Benavidez vs Plant HIGHLIGHTS: March 25, 2023 | PBC on Showtime PPV

Benavidez vs Plant HIGHLIGHTS: March 25, 2023 | PBC on Showtime PPV

Undefeated two-time super middleweight world champion David “The Mexican Monster” Benavidez retained his Interim WBC Super Middleweight Title with a bruising unanimous decision victory over former world champion Caleb Plant in the SHOWTIME PPV main event Saturday night from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas in an event presented by Premier Boxing Champions. The judges’ final tallies were 117-111, 116-112 and 115-113.

The highly anticipated showdown between super middleweight rivals turned into the intriguing clash of styles that many predicted it would be, as Plant’s boxing acumen carried the early action until the brute force and high-volume power punching of Benavidez took over. After 12 grueling rounds in front of a sold out arena, the two fighters squashed their years long beef, embracing and expressing their mutual respect.

“I know there was a lot said between us but in the end we settled this like men,” said Benavidez. “I’m happy we gave the fans the best rivalry of the year or the last five years. I’m just very happy.”

“It’s a big rivalry but that’s what boxing is all about,” said Plant. “We came here and settled it like men. I take nothing from David. We haven’t been the best of friends but we got into the ring and we settled it like men. That’s what you’re supposed to do. He’s a helluva fighter.”

According to CompuBox, Benavidez (27-0, 23 KOs) held a large advantage in power punches landed (180-68) but also out-landed Plant in jabs (30-23). Plant (22-2, 13 KOs) was the busier fighter, throwing 624 to Benavidez’s 551, but was unable to deter the late round onslaught from Benavidez.

“I knew I had to take it step by step and round by round,” said Benavidez. “Caleb is a tough fighter. He’s not going to give you everything in the first few rounds so you have to find him. But I feel like I didn’t just show that I was a power puncher tonight. I showed that I had defense and head movement and I was able to move around the ring and cut the ring off really good.”

Plant’s movement appeared to give Benavidez trouble throughout the early action, as Plant consistently landed two to three punch combinations and escape Benavidez’s counters. It wasn’t until round eight that Plant’s movement began to slow down and his attempts at holding were increasingly thwarted.

“I was trying to hold him when necessary, punch him when necessary, and throw my combinations when necessary,” said Plant. “But when the best get in there with the best, you roll the dice and someone is going to come out with their hand raised and someone will come up short. And one thing that I pride myself on is that I roll with the best in the world. I haven’t ducked anyone and maybe we can have a rematch in the future.”

As the fight moved into the championship rounds, Benavidez pushed forward more aggressively, busting Plant’s nose and peppering him with short hooks from all angles. Plant stayed on his feet for the final bell, but his final attempts to turn the tide were thwarted by Benavidez. Asked post fight about his future plans, Benavidez set his sights squarely on undisputed 168-pound champion Canelo Alvarez.

“I just want to tell everyone that I have a lot of respect for Canelo Alvarez but he has to give me that shot now,” said Benavidez. “That’s what everyone wants to see. Let’s make it happen.
Now the fans are calling for this fight, the legends are calling for this fight, so let’s make it happen.”

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42 Responses

  1. Ernie Carrillo says:

    It went the way I thought it would, except I thought Benavidez was going to stop him. Hats off to Plant for his toughness. Congrats to DB! I hope CA gives him the fight next.

  2. CLpz says:

    Benavidez’ style of focusing on short punches is brilliant and unique. It works so well! Props to both guys. Amazing display of boxing.

    • YoMamasHouse__ 1 says:

      @CLpz facts

    • YoMamasHouse__ 1 says:

      @Golden Golden yeah I think he should establish the jab against canelo early on and take his time picking his punches instead of making it a slug fest that way he doesn’t give canelo opportunity for letting off to much on him because canelo has power for sure but I think benavidez with the right focus and mentality can get it done ✅

    • CLpz says:

      @Valtazat Salazar yes! But what’s different about Benavidez is he’s got the reach and the close ranged punches. Most boxers, even at the elite level, only have one or the other and rarely both.

    • Valtazat Salazar says:

      Definitely reminds me some what of Roberto Duran

    • Victor Lopez says:

      He’s special. A true throw back

  3. RazorBlaze 95 says:

    Wow, what a fight. Huge props to Benavidez and Plant for putting it all on the line and giving the fans a fight they wanted.

  4. Ashan Devinda says:

    Man, they gave it all for the fans!! Absolute Respect for plant and Benavidez💯💯

  5. Suni Hollandier says:

    Full respect to Plant. He took the fight no-one wanted and took it like a man. Hope to see him back!

    • Suni Hollandier says:

      @CanUhandleTHEtruth Canelo will vacate and Benavidez will move to 175 it would make sense to stick around if he can perform like that

    • CanUhandleTHEtruth says:

      No ,l hope Caleb retires! He fought the top 2 in his division and was stopped by Canelo and took a bad beating last night so there’s nowhere else to go for Plant at 168lbs. Plant should have 6-7 million or more a nice nest egg to retire and find another way to make a living if he’s smart…

    • Lil speedy says:

      No respect David drowned him

    • Anthony Gonzalez says:

      @MiÑONGA you know how tough plant is he’s a warrior get off the ban wagon

  6. mozamshmeek yea says:

    It’s heart warming to see these guys end this heated rivalry and shake hands so wholesome that’s what it’s all about

    • anthony david says:

      @Craig Wallace All that vulgar profane language wasn’t necessary from David & his dad’s part,to sell a fight that fans WANTED to see.Young ppl look up to them,& they’re role models like it or not.I’m glad to see they cleaned that up.

    • Craig Wallace says:

      They have to sell it in order to eat

    • Premier Boxing Champions says:


  7. Young Melo says:

    Nobody talking about David’s defense. This was the best I ever seen his defense.

    • anthony david says:

      @Shooting from the Hip Good assessment!

    • anthony david says:

      @Roberto Real But Canelo couldn’t even school Bivol,who’s less agressive than David.🤷‍♂️

    • anthony david says:

      @Garry Garcia Yup,and that ain’t Canelo to do it.

    • Shooting from the Hip says:

      I’m not sure whether it was his defence or Plant’s lack of power. David was the bigger and harder-hitting guy and everyone knew that. Plant’s only hope was to play the hit-and-run game and did do it well till round 6 or so. David was still able to walk right through him anyway, so I don’t even think he needed his defence much. Only when he faces a puncher will we see how good his defence is.

    • anthony david says:

      @te Defense is lightyears? Tell that to Bivol!That fight would be closer than you think.Canelo is slow,only throws 3 punches & hasn’t fought any hungry,capable foes in forever!Let’s be real.

  8. Karl Gustav says:

    Benavidez is just a phisycal Monster in this weightclass, and Plant what a will, what a warrior

    • Shooting from the Hip says:

      @Karl Gustav Exactly. And if you think about it, boxing is a bloody unfair sport. You can’t train for that knockout power or granite chin, you either have it or you don’t. And Plant knew it, so he was doing a lot of running, but you can only run for so long in a ring against a guy who walks through your punches.

    • Chris Butler says:

      @Jose that’s exactly how I thought it was gonna play out, Benavidez was gonna walk him down in the later rounds and put that pressure.

    • soul2soul says:

      ​@georges daceus kinda like James Toney. Except it seems he doesn’t struggle to make weight

    • georges daceus says:

      I don’t know how Benavidez make 168. One of his sparring partners said David weighed 230 lbs @ the time of their Sparring.

    • Ed S says:

      @sachin singh possibly Charlie Z.

  9. Francisco Valdez says:

    Being in that arena last night was awesome! The energy there was wild! Definitely don’t regret it.

  10. vedant patel says:

    David looked amazing. He never looked gassed despite the pace that plant put on in the first 6 rounds. Full respect to Plant as well. He comfortably won the first 6 rounds and when Benavidez came on late, Plant took shots that would’ve put most fighters out.

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