Ben Affleck: ‘I’m Not A Superhero’

Ben Affleck: ‘I’m Not A Superhero’

The actor addresses what men in Hollywood can, and need, to do better.

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78 Responses

  1. Andrew Chrysostom says:

    Don’t be so mean to Ben!

  2. Fractee says:

    that deniro face tho LMAO

  3. Scott Boyd says:

    It’s the car, isn’t it.
    Chicks dig the car.

  4. That guy you may or may not know says:

    Jesus fucking Christ, that took a turn

    • SlavjanA says:

      The questions are prepared by the show, and the interviewees are asked to review them and say which can and can’t be used.

    • samuraigundam0079 says:

      Milly Borkovic But your conflating the small wrongs to match the truly bad ones. A grope is not the same as raping someone. A person who gropes someone is not necessarily a serial sexual predator, who deserves to have their lives ruined.

      What if I’m at a party and a woman slaps my butt? Should I sue her for screwing around at a party where everyone is at least a little high?

      Of course not. And I don’t think it would be fair if a woman in that situation would sue me either.

    • Fish Sandwich says:

      You can see the light go out of Affleck’s eyes.

    • Milly Borkovic says:

      samuraigundam0079 🙄 no ones comparing this to rape. These men aren’t going to jail. But go on, keep fighting for the already privileged. Great work.

    • Milly Borkovic says:

      thepsychologistvjdj so we can only fight for children and nothing else? I’m pretty sure I can handle fighting for more than one cause.

  5. maeve quinn says:

    I wish he had owned being part of the problem a bit more directly, and without the squirms, but I am still hopeful he will turn over a new leaf.

    I bet he knew a lot more than he’s letting on about Harvey!

    • Ilena Starbreeze says:

      ummm … wtf is a man doing kissing a woman who they arnt romantically involved with? if a guy tried to kiss me you damn right id call it harassment , i dont want to be kissed by some random guy,

    • Berend Springbok says:

      The more we criticize men for not apologizing “properly” the more we escalate the problem.

    • Griffith did nothing wrong says:

      Admitting fault and apologizing for an accident 15 years is good enough. Most wouldn’t even do that. What you’re asking is for him to not even defend himself, just admit to being some sexual predator.

    • Owen says:

      Ben knew about Swinestein and pretend he didn’t, then got called out for it. He is inconsistent in his statements, clearly he is hiding his true colors. He is GROSS pervert

    • N He says:

      I don’t think it was necessary to own again after having owned and apologized about the MTV incident. He acknowledged it and apologized. As for being convinced he knew more about Weinstein I don’t know how anyone can make that assumption.

  6. Nam-Ek says:

    wow he handled that pretty well, i’m actually impressed. I didn’t think he would even address it

  7. Thraazon 1976 says:

    4:53 onwards
    I think he spoke for most men (i hope).

  8. BonbonausWurstCOD says:

    Respect to Affleck talking so openly about that

  9. muktherock says:

    Did anybody see the video where someone accused him for groping? It looked like an awkward hug to be honest. But nevertheless this guy apologized. He maybe a drinker, gambler but never for a second i think he is a sexual harasser.. He’s a good guy by heart.

    • Owen says:

      samurai Objectification is believing and seeing a person as an object, a non-living thing that one can own as property, it is not the first step in attraction. It is not a natural human habit, it is an undesirable human trait. Is it moral and proper to own a living person as a property?NO. Is it moral to treat a person like a property? NO.

    • Owen says:

      deaditeWheatley GRoss Ben only apologized to one about the other women he harassed? His apology is bullshit

    • amy d says:

      leerey14 just to be clear.. what exactly are you trying to say??
      That sexual abuse against women is a scam for feminism?
      That equal pay for women is not needed?
      Just wanted to know.. since nobody here said that females were the superior sex..

    • amy d says:

      leerey14 just to be clear.. what exactly are you trying to say??
      That sexual abuse against women is a scan for feminism?
      That equal pay for women is not needed?
      Just wanted to know.. since nobody said anywhere that females were the superior sex..

    • Heru Asaramo says:

      muktherock – [ ] 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
      – [ ] Pick up a copy of The lottery winner and the gun with no bullets on Amazon! Best gift in town!

  10. charley15z says:

    I feel like Ben’s aged 10 years since playing Batman.

    • Charmander Charmander says:

      Hmm well let’s see. He cheated on his hot wife with his hot nanny. He grabbed another woman’s boobs without asking on TRL. Asked a reporter to sit on his lap. And tried to bury a Harvey Weinstein story a few years ago. You tell me.

    • Utkarsh Singh says:

      It was all the shit they got on BvS. I can’t believe people still go after Snyder when that stuff obviously contributed to the situation with his daughter. People will just go anywhere when attacking people they don’t like.

    • Esme Nouvelle says:

      Giving this douche a pass because ppl like Batman is crap. This guy lied about knowing what Weinstein was doing. He’s come up with changing stories, screw him

    • Sung Ra says:

      So did 70% of Hollywood. So what? Should have have went and punched him out, or say allegations that the victims themselves wouldn’t have backed up?

    • Heru Asaramo says:

      charley15z – [ ] 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
      – [ ] Pick up a copy of The lottery winner and the gun with no bullets on Amazon! Best gift in town!

  11. bismarchiavelli says:

    That was tough to watch…

  12. Jimmy Gillard says:

    Really sensible and well-thought out statement.

  13. CloudManPT says:

    When Stephen is asking those questions pay attention to Ben’s hands. The tension between Ben’s hands, im surprised his wrists didn’t snap.

  14. strk says:

    in retrospect its funny to think colbert warned him what he was planning on asking him after the commercial break, and that’s why ben tried to ”escape” the interview at the beggining of this segment.

    • Shantanu Mishra says:

      strk yup.. That’s why he said this is a comedy show, right?? It was the ‘Jon Stewart’ in Steven Colbert that made him ask the tough questions..

    • N He says:

      Colbert might have have informed Ben Affleck prior to the segment starting that he was going to be asking about having worked with Weinstein since Late Night shows do prepare for interviews before recording and that’s I think why he was undoubtedly visibly nervous unless the full interview doesn’t show him nervous before commercial break which would mean you were right.

    • Shantanu Mishra says:

      N He that’s what differentiates Colbert from other late night show hosts.. He asked Him not only about Weinstein but also about his own transgressions..

  15. Karan Jetley says:

    Oh shit, Colbert got real!

    • habbogigi says:

      I admire him for that, look at the flack Fallon got over Trump, Colbert really brought it, much respect to the guy, and Affleck handled it well imo, nervous af and verbal vomit but he did well.

  16. Ashley Smith says:

    BEN AFFLECK IS TRASH AND SO IS HIS BROTHER AND MATT DAMON. He literally alluded to the harassment claims going around in the news when the cast was asked how they would utilize Supergirl if she were added to the League. So Ben Affleck can fucking chock on his wishywashy tribute to being a good person. He’s a liar.

  17. JAYANT srivastava says:

    Finally some host didnt sugar talk him about being a superhero and had the balls to ask about real stuff. Luv u colbert

    • Mark Summers says:

      JAYANT srivastava where was his spine during the hillary Clinton interview? Must’ve been at the dry cleaners with Paul ryan’s

    • Charlotte D. Katakuri says:

      Mark Summers that was so true and funny

    • TTCGamer says:

      They clearly discussed it ahead of time. They’re only talking about it because Affleck wanted to. That’s why, as the others have pointed out, Colbert doesn’t have this kind of spine when talking to someone like Clinton, who doesn’t want to talk about her mistakes and problems.

  18. alex ruggeri says:

    I think Ben Affleck is not inherently a bad person but he felt entitled for a long time. He seems to care about doing the right thing just because of all the current scandals. I don’t think he’s a sexual predator, just a vapid guy who didn’t care about other people problems because, as he stated in this interview, he didn’t have to worry about anything thanks to his privilege

    • Owen says:

      he is a pretentious self-entitled fuck…that is more dangerous…as he is able to get away from accountability

    • Heru Asaramo says:

      – [ ] 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
      – [ ] Pick up a copy of The lottery winner and the gun with no bullets on Amazon! Best gift in town!alex ruggeri

  19. Robgoren says:

    Betty White forcibly rimmed my asshole backstage at a Golden Girls taping in 1986. #metoo

  20. Javierm0n0 says:

    Colbert with that hard left turn tho.

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