Belmont Stakes 2018 I FULL RACE I Justify’s Pursuit of the Triple Crown I NBC Sports

Belmont Stakes 2018 I FULL RACE I Justify’s Pursuit of the Triple Crown I NBC Sports

Watch as Justify attempts to become only the 13th horse in history to win the Triple Crown.

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103 Responses

  1. Clayton C. says:

    Another horse of a lifetime…

  2. SHOW ME says:

    Justify nailed it!!???

    • Piteus W says:

      What a majestic horse.

    • 888strummer says:

      I guess that’s why he put him in the race at the last minute. Very bogus move and not needed

    • Antoinette TwentyTwoTwelve says:

      SHOW ME YESSSS!!! HE DID IT! The closers were excellent. The field was tough. But this is Justify’s triumphant day — for all of us to celebrate with some good sportsmanship. Let’s take our cue from the jockeys, who all show such beautiful camaraderie. Hear them congratulating Mike as he’s coming off the track. Watch videos (plural of them) showing the love, respect they have for one another. And Faith, Prayer, belief in God. It’s a beautiful thing. But — once they’re in the gates. They all play to win! Today, it was Justify’s !

      Me — I prayed, of course, for Justify to win the Triple Crown. Over and above that, I was on my knees praying no horse or jockey got hurt.

    • Antoinette TwentyTwoTwelve says:

      RC Reynolds Restoring Hope ran to win, just like all the the other horses did. Let’s puh-leez stop this unsportmanlike nonsense.

    • Antoinette TwentyTwoTwelve says:

      Shanda McKinniss Yes. Why don’t people just watch, or better yet, go to the Press Conference. Or ask Bob Baffert himself. Some handicapper was saying that Restoring Hope might just win, and had the horse, I think, 2nd or third in his trifecta.

  3. Fuck All Liberals Get Use to Trump Until 2024 says:

    I knew it! The cream always rises to the top. Who says he can’t go a mile and a half? ?

    • nick tardif says:

      smart man, the liberal trash can eat it

    • Kenneth Horowitz says:

      nick tardif as long as it’s organic

    • notnek202 says:

      Robomonkey101 HILLARY LOST HILLARY LOST the crybaby bitch lost.
      So you voted for that bitch her girlfriend is married to a pedophile and her husband is a rapist for god sake.

    • Fuck All Liberals Get Use to Trump Until 2024 says:

      notnek202 You’re fucking right! Great post! Fuck all the Clintons

    • Fuck All Liberals Get Use to Trump Until 2024 says:

      Bob Boldridge Im an American. Are you a racist against Russian people though? There’s nothing wrong with Russian people. I posted about the race. I posted nothing political. The comments under my Fuck ISIS stays on every post that i make.

  4. Schwebz says:

    That horse is gonna get more action in a year than we get in our entire lives.

  5. test says:

    Justify, showed us today that anything is possible.

  6. Andy Yang says:

    Thank you NBC Sports for getting this up so fast. Justify is amazing

  7. Kirk Gibbs says:

    The horse just hates getting dirty. Motivated to stay out front.

  8. Dirtydeeb Racing says:

    Amazing race. Congrats to Justify. Stellar come from behind by Gronkowski. ????

  9. Kyndall Sextro says:

    Now just to wait for the videos that compare how he ran to Secretariat. (Personal opinion: No horse has come close to being Secretariat)

    Edit: I knew this was gonna become a debate?

    P.S. I think Justify is amazing, I think all TC winners are amazing, it takes a great horse to win the triple crown. I’m not at all hating on any of the TC winners, just sharing my opinion?

    • Antoinette TwentyTwoTwelve says:

      Shanda McKinniss Wow! THANK YOU! So sickening to read these haters’ comments — five weeks of this. But thought they would be put to rest after stating for weeks how they just knew Justify couldn’t do a mile and a half because of genes, or tiredness, or the way he swished his tail, etc. Plus, other horses are also great, to others, for special reasons. Seabiscuit, for example, helped the country during a terrible depression. And Justify and the Justify team have helped me tremendously in a very personal way. Thank you again for your frank comments, providing some balance here.

    • Kevin Michael says:

      Justify easily could’ve cracked 2:27 if pushed a bit harder, just like AP had a sub 2:26 in him had he had a bit more early pace pressure. But times aren’t the only true indicator of greatness.

    • Kevin Michael says:

      I’m betting Bob Baffert will push Justify’s ownership toward the Penn Derby(G1), which is a win-and-you’re in qualifier for the Breeders Cup Classic. Justify deserves a good rest until that race, IMO.

    • Kevin Michael says:

      I’d rather see more racehorses have a career like California Chrome, he didn’t want the TC, but he gave us a thrilling five-year-old season. I believe a number of good three-year-old’s could have become greater as an older and mature horse, but they were retired early for stud fees.

    • Kevin Michael says:

      Winx hasn’t lost once in over twenty races, she may be the standard of excellence we should be applying when comparing greatness in modern racehorses, not greats from the distant past; things were different back then, including how the races were timed.

  10. Tristan Andrew says:

    Almost as impressive as Justify is Gronkowski coming back from dead freaking last to finishing SECOND. If Justify wasn’t in line for the Triple Crown then that would’ve been the story of this race.

  11. Hellzilla says:

    Amazing. Never thought I’d see another Triple Crown, and considering what this horse had to do to get there since just February, I’m just blown away. Mike Smith + Bob Baffert + Justify = amazing.

  12. Anika Miskar says:

    “Justify is just immortal” a beautiful tag line for a beautiful horse

    • bubblinbrownsugar616 says:

      I’ll call him that if he’s put in and wins at Saratoga.

    • Anika Miskar says:

      bubblinbrownsugar616 you guys really dont want to give him any credit, do you? he just won the triple crown for gods sake

    • Antoinette TwentyTwoTwelve says:

      Anika Miskar You tell ’em, Anika!

    • bubblinbrownsugar616 says:

      I do give him credit for winning. It was obvious he would and I congratulate him for doing it. However if he can do what his great triple crown predessors couldn’t do (American Pharaoh, Secretariat, Seattle Slew) that in my opinion is immortal. Hell they don’t give it the nickname ‘the graveyard of champions’ for nothing. Winning that would….in my opinion definintely put him one step above the rest……really immortal. Again this MY opinion. I’m not knocking him for what he has accomplished.

    • Dillon Ohlemiller says:

      Anika Miskar you could say Justify’s win was…..JUSTIFIED?!?! eh??

  13. Rich Lo says:

    That horse Justify toyed the whole way..nobody was really going to catch him

  14. Jesse Garcia says:

    Wow Whata Call by the announcer i got chills!

    • Gregory Wright says:

      Larry Collmus is an excellent race caller. A perfect call to match a perfect performance by Justify.

    • Freddie Flores says:

      Jesse Garcia I think his commentary was better when he called American Pharaoh’s race but probably because it took 37 for someone to win triple crown

    • Joshua Middleton says:

      Freddie Flores Agreed, it sounded like Larry was almost brought to tears in 2015 because he had waited his whole career for a triple crown. If you think this call is good, then you will like the American Pharoh call even better.

    • Jesse Garcia says:

      Freddie Flores Yeah I saw that one live. This one i wasnt able to, but i actually went back and looked that one up as well, right after while i was still excited lol.

    • marcards steve says:

      Justifiably noted !Totally agree.

  15. CUB NATION108 says:


  16. low roller says:

    Nice move by Baffert trained Restoring Hope to keep Noble Indy from challenging the lead early. You can tell it was done on purpose by how wide Restoring Hope went on the first turn. Not mad, other jockeys have teamed up against Triple Crown hopefuls many times in the past. Just(ified)an observation.

    • Ethan Akrie says:

      Gus Jaramillo I didn’t look as easy as AP in 2015 but yes it by no means looked like he was struggling too much. And fact is speculating what-ifs is just that speculating, and it doesn’t change the fact that we now have 13 Triple Crown winners.

    • bigguy google says:

      If your theory was at all true. The Brazeo had a perfect opportunity throughout to beat Justify. Seeing that he was the one that flew home in the Preakness…Justify was the best today!!Period!!

    • cpk1994 says:

      Actually you can’t. You cannot prove anything. Unless yo know what that jockey was thinking, you aren’t talking in facts. You only say that because the horse just happened to be another Baffert horse. I guarantee you that jockey wanted to win the race as bad as anyone and didn’t give a shit about doing anything for Justify. HE sure as hell wasn’t going to throw the race and sacrifice a big payday for himself either. Baffert wouldn’t tolerate that either.

    • cpk1994 says:

      Sara Nightifre – He was, but that was because the Preakness was run on a very muddy track in very heavy air due to the fog and rain. At the Belmont, he had a dry track with normal air. You cannot ignore the weather conditions like you are.

    • sharedancestors says:

      I’m sorry but you need to go back and take a look at the race again – Bravazo and the other horses just off Justify had several opportunities to go up and engage Justify and that is with Restoring Hope running “interference”. In fact, just after the break RH was very wide and there was a hole big enough to drive a Mack truck through between him and Justify – nobody went. There wasn’t any horse going to go by Justify – Mike still had half the tank left at the finish line.

  17. Ramon Suarez says:

    Just think, not too long ago California Chrome’s owner said there will never be another Triple Crown winner because they put fresh horses in the Belmont. Wrong! The best horses can get through adversity. I love the fact that the last race is the longest race. Really separates the best horses.

    • DoubleDogDare54 says:

      Tracy Davis And if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle. What you listed was all coulda/shoulda/woulda. Mane Minister would have won the Triple Crown if it wasn’t for Strike The Gold, Hansel, Best Pal and Corporate Report getting to the finish lines ahead of him. Man O’War would have won the TC if Riddle had been willing to run him in the Derby. Charismatic would have won the TC if he hadn’t busted his leg. The list is endless.

    • Tracy Davis says:


    • tonywhipple says:

      Tracy Davis omg u went all out on that idiot

    • Tracy Davis says:

      tonywhipple, thank you! The bastard deserved it!!!!!!!

    • Shar O says:

      Brian Clark We get no competition crap comments every year.

  18. GBeret83 says:

    On this day, both Justify and trainer Bob Baffert become part of the rarest of “rarefied air,” as Justify becomes only the second horse in thoroughbred racing history to complete the Triple Crown undefeated, the other being Seattle Slew back in 1977. Bob Baffert becomes only the second trainer in thoroughbred racing history to train a Triple Crown winner more than once with American Pharoah in 2015 and now Justify in 2018. The only other trainer to ever complete that feat being Jim Fitzsimmons, who trained Gallant Fox to the 1930 Triple Crown for Belair Stud, and then did again for Belair Stud with Omaha in 1935. Well done indeed to all involved in making it happen!!

    • Jagnole101 says:

      Connor Anderson all horses seem to lose at Saratoga afterwards, though lol

    • TheMamspoker mamp says:

      So what? 4 seconds slower than the track record? This is an average horse gberet83. “Rarefied air” my a**.

    • Anthony Sellers says:

      TheMamspoker mamp There are a multitude of conditions and circumstances that affect run times: track conditions, temperature, other horses, etc. The difficulty of winning these 3 races so close together is phenomenal. Go troll elsewhere.

    • Cory Arthur says:

      TheMamspoker mamp time don’t always mean some, Mike didn’t have too push him that hard, he didn’t hit him until half way down the stretch

    • Joe r says:

      Jagnole101 to win the triple crown you must be undefeated in the Kentucky Derby Preakness and Belmont stakes. Most triple crown winners have lost prior to the Kentucky Derby, like American pharoah lost in his very first race. Only one other horse has never lost any race before winning the triple crown. Its incredibly hard to win the triple crown, which is why there’s been droughts of several decades between wins. To win It without losing a single race prior, and for justify was in a stretch of only 111 days (which most horses race as a 2 year old the year before) is incredible. Truly a special moment in sports history.

  19. Ruben Delgadillo says:

    Justify justified himself!

    • B S Hancock says:

      Yep. Doubters, please close lips. This gentleman champion is the real deal.

    • Paris Wolf says:

      He is a most deserving champion. Winning two legs of the triple crown under horrible track conditions. I had no doubts he could do the same on “big sandy”. He is a magnificent stallion, he has smarts, looks the part of a champion, and the athletic build and prowess. He has confidence and a lot of heart. Can’t wait to see Justify’s first crop of foals. Hopefully he can pass down his best traits to his babies.

  20. Mark Godett says:

    Great race. Secretariat would have only beaten him by about 21 lengths.

    • Jon E says:

      Mark Godett ask onion about secretariat

    • Jon E says:

      Mark Godett justify is 6 and 0 a very green horse Rember secretariat had already been beaten before he won the triple crown sure secretariat would have beaten anyone that day but don’t discredit justify

    • David Katz says:

      Secretariat was also eased during the Belmont , that 2:24 could have been even faster.

    • Fuck All Liberals Get Use to Trump Until 2024 says:

      Secretariat , had massive lungs. And was unbelievable. I think in todays races they play it more strategically. Like they’re afraid of burning their horse out too early and not having anything left down the stretch. Like yesterday Mike shot Justify out of the gate fast as hell. Then he slowed him down and just let him get into a flow and stay right with the pack. Im not saying that if he’d let Justify run the entire mile and a half as hard as he could have Justify would’ve broken the record but he’d been a lot closer.

    • Ken Haddad says:

      Mark Godett
      No one really knows what happened that day when Secretariat ran. It was impossible. He ran the first 6 furlongs in 1:09 and still has most of the race left to run…..there are top sprinters today that struggle to sprint 6 furlong races in 1:09. Like one journalist said “it was like God whispered in the horses ear, ‘go’!” It was the greatest sports moment in history and his time will never be broken. So comparing any horses performance to Secretariat that day can’t be done, but Justify is an amazing Colt and quickly proving to be one of the better horses of this era

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