Benedict Cumberbatch urges fans not to take photos during Hamlet play

Benedict Cumberbatch urges fans not to take photos during Hamlet play

Benedict Cumberbatch urges fans not to take photos during Hamlet play at the stage door at Barbican, 8 August 2015.

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20 Responses

  1. Angie Marie says:

    +Gi na Wrong on all accounts. But not really worth the effort debating in
    this format. Have a good one!

  2. Gi na says:

    +Angie Marie You seem very distanced from the reality of today’s youth, and
    I must assume that is because you lack interaction with a fair number of
    them; as such, I cannot blame you for your unfortunate misconceptions and
    misdirected anger, and only encourage you to open your arms to them;
    specifically in production setting perhaps? I can assure you the kinds of
    children that spend entire summer breaks in theatre camp can appreciate
    live theatre just as much as the next adult. The passion and raw emotion a
    dedicated child actor/actress can display may (hopefully) surprise you!
    Good day to you.

  3. Angie Marie says:

    +Gi na Benedict Cumberbatch and others in our generation didn’t grow up by
    the glowing screen of a cell phone, Ipad’s, and computers. We grew up in a
    time where human connection was experienced in the raw, and so know on an
    in depth level how to appreciate the ‘intangibles’ in life. I remain true
    to my statement(s). Newer generations wouldn’t know a genuine heart felt
    experience if it hit them outside the head. They’d only tweet about it the
    next day in some narcissistic attempt to prove themselves. Good day to

  4. Raskolnikov32 says:

    +Gi na Hear! Hear!
    History books are full of the vilest most despicable people and acts from
    beginning to end. That is terrifying.
    Judging by such history, it is probable that the next generation of humans
    will indeed continue to be just as vile and despicable as them.
    But at this moment, they are tabula rasas, they could go the way of the
    rest, or they might just be better than us. They might be the generation
    that finally takes the species out of its adolescence and into its
    maturity. That is hopeful.

  5. Gi na says:

    +Angie Marie That’s a hefty generalization you’re putting out there. For
    someone who seems to care so much for the art of theatre, as displayed by
    your several comments on this video, I am amazed at how negative you are
    towards youth, a group typically embraced wholeheartedly in the performing
    arts community. The truth is that some “kids today” will eventually become
    the Benedict Cumberbatches and Patti Lupones of the world, also encouraging
    their audiences to abide by theatre etiquette. Do not doubt that I agree
    with you, I believe we must blame the user and not the tool in regards to
    cell phones in theaters, but please refrain from categorizing all children
    into misbehaving and uncultured beings!

  6. Angie Marie says:

    Wow, I think I’ve gone on this same rant to young people about a million
    times. I guess even when you’re benedict cumberbatch people are still going
    to laugh like a bunch of clowns not understanding the seriousness of what
    he’s trying to convey. This rant wasn’t just about filming Hamlet, the
    point he is making is that you literally are ruining life’s most precious
    moments when you aren’t 100% engaged intellectually and emotionally. Such
    is life, as well. When you go to a restaurant, when you’re seeing a live
    concert, engaging in anything in the arts, and so on, you are not being
    fully present in spirit/mind when your brain is distracted with a glowing
    LCD screen so that you can WHORE the content out through social media
    moments later. It no longer is a sacred experience, it’s now a cheap thrill
    due to social media addictions. Stop cheapening life’s most precious
    experiences with your fucking cell phones for once, kids.. It takes away
    from the true human experience at the heart level.

    • Raskolnikov32 says:

      +Angie Marie You might enjoy what film director Werner Herzog has said on
      the subject of social media. He suggests that, rather than it being an
      extension of human expression, it is instead a tool for the ‘projection of
      the self’ an ‘aggrandisement of the ego’. It’s only like a 2 minute clip:
      ‘Werner Herzog on the need for silence once in a while’.

    • Angie Marie says:

      +Raskolnikov32 Fair points, but this isn’t just about “photographs”, this
      is more so about social media and the corruption of the human experience.
      Though it can be argued that technology just is an “Extension” of human
      expression and so improves it: Not every one would agree. The rant clearly
      flew over most every one’s heads.

    • Raskolnikov32 says:

      +Angie Marie I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment that the over-use of
      cameras in today’s world are ruining life’s most precious moments, serving
      as they do to both distance the person from the thing in front of them by
      placing a physical barrier between them and it (the barrier also serving to
      give the person a false sense of empowerment over that which they choose to
      snap), and the photos then being used as readily-accessible bookmarks for
      one’s past rather than their own memories.

      However, I do not agree that that is what Cumberbatch was really doing
      He’s a public school prefect up there, silently reveling in the chance to
      patronize his ‘lower-class’ fans over their gauche unseemly conduct.

      They are adults, and they can behave how they wish to behave. They don’t
      need the star of the show to come out and condescend to them like they were
      naughty children. There are people paid to stop such things, Benedict is
      not one of them, nor did he need to personally do this.

      You will see more and more of this from a man who was shown on many
      occasions that he has nothing but violent contempt towards the working

  7. Ivan West says:

    He’s got a point. Hopefully not too many childish haters start talking

  8. LondonTheatre1 says:

    It is about showing respect to others… others in the audience that will
    be distracted by the recording – and respect for those trying to perform
    for the audience.. p=anyone seen or caught recording should be removed
    from the auditorium – it would probably only need to happen once…

  9. Morgaine Bergman says:

    I can’t believe anyone stupid enough to laugh at his comments could
    possibly understand “Hamlet”.

  10. maxington26 says:

    I don’t really know much about this Cumberbatch bloke, but this was an
    excellently delivered admonishment. Bloody people filming things all the
    time rather than experiencing the event itself – does my head in. I’m
    pretty sure most people don’t even watch their own videos back anyway; they
    just upload to social media to weirdly somehow prove that they were there.
    Upload, delete from phone to save space for more vids – “I’m never gonna
    watch this back myself, but here you go, here it is, YOU watch it”, as
    someone once famously said (although I’m sure I’m badly paraphrasing

  11. TooleyPeter says:

    What a diva. It’s “mortifying” to act on camera? You do it all the time.

  12. Raskolnikov32 says:

    (Which seems to be the majority of people judging by the comments to this

    “Dear my sycophantic plebians (that’s you slack-jawed people these railings
    were, thankfully, designed to hold back!), it gives me no pleasure to stand
    before you, my most ‘humble’ and devoted subjects, as one who would warn
    you of the grave and severe punitive repercussion of social isolation that
    awaits those of you, my good and ‘humble’ people, who should deign in their
    ‘humble’ ignorance, to intrude upon that which you all hold to be most
    sacred of all: namely, my performance.

    “I know, I know, it goes without saying that I’m beyond amazing in
    Sherlock, and that you were all spell-bound by my slithering powerhouse of
    a performance as the dragon Smaug. But I would ask you to bear in mind that
    tonight, I shall not be standing before you wearing a lycra suit covered in
    ping-pong balls and pretending to be a shitting-ginormous, fire-breathing
    dragon stomping about in front of a green screen. No, for tonight I am
    tasked with a much more difficult performance, that of pretending to be a
    human being, which I’m sure you’ll all agree is a much harder task upon the
    creative mental faculties than pretending to be a dragon. And as you all
    are well aware, I am a member of the elite, privileged class, but tonight I
    will be playing a fictitious sixteenth century European prince; which means
    that not only I am playing someone COMPLETELY unlike myself, but one who
    ‘exists’ in a different time period to our own.

    “With all of this in mind, I beseech you to reign in the uncouth behaviour
    that has become a characteristic of your ‘humble’ class when going to their
    first-and-last ever theatre show — this is not the time, nor the place,
    I would ask that you refrain from taking any photographs during my
    performance. MY PERFORMANCE! For how can I possibly imagine myself as a
    sixteenth century European prince standing alone atop a half-built
    polystyrene castle, when all I can see in the darkness is a small
    smattering of little blinking red lights? I’m an actor! I cannot be
    expected to pretend that something that’s there is not there…

    “Any pleb caught in flagrant violation of these rules WILL be duly escorted
    from the premises by the police and beaten with billy clubs—much like those
    ‘poor’ ‘coloured’ folk should have been during the riots (see my opinions
    on that in another interview or two that I’ve done in the past).

    “This is not an opportunity for selfies; this is ‘Hamlet’!
    “And I’m FUCKING HAMLET! So do what I fucking say, you greasy,bunch of
    sallow-faced inbreds!”

  13. Jake Manalansan says:

    It’s not just the actors/musicians/entertainers on stage. The audience as
    well can be robbed of the moment, the experience, of the performance. I
    attended a concert a week ago, and realised how many people with
    cameras/phones recording the concert, rather than enjoying it.

  14. PsychaDuck says:

    What happened to his voice?

  15. KovaMusic says:

    This is NOT a “rant’ and he’s a 100% right. People think they have the
    right to film whatever they want, whenever they want and they don’t. This
    is not a public performance put on in some park. This is inside of a
    privately owned building where you have to buy a ticket to go in. You also
    have to follow the RULES if you choose to buy that ticket. Seeing a private
    performance of any kind is a privilege, not a right and the artist putting
    on that performance has to right to set any guidelines he/she see’s fit. If
    you’re invited into someone’s home, you behave an act accordingly, yes?
    This is no different. Not only should that person get escorted out of the
    building, they should be put on a list that bars them from buying a ticket
    to go see ANYTHING else for 1 year. People don’t change their bad behavior
    unless they’re are consequences. This behavior should have stiffer
    penalties than just being escorted out. Bar them.

  16. AE OE says:

    No respect for this rat since he made the anti wikileaks propaganda movie.