Ben Carson Causes Traffic Jam Off-Stage At ABC Debate

Ben Carson Causes Traffic Jam Off-Stage At ABC Debate

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20 Responses

  1. Tyler Harris says:

    They obviously couldn’t hear.

  2. MercuryLove46 says:

    As much as I disagree with the stance of these politicians it is clear that
    there was an audio recording failure with the woman presenters audio. She
    announces both Carson and Trump and they lack to hear her. However, all
    candidates announced by the male host are clearly heard.

  3. Simply Lindsey says:


  4. BellinghamsterTrail says:

    I would take Ben Carson any day over Obama. Its the difference between
    integrity and zero integrity.

  5. Pamela Jensen says:

    I decided not to watch this debate but now I am very much regretting my
    decision. Look at the entertainment value I could have enjoyed! Damn! Thank
    sweet baby Jesus for YouTube!

  6. KXNG LEO says:

    To be fair. They were calling there names to quick. Also TED CRUZ 2016!

  7. Evelyn Blackwood says:

    What’s up? I loved Jeb’a face. That was funny

  8. Pixelation Gaming says:


  9. Lena Bauer says:

    What are they even doing?

  10. htjohntv2 says:

    If you guys closely analyze this video, it isn’t their fault. The lady’s
    voice was too soft in the perspective of both Carson and Trump. Watched it
    again and noticed that both their names were called on by the same lady but
    when the male speaker called their names, they finally came out. Every
    other candidate were called on by other speakers.

  11. The Genius says:

    and people want these idiots as president

  12. Sokbox says:

    That lady was so fucking quiet. I barely even heard her.

  13. Scott G says:

    trump still trumped him

  14. Marco Griffin says:

    I think him standing there was an attempt at a power play…body language
    at its finest in politics

  15. Brent Smelser says:

    It’s obvious that the candidates couldn’t hear the announcers from where
    they were standing. I’m not a fan of any of these guys, but the hosts
    should have waited for the applause to stop before they went on to the next
    person… or had an usher there to let them know to walk on the floor.

  16. Andrew Mohabir says:

    Carson wake the fuck up lol

  17. brocky says:

    Terribly organized. Whether you like the candidates or not, how no one gave
    them the cue/confirmation to walk onto the stage was disrespectful.

  18. Jonathan Rodriguez says:

    this is straight up a scene from the movie campaign with Will Ferrell
    Hahaha Life is Great!! $

  19. voice of reason says:

    These republican debates are the proverbial school bus crash! Horrible to
    look at but cant turn away lol

  20. superfinevids says:

    Anyone who is still a republican and aint rich is an idiot.