Beluga whale filmed harassing Norwegian boats could be ‘Russian weapon’

Beluga whale filmed harassing Norwegian boats could be ‘Russian weapon’

Marine specialists believe this white beluga whale filmed approaching fishing boats in Norway could have received military-grade training by the Russian navy. The whale, which was first sighted near the Norwegian village of Inga, was wearing a strange harness bearing the words ‘equipment of St Petersburg’. The fisherman said the whale, which was tame and accustomed to people, attempted to pull ropes and straps from the sides of the boats
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57 Responses

  1. Funky Monkey1886 says:

    Alternatively this could be explained by the whale being into some S&M bondage type stuff, and he’s off for a session with his kinky aquatic mates.

  2. Purple Crow - TOH LPC says:

    Well trained! I didn’t catch even the slightest trace of Russian accent.

  3. Roger Cheeto says:

    “Comrades, we will take cutest whale we can find, and put harness on it…..then.. ..WE WILL SEND IT TO NORWAY TO PLAY WITH FISHERMAN! MUHAHAHA!” – Putin.

  4. ami ngum says:

    they’re not yet tired with Russia may be Russia is powerful because it’s too much of Russia thing on the news

  5. SomeReefer says:

    Harassing? They were feeding the damn thing if you would have played more of the actual video instead of clipped parts. It’s a bird it’s a plane….. Nope just people going insane.

    • Amaracea says:

      David Dacus People love to use the word “harassing” to make “repeatedly interacting with in a friendly manner” sound like “viciously attacking and threatening nonstop.”

      That’s because harassing means the second thing, but people are mean and use it to define the first thing to confuse and rile up other people.

    • Masked says:

      it’s a bird it’s a plane…. it’s a fcking click bait yall

    • glprime2814 says:

      SomeReefer ssshhhhuuussshhh…, becareful or you could get in trouble with YT for Wrong Thinking

    • Bendy Snowball says:

      +gisforgary How is the US military a terrorist organization?

  6. David F. V. Silva says:

    Lazer squirrels incoming.

  7. What The says:

    The whale is clearly packed with explosives

  8. THANOS says:

    This has just made my day. A whale being a Russian spy. Fooking hell XD.

  9. HaveBad Day says:

    comrade beluga will make Soviet Union nuclear again

  10. Nostra Thomas says:

    He wasn’t wearing a ushanka or an adidas track suit so I don’t think so .

  11. Stephen Yount says:

    Maybe the whale is getting ready to go backpacking in the mountains, did you ever think of that?

  12. Matt Renfro says:

    I beg your pardon… you think a beluga is being used a weapon to what? Eat all the fish in the sea?

  13. Spenser Swain says:

    Dang here i am thinking the Guardian is a reputable news site… yikes.

  14. Jake The Dev says:

    “Officer beluga here ganna need to check your license or place fish in mouth Will be considered bribe”

  15. some body says:

    “Harrassing Norwegian boats” ? While they petted it, played with it and tried a dog whistle call on it? You stupid people need a life.

  16. Red Chipmunk says:

    I’m dying ? the Russigate keeps getting deeper

  17. c dawg says:

    It was Jeff Bezos new package delivery system.

  18. Anastasia S. says:

    Hahhaa I love The Onion….oh wait, this is The Guardian?

  19. Banner Gutierrez says:

    Looks like the Russians have been watching a lot of Aquaman lately..

  20. King of the Bruiser-weight says:

    Not even China:
    Russia: Creates a super-soldier Beluga Whale to “Harass” fisherman

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