Bendy and the Dark Revival Part 1 – RESCUED BY BENDY!

Bendy and the Dark Revival Part 1 – RESCUED BY BENDY!

Bendy and the Dark Revival Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 We meet Alice Angel and get hunted by Bendy..


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bendy and the dark revival Part 1 – HUNTED BY INK DEMON BENDY.

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26 Responses

  1. coffee_wizard says:

    Its been a very long time since the first bendy came out, pretty happy that its finally made its second game

  2. Cole Kiesler says:

    Honestly Bendy has truly made it far after all of these years. After the many occurrences of Dark Revival being delayed or even cancelled it feels like a breath of fresh air to finally see the game released. I remember the day Bendy first came out and to this day I am still a very huge fan of the franchise. I remembered playing and enjoying the game back then and while yes their were a lot of issues that didn’t stop me from playing and enjoying the gameplay and figuring out all of the lore. And seeing Dark Revival, it manages to kind of fix the problems that Ink Machine doe and managed to make it better. Overall seeing Dark Revival I am still legit excited to see how this game continues to go, also Cartoon Bendy is the most adorable thing I have ever seen fight me.

  3. Ze Cheesecake queen says:

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate that Fusion is always one of the first people to put out videos on new games

  4. Adelina Richey says:

    The game looks so amazing, I’m very amazed by the work they’ve done and as always Fusion is one of the first people to post a vid on a new game, the vid was honestly overall amazing, good job Fusion and thank you for making the vid so quickly and I know they won’t see this but good job to the creators of the game

  5. Epic_Sans says:

    Loving this game! I remember watching you play the first bendy game, but I can’t believe it’s been so long! Excited to see the endings!

  6. evan robert says:

    So for those who didn’t notice, the layout of the beginning, is almost identical to the layout of the first chapter in the first game, except instead of a hallway, it was replaced with an elevator in this one. That’s why the layout looks so familiar.

    • Low Brass Boy says:

      Notice the nod to when the cut out first appeared in the first game and Henry says “Who put this hear” too? I love it. This makes me so happy

  7. Ghost Ray says:

    Been so ready for this game! Excited to go through this adventure with you!

  8. Bonk Gaming says:

    Looks pretty good, can’t wait to see the whole series

  9. La khanh says:

    This was just perfect…I had the feeling the LK was gonna meet a real challenge that he wasn’t gonna be able to just set up his own downfall on and would end up really having to struggle for once.

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