Ben Askren and Chael Sonnen judge the best trash talk in combat sports history | ESPN MMA

Ben Askren and Chael Sonnen judge the best trash talk in combat sports history | ESPN MMA

UFC welterweight Ben Askren and Chael Sonnen discuss the art and strategy of trash talking. The duo also take a look back and react to some of the most infamous trash talk in combat sports history, including the quick wit of Michael Bisping, the disrespect of Conor McGregor and the legendary trash talk of boxer Muhammad Ali.

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79 Responses

  1. Elijah Quintana says:

    Where’s the true goat of trash talk Dominick Cruz

  2. Onix Junes says:

    Ben n’ chael sounds like a good broadcaster team or a new cold stone ice cream flavor

  3. infidel 1371 says:

    Give Bisping the trophy for destroying Luke!

  4. Meraki says:

    Askren bringing all kinds of Energy to the UFC

  5. Daddy Dana says:

    cody garbrandt is the best trash talker of all time.
    “put ur dog on a string”

  6. Josh.W says:

    Such a rare sight, two undefeated fighters next to each other

  7. kopxpert says:

    “Im a fcking samurai”
    Please don’t ever say that Luke…

  8. It's all good man! says:

    That was by far more entertaing than the Embedded series which is past its prime and needs to retire. That felt like a breath of fresh air, the ESPN era is ?

  9. The Curse of Ghost Island says:

    I was hoping for Joanna and Claudia to start making out there

  10. Blunted Corleone says:

    The Joanna / Claudia clip is hot af

  11. donal carolan says:

    Dominick Cruz should have been in here.

  12. Ryan Sheehan says:

    literally my dream team. these two NEED to do a podcast together, i would listen to every single episode

  13. Mack V says:

    ESPN releases the ACTUAL highlights, and bringing in new content. WAY better than “UFC ON FOX.”

  14. Mack V says:

    Chael is the best trash talker

  15. Dave Studdaman says:

    The sexual tension between Claudia and Joanna is amazing!!!

  16. BacheIrani says:

    Funnily enough Ali got his antics from the wrestler Gorgeous George so he technically did not write the blueprint but he definitely raised the bar.

    • K B says:

      That’s fake though. Thats like saying the Rock is a better trashtalker than Ali ?

    • Ja Herra says:

      +K B no that is wrong try again

    • BacheIrani says:

      +K B Lol, my friend I didn’t compare their fighting abilities. I am sure there are people out there that will argue the Rock is a better trash talker then Ali. It is about being quick witted and good at improv. Yes wrestling is fake boxing/mma is real we all know that but you cannot discount the wrestlers trash talking abilities (Ric Flair, the Rock, Chris Jericho etc.). Ryan Reynolds (deadpool) is an actor but even in interviews you can see he has genuine quick wit and humour. Does that make him unfunny because he is an actor and what he does is fake?

  17. M#10 says:

    Thank god, Jon Jones tested positive …the fights are on !

  18. Matt S says:

    “It’s hard to break down my own stuff” – *Goes into great detail to break down his own stuff* Chael’s narcissism always amuses me xD

  19. Prakul Rathnakar says:

    Michael Bisping owning Luke Rockhold was just legendary

  20. Mac Lethal says:

    More content like this. You’re already crushing Fox.

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