Ben Askren looks back at KO loss vs. Jorge Masvidal | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show

Ben Askren looks back at KO loss vs. Jorge Masvidal | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show

Ben Askren joins Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show to look back at his knockout loss to Jorge Masvidal at UFC 239 in Las Vegas. Askren says he doesn’t have memory of the knockout, but has watched it. Askren believes he would’ve earned a title shot with a win, but doesn’t think that Masvidal will get one vs. Kamaru Usman despite the flying knee knockout.

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64 Responses

  1. Scott 300 says:

    Nothing surprising and nothing unexpected from this interview. Askren has always been very grounded and level headed, he does his job well to sell fights and is not afraid to take responsibility for his failures. Win or lose, I’m still a fan!

  2. Jordan Johnson says:

    If I got hit with a flying knee I would still be out cold to this day if not dead.

  3. Ste Brown says:

    “i dont deserve a rematch, i got knocked out in 5 seconds” what a guy o/

    • VSVP J says:

      @Samuel Schumacher oh were cut from the same cloth my boy. Look up Jules vs Denzel thats you next son. Lol thats from like 5 years ago to skills improve. Then look up jorge vs ray. You guys are suckers man lmao. Idk who’s more of one Ben Askren or his dad bod fans ????

    • Will Will says:

      @Travis Martin especially since if they did have a rematch she would be very careful and probably wrestle the f*** out of him and when

    • VSVP J says:

      @Travis Martin he didn’t beat Lawler i saw the thumbs up. He’s SCARED to fight Lawler again. Called out Jorge Masvidal (so he did it to himself).
      Man make him run it back with Lawler or just retire this bum

    • Phelpsy says:

      @Travis Martin credit to what?

  4. Web Gem says:

    $210,000 for 5 seconds of work. Highest paid guy per second in the ring that night.

  5. Clip That Shit says:

    He acted the same way when he lost wrestling matches. People need to take notes on how to handle a loss like this guy.

    • Norman Guzman says:

      @Nick Acosta We know that Kobra Kai would not fall for the karate kid crane kick twice, that’s for sure.

    • zack soto says:

      @BList i dont like him cus he doesnt stand up and fight, he’s super boring, he was an undefeated champion and they didnt renew his contract cus he’s that boring, cant stand damian maia either. Out of the top 10 most boring fights in ufc history, damian maia was in two of them and ppl blamed woodley. They’re good athletes but they shouldnt be in the ufc. I would put a rule in place that you have to have a KO victory to get in top 10 contender list, keep the “specialists” that are too scared to stand up witb ppl out

    • Ted Cleveland says:

      But why does people hates him so much tho,? I understand if that was Colby but what he did was just a normal trash talk like the 99% of the fighters

    • Lucas Hood says:

      @BList MMA fans are just gimps, they get salty over some trash talk and can’t understand it’s selling a fight.

  6. Paul Littlehales says:

    Ben’s a standup guy,his attitude hasn’t changed, humble and complimentary of opponent… man

  7. Viv B says:

    This fight clock is brought to you by Model*oOHHHHHH*

  8. J Bean says:

    I love Ben, class act, even in defeat. I could name a lot of fighters that would not have done this interview!

  9. Terry B says:

    Took his loss like a man, fair play to him.

  10. Adam B says:

    Id be surprised if he turned out to not be humble in defeat. Say what you want about him and his gimmick but hes a good sport.

  11. Greg Martinot says:

    I’ve gained a lot of respect for Ben after this interview, owning up with no excuses. Excellent example for anyone watching thank you sir

    • VSVP J says:

      What excuse can he give. That he should’ve thrown an overhand? LMAO Jorge said “this man is a specialist at putting his face in a mans crotch” read him like an open book

    • TheArsenalMan125 says:

      there is no way in hell he can make an excuse.

    • Craig TheSchmeg says:

      Excellent interview. Props to Ben on how he handled the loss. Great attitude. Respect…

    • Riley Giordano says:

      Point is he could’ve hid, not given a 30 minute interview, and disappeared for a few months.  It says something about his character that he faced the music, had a little laugh, but talked about his loss with great honesty.

  12. mokhlisoor briklaneninja says:

    This guy sounds more like an academic than a cage fighter

    • Ahmed Abdullah says:

      exactly my thought!!

    • Will Will says:

      and if he fought this guy 10 times he would probably win eight or nine of them that knee was just a perfect solution to the perfect situation if it would have landed that cleanly he would have lost

  13. Dann4288 says:

    Compare his attitude after losing vs Ronda Rouseys.
    Polar opposites, shows you what they’re made of

    • VSVP J says:

      Ya keep comparing this guy to the woman fighters lmao thats where he belongs.
      “He’s built to survive not thrive”

    • Ryanp 123 says:

      @Stonerproject 420 In her defence she was surrounded by yes men who told her she was a fantastic boxer which made he stand with Nunes and Holm

    • Ted Cleveland says:

      Her attitude was one thing, but what amazed me was she rather go to wwe, acting like everything was real there than doing the press after she loss

    • Dustin Sheffield says:

      When you don’t attach your value to something that can be taken away (i.e. a title, a win), losing ain’t shit but another day

  14. Thomas Mcgregor says:

    “Apparently I set a record of some sort ” ???? I might actually like this guy

    • LONDON80 says:

      He didn’t tho.. Jorge set the record…Ben was the victim of that record…I still think this dude is an asshole

    • Thoska Brah says:

      @LONDON80 well he set the record because Ben was smart enough to run into that knee. So Ben played his part for sure in that record.

  15. Khabib #1Bullshit Stone says:

    Can you imagine Mc Gregor doing this interview after the khabib fight?

    • knight fox says:

      Conor is a sore loser who sucker punches first and then takes pride on being “merciful” and not pressing charges

    • Ulf ViKings says:

      @mal lae that’s because Islam is a shit religion. And look how they responded, khabib like the Muslim knacker he is, attacked someone in the crowd and two people attacked Conner after his defeat.

      They got so offended over words, and they responded with violence because that’s what Muslims do. And then actual white knights defend Islam conscious of the fact that they are demographically taking over Europe. So cucked

    • Ulf ViKings says:

      @Oooo Boy I believe he was defending his territory. Based on pure power (money and fame) he is worth more than those others.

    • Ted Cleveland says:

      He did 100 of interviews after loss to Nate tho. Maybe he just don’t like Ariel

    • Ted Cleveland says:

      mal lae he talked shit about his after YES, we all knows it, but no one of your khabibs fans could show where exactly did he insults his religion. Not even khabib said he did when he was asked in the interview

  16. Clown Baby says:

    “But apparently I set a record of some sort” LMAO

    • Youri Lysogorov says:

      Great fighter from head to toe! And what is the most valuable and respectful is his courageous heart. To take and overcome such a hard loss.

  17. Gerhard vd Linde says:

    Its funny to me that people thought Ben would handle this loss anyway other than professionally and with dignity.

  18. NeXesses • says:

    Idk why but I love Ben ?. His answer was just hilarious: “well that sucked”

  19. shadow moses says:

    Ben is AWESOME! He is obviously a happy man and extremely confident. Dad-Power! This is how a man responds to adversity!

    • Josh Cappello says:

      of course he aint going to come onto the show crying, when everyone is looking and the cameras are on yeah your going to look happy.

  20. Yagya Mishra says:

    love from India to Ben askren….amazing guy with an amazing personality!!!!

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