Ben Carson: ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ If Donald Trump Sexual Assault Accusers Lie | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Ben Carson: ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ If Donald Trump Sexual Assault Accusers Lie | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Former 2016 presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson discusses Donald Trump’s campaign, the women accusing him of sexual assault, his thoughts about their accusations and the bias of media networks.
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Ben Carson: ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ If Donald Trump Sexual Assault Accusers Lie | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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20 Responses

  1. Raymond Durham says:

    I think Ben Carson makes a very good case for why you shouldn’t vote for
    Trump. Don’t take your eye off the ball or let the train go off the cliff
    and resign yourself to voting for a candidate who has no human decency,
    qualifications or fitness to serve just because you don’t like the other
    choice. Just because Trump promises things and says all criticisms of him
    are lies, you should not believe him. He has never been known to be a
    reputable and honest individual in his entire life. He’s not in touch with
    the common man’s needs. He doesn’t care about people living in middle
    America, he just wants to prop up his already massive ego.

  2. Avant Garbage says:

    I bet ya that this “evidence” is just a bunch of technical jargon about
    plane seats/arm rests.

  3. Lala says:

    People were SO QUICK to believe Cosby’s accusers but now they DOUBT Trump’s
    accusers. This is absolutely SICKENING. Women don’t talk about sexual abuse
    until they feel it is absolutely necessary… And now is the time.

  4. LilianO says:

    Carson is example of how Trump could corupt this nation , Ben has forgotten
    his values .

  5. Meg DiPaolo says:

    I love this. “Let’s throw the economists out”, proceeds to cite statistics
    of economy.

  6. TheoKabala89 says:

    It pains me to see such an educated black man become a laughing stock.

  7. MidDayTK says:

    Turn her mic off? Ben this is not Fox news!

  8. The Ladyman Trump says:

    This has got to be a joke. Trump brings Bill’s accusers to the debate and
    makes them a centerpiece of his entire campaign, but Carson wants us to
    concentrate on the real issues and not the way Trump treats women. OK, got
    it. lol

  9. dxstyc sdft says:

    Carsons train is over the cliff

  10. Horace Ford says:

    Yeah Ben, the trump train is going off the cliff. Thank God it’s over.

  11. Anthony Smith says:

    I salute you for shutting that despicable Carson up. that was pure joy to
    watch. he is only 3rd to Trump and Conway as most loathsome. he’s sunken to
    Trump’s gutter-level. he wouldn’t know morality if it jerked him off.

  12. Jeff Otieno says:

    carson was extremely disrespectful here…

  13. lets chat says:

    Ben Carson is Trash too. trump has turned these ok politicians into Trashy

    Republicans have really lowerd the bar for themselves.

  14. thursdaysrecords1 says:

    Less convinced Dr. Ben Carson is a brain surgeon, more convinced he needs

  15. Leo Ix says:

    This is why the Republicans will lose.
    Dr. Sleepy is very ignorant. VERY.

  16. skrudrvr says:

    Why are they even interviewing this clown?

  17. spyridon Megas says:

    I approve Donald Trump as a President of the United States…

  18. Dani J. Roberts says:

    So voting for a liar is more moral? I’m so confused

  19. kevinreedable says:

    I guess you can’t reach over or around those arm rest in 1st class. What
    are they 6 feet wide?

  20. Corazon Abitan says:

    Shame on you Ben Carson. What if this thing happen to you or to your wife,
    what will you do?