Bengals vs. Chiefs AFC Championship Highlights | NFL 2021

Bengals vs. Chiefs AFC Championship Highlights | NFL 2021

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41 Responses

  1. Carson Claws says:

    Props to the bengals! I know what it feels like to be a underdog every year being a lions fan!

  2. Garret Hunter says:

    Been a Bengals fan since I was a kid. Years of dissappointment, heartbreak, and low expectations have been completley washed away by Joey B and our new crew. It’s amazing. It feels surreal. Who dey!!!

    • Goochie Thanos says:

      you fixed your team in two years that’s pretty impressive. you also got lucky because half your players started playing like tom brady

    • Jim Hallett says:

      @Joel Lahrman Cinci needs to draft OL help, but line gave up no sacks to KC, and D could use some additions. They have the makings for a nice 10-year run.

    • Jim Hallett says:

      @Jeremy Hallock The Bayo Bengals pulling for the Cinci version. Two star players from LSU. Geaux Tigers!

    • Buzz Lightyear says:

      Year of the Tiger begins tomorrow.

    • Paddy McCue says:

      @Jeff Kerr I think once we get our O-line reworked (hopefully during the off-season and draft), we will be unstoppable for the next 10-15 years. 🙌🏼

  3. Jess Philip Rodriquez says:

    These playoff games have been the best I’ve ever seen. Coming right down to the wire! Teams coming back and winning. The road teams won a lot of the games. The Superbowl should be no different.

  4. chad zimmerman says:

    I was happy with just seeing the bengals have a winning season and a playoff win. After 30 straight years of losing, that was all I could really ask for. Everything else is just a bonus.

  5. Animal Channel says:

    Wow, absolutely incredible, againts all odds Burrow always finds a way to win. I mean these playoffs are a treat to watch 🔥🔥

    • M Emm says:

      @Flint Truth Channel You were doing great up until you called them satanic… There’s nothing satanic about them, they are just paid to do what they are told. It’s no longer sports, its the wwf on a football field.

    • PostL3 says:

      @mg ratioed

    • M Emm says:

      @Andrew Haney you aren’t using the word “logic” correctly bud. I just made statements. The logic is just watching the games. In sports, out of the 6 games from divisional round on, all were one score games. That doesn’t happen in sports. That’s logic and I don’t know, maybe all of mahomes success was rigged, maybe some, maybe none. But I know one thing, this years playoff games have been a complete JOKE!

    • Alex Padilla says:

      @mg the chiefs are trash look at the last super bowl dont ever wanna here they gave them the game they suck

  6. LABMROS Geo says:

    I’m so happy for the Bengals, such a great story, great team, with a charismatic and very talented Joe Burrow slinging the ball around and peeling defenders off of him. They did the unthinkable and beat the Chiefs in Kansas City who were playing out of this world the past month….. I will be rooting for the Bengals in the Superbowl… from a die hard Steelers Fan

    • Broken says:

      @Flint Truth Channel i looked at your channel and it seems as if you think every little thing is fake and scripted

  7. Invincible Speaker says:

    I’m just glad the game didn’t end in a Mahomes TD on the first drive of OT. The Bengals deserved this win & this will be a damn good Superbowl

    • lukespack says:

      Mahomes lost in the league championship in 2017, lost in the Superbowl in 2018, won the Superbowl in 2019, lost the Superbowl in 2020 and lost the league championship in 2021. There is a pattern here. I was totally shocked when KC lost yesterday. What is wrong with Mahomes? Maybe with that huge contract, he is not working as hard? The Bengals stuffed
      Mahomes in overtime. Go Bengals😁

    • DudeGuyMan says:

      @Ricky Bobby Then why are they there

    • Ricky Bobby says:

      Congrats to the bengals but they certainly do not belong in the superbowl lmao lets be real here

    • Excalibur624 says:

      @Flint Truth Channel Lmfao ok bro

  8. Danny D says:

    As a longtime suffering Bengals fan all the way back to the Kenny Anderson days, I was literally in tears after this game. I still can’t believe it. Who Dey!!!

    • Danny D says:

      @John Tomasik thanks brother. These next two weeks are gonna be an emotional rollercoaster. Thanks for your support 🙏🏽

    • Danny D says:

      @Antonio Howard I don’t know what I’ll do if the Bengals win it all. I totally lost my 💩 when they kicked that game winning field goal last night!!!

    • Danny D says:

      @Damyreon jones thanks, man. Truth be told, the Cowboys are two of my brothers favorite team. I hope they get back to their prominent days.

    • John Tomasik says:

      @Danny D I’m pulling for the Bengals. Many Broncos fans want to see Von Miller win another SB ring, and although I like the guy, I’ll be behind the Bengals for this SB. Your guys did a great job this game against the Chefs, and for that I tip my helmet your way.

    • Antonio Howard says:

      @Danny D I can dig it. It ain’t nothing like after a championship team win. And the whole city off for a day in a half

  9. Robert Mead says:

    Congrats Bengals nation, I’m rooting for Cincinnati to win it all. Never won a super bowl yet , think they’re due

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