Ben Carson: Being gay is a choice, look at inmates

Ben Carson: Being gay is a choice, look at inmates

Potential GOP presidential contender Dr. Ben Carson says being homosexual is a choice. CNN’s Chris Cuomo sits down with him in an exclusive interview.

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19 Responses

  1. Y2kplaya92 says:

    This guy is an idiot. He doesn’t even know what being gay is. 

  2. SamusAranFan says:

    Those who think homosexuality is a sin should also not eat shellfish, get
    hair cuts, pick up sticks on a sunday etc … Cherry picking also not all
    people in jail turn gay also marriage predates the bible so yea….

  3. grrlinduluth says:

    gay men know this is true thats why alot feed on drunks and junkie straight
    guys to get them to try it and convert them-and they brag this to other
    people too.dont forget some gay males that suddenly become bisexual after
    they discover they have hiv/aids just to spread it.their real sickness is
    their mememe look at me,i do nothing wrong,the fake niceness social
    engineering con game most play-thats not called homophobic to want to stay
    away from those individuals.and people are not born with the gay male lisp
    talk and body movements they do-they mimic it from themselves a fake
    not convert these people to create offspring or force them on a
    woman.ignore them and keep your eyes on them in the work place like
    banks,computer jobs,healthcare,ect… 

  4. GadgetAndKite says:

    Why don’t we just call this as it is.

    Attempted oppression in the name of Christianity.

    On the news. In the free world. Using lies and slander.

  5. PowerCookie1 says:

    Thats not what they meant when they say prison
    changes a man.

  6. Josh Grey says:

    I agree with carson. I agree that gays should have to right to all the
    legal and financial statuses that married people have but I don’t think
    they should call it marriage or share the same affiliations as marriage
    does. Marriage is a religious ceremony not only belonging to Christians but
    to most religions. Most religions also ban the marriage of 2 people of the
    same sex. It’s not marriage. Also I don’t believe that people necessarily
    have a choice to be attracted to the same sex but I think they do have a
    choice whether or not choose to act on those attractions. And don’t say you
    cannot resist them because then you are hypocritical. Think of a pedophile
    who does not molest children. Just a person attracted to younger people but
    chooses not to act on those impulses because it is illegal and wrong with
    his conscience. If you say it is illegal for someone to even act on his
    sexual impulses you cannot say it is ok for 1 group to be given full rights
    even though many people consider it to be wrong.

  7. jlb74a says:

    typical ass wipe yankee mouth piece for demoKKKrats and honmmosexuals. 

  8. Max Tyrade says:

    this guy is such a moron oh my god

  9. Thomas Parsons says:

    This is the most childish conversation I’ve ever heard. I usually hear
    assholes in my school talk about this, being gay as a choice, But now an
    egotistical doctor? I know people who’ve been more interested in the same
    sex since elementary school, love has no boundaries and people need to
    chill out and realize the world is changing. Love who you want. The end

  10. Edjaher Lopez says:

    Ha fagots… This is for you Laura 

  11. TLG160 says:

    I would love if he was president. A black George bush

  12. Macario Patrick says:

    If a Presidential candidate thinks being gay is a choice, then that
    Presidential candidate isn’t a very good candidate to become the next
    President of the United States. *Equality is the future. Millennials

  13. Yowzoe says:

    He’s the smartest Republican, celebrated by them.

    And his reasoning wilts with even the mildest scrutiny. 

  14. Jewel Natasha says:

    A lot of people don’t agree with your beliefs Dr. Carson (me being one of
    them) but kudos for standing up for yourself and your beliefs. Just hear
    his side more next time.

  15. Nathan Mitchell says:

    Guys we should let him of the hook. He’s black. Not white. we shouldn’t
    even care what a black guy says as long as its not from those terrible
    white people

  16. tonyvspaulfreak says:

    This guy may be a dumbass, but CNN was baiting him. His policy wouldn’t
    apply to the state level (as it shouldn’t), and he at least has the balls
    to say what he believes rather than dicking around. I wouldn’t vote for him
    because I’m not a republican, but I can at least respect the dude.

  17. KooKid8993 says:

    nigga, you don fucked up. 

  18. gat nam says:

    Hahhahahahahahahahahahaha! This guy is running for president?! Wowwwww.
    Sad. He gave me a good laugh though. I guess I really wanna stay out of
    prison if I don’t want to be gay. But really though, he doesn’t know how
    sexuality works. It’s suggested that sexuality is genetic, but it isn’t
    100% proven. I think it’s genetic because of the evidence supporting it,
    but I can’t say it’s fact. It’s not. There’s a chance it my be choice. But
    there’s undeniable evidence supporting it being genetic. 

  19. Dillon Stevenson says:

    Definitely voting for him!!!