Bella Thorne Snapchats her eyebrows getting tattooed

Bella Thorne Snapchats her eyebrows getting tattooed

Bella Thorne Snapchats her eyebrows getting tattooed

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20 Responses

  1. joksta5 says:

    Bella who?

  2. diebetese type 2 says:

    who is this person

  3. Dawg Gawd says:

    props to the tattoo artist they did a good job

  4. Eli Tee says:

    Why would you show how you fake your beauty?

  5. Georges T says:

    so how is that going to look when shes an old lady

  6. nx 54gaming says:


  7. aspacememe says:

    Who the fuck cares about some chick getting her eyebrows tattooed? I only
    clicked on it because I couldn’t believe something so stupid would be

  8. MazariegoS says:


  9. Bryan Rosario says:

    when you’re eyebrows are finally on fleek and you want it to last forever

  10. LaToy ・ says:

    1. it’s temporary !
    2. if you didn’t care you wouldn’t be here commenting about how much you
    don’t care
    3. you realize that she said “I hate this part” so it’s easy to assume that
    this isn’t the first time she has done this. hence the temporary part.

  11. Its Abie Art says:


  12. yokman says:


  13. trixR4kids says:

    girl will do ANYTHING to be as relevant as zendaya nowadays

  14. dangswagger14 says:

    Oh really? She did? Thats so cool! Psych, WHO GIVES A FUCK get this off my

  15. madison wisener says:

    Why is this trending again

  16. Steve Morales says:

    this is not a tattoo is a new way of getting your eyebrows done.. don’t
    think is forever lol

  17. Tibo Smolders says:

    They’re not tattooed they’re darkened

  18. funnibunni500 says:

    She just looks like the type of person that would get cosmetic work done on
    her. Sure people in Hollywood have work done on them, but there’s something
    about Bella that I just don’t like. She comes off as if she’s trying too
    hard. I don’t know. I’m just waiting for a surgery story now..

  19. sebastian scott says:

    My nutszo neighbor would be saying WTF is she doing. And my neighbor talks
    to her parrot and yells at people on the streets from her window for crying
    out loud.

  20. Jessi Fuentes says:

    This bitch dumb af