Ben Affleck on the Meryl Streep/Donald Trump Feud

Ben Affleck on the Meryl Streep/Donald Trump Feud

Ben weighs in on Trump’s tweet saying that Meryl Streep is overrated after her Golden Globes speech.

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Ben Affleck on the Meryl Streep/Donald Trump Feud

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19 Responses

  1. Kxng K says:

    Greatest batman ever

  2. David Vasquez says:

    The worst Batman movie.

  3. Dave Sanderson (Officer) says:

    i didnt get the joke about ARGENTINA

  4. Haljordan4life says:

    Ben Affleck is just the best Batman. My opinion but it’s 2017 so people
    love hating on opinions.

  5. Анастасия Пушкин says:

    Why are everybody talking about Meryl’s speech? It wasn’t somehow special,
    just bunch of cliches ? Americans are so funny to me…

  6. Loyan Warsame says:

    Why in the world are people sop butt hurt when actors talk about politics?

  7. Nico 1995 says:

    What was that about Argentina?

  8. Schuky9 says:

    Is anyone here F**king Ben Affleck?

  9. Day Dreamer says:

    so every other person on this planet is allowed to say something about
    politics but a celebrity not? why? seriously why? because they’re famous?
    yes their job puts them in the spotlight but besides their job they are a
    human being just like everybody else! it’s their choice if they want to
    express their political stand and what they think about whats going on
    right now. i mean no matter what trumps plans are for america (good or bad)
    you can’t deny that he’s racist and sexist and idk what else so there’s
    nothing wrong with people having a problem with him the same way a lot of
    people didn’t want Obama or Hillary if she would have won.

  10. Lana Del Slay says:

    America never been weirder, sure theres always some people who hate the
    president, but when it’s EVERYBODY it’s just weird. And when the president
    has no brain cells and acts like a trashy reality tv star it’s even weirder
    but somehow not surprising

  11. The Total Package says:

    If you’re Donald Trump, having all these millionaire Hollywood actors and
    mainstream personalities against you isn’t necessarily a BAD thing.

  12. Dare - wait for it - Devil says:

    Still waiting for someone to admit that that Orange Man being elected
    President is part of an anthropological experiment. Kinda like: what would
    happen if you let a baboon rule a country? Something like that.

  13. Trevor Anderson says:

    He did good in The Accountant

  14. Az says:

    Meryl was fantastic

  15. JonsenMT says:

    I don’t understand. Did everyone just forget about Christian Bale or? Do
    tremendous acting performances only stay valid for 5 years then just get
    tossed aside?

  16. Nikki Jayne says:

    Ben Affleck looks like he’s about to sneeze when he smiles.

  17. Misan tropo says:

    An actor defending an actress, STOP THE PRESSES

  18. Antigon Gonat says:


  19. Alex Torres says:

    That’s not the duck from those commercials. AFLAC!!!