

  13. Niels Cremer says:

    That push though, they deserved that

  14. who am i says:

    England 😓

  15. duchovný svět says:

    Belgium game was very insane and style…. Beautiful matches guys

  16. King Armish says:

    England is the new Arsenal.

  17. lion T says:

    Belgium !!!✊✊✊❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👍👌👌👌❤️❤️❤️

  18. West Senkovec says:

    >being England
    > being disappointed with the third place
    > what third place?

  19. American Enigma _ says:

    It’s COMING HOME – Empty Handed 😜

  20. Wayne Saunders says:

    Croatia were too good and experienced for us Belgium we all know are quality but why can’t we be proud of reaching the semis? Most England fans know we aren’t as good as other people think we think we are but let us enjoy what we achieved. And as for that IKEA trashing a store story I didn’t even know that had happened and personally think it’s disgusting. Just let us enjoy what we achieved without being blasted. Again I’m proud to say well done to us (England) on reaching the semis.

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