Ben & Jerry’s: Introducing The BRRR-ito!

Ben & Jerry’s: Introducing The BRRR-ito!

We’re always on the hunt for new ways to eat our ice cream… what better way than wrapped in a BRRR-ito! Your two favorite flavors, topped with a fudge drizzle and cookie crumbs all wrapped up in a soft and chewy waffle wrap! It’s how we roll. Learn more:

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19 Responses

  1. Bobby Hill says:

    Ben has 3 letters
    Jerry has 5 letters
    BRRR-ito has 7 letters
    3 plus 5 plus 7 = 15
    this videos was posted at 3pm eastern time
    15 divided by 3 = 5
    20 divided by 4 = 5
    5 divided by 5 = 1
    Triangles have 3 sides
    The symbol of the Illuminati is a Triangle
    Ben & Jerry is the leader of the illuminati confirmed

    FYI: 4/20 = Hitler’s Birthday

  2. josh Smith says:

    B and J’s super expensive but there company is badass so im ok with it lol

  3. Camila Andrade says:


  4. Xx_BongQueesha_xX says:

    and you will see why 420 will be exactly like 420 hmm don’t exactly know
    what you mean by that

  5. Andy Suh says:

    420 blaze it

  6. Mari Randall says:

    This was absolutely developed for stoners. Male stoners. Why is there not a
    single stoned chick in this commercial? Why is the audience watching the
    commercial made up entirely of men? I demand representation as a female
    celebrator of 4/20.

  7. Disturbed says:

    Wow, a horizontal waffle cone. This is the greatest achievement mankind has
    ever seen. Or at least the idiot liberals who own Ben & Jerry’s, who have a
    combined brain cell count lower than 420.

  8. Cool Cutie says:

    This is what we have come to.

  9. MrFavoritevid says:

    Nice Nike reference guys. Many Lulz!

  10. JilkyInc says:

    So many levels of genious

  11. BPLNothingChannel says:

    I love destroying my body!

  12. kimchigoflyy says:


  13. jack black says:

    Colorado here we go!!!

  14. Steadystrike says:

    forget the BRRRito, I want some BOOBrito

  15. Infinite Fantasy Productions says:

    Mac brrr-ito.

  16. Infinite Fantasy Productions says:

    Also yes it will be just like 4-20. Everyone smoking a joint and stuffing
    themselves w/ “brr-itos”

  17. RockZGirl says:

    Idk y… but for some reason I thout it was a guinea pig at first.

  18. Andrew Snell says:

    4.20 teeeheeeheee!

  19. demir30 says:

    party like its diabetus