Benghazi Select Committee (Hearing 4)

Benghazi Select Committee (Hearing 4)


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20 Responses

  1. Erick Hernandez says:

    This proves that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is capable of
    running the most powerful country in the world. The United States of

  2. Joshua Banks says:

    How quickly people forget that it was the republican Congress who refused
    Obama’s request for increased embassy security funding. Hypocrisy at its

  3. Malsipots says:

    Elijah penis head, the baldy coon won’t stop fidgeting like a child, god I
    hate him.
    How in the hell did Mr Elijah cumstain ever get into a position of power?
    There’s the problem right there, any system that would allow cumstain be
    part of such an investigation is doomed from the start. Clinton should be
    in prison but she won’t because of assholes like elijah cumstain.

  4. Steven Knichel says:

    Enough ‘Hearings’, let’s have a Trial and REAL prosecution. If nothing
    else, let’s revoke her security clearance for operational malpractice, and
    disqualify her from Presidential Candidacy based on past Secretary of State

  5. streeterville773 says:

    She’s going to be President. :D

  6. BlindBeagle56 says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see her indicted?

  7. Xmuslim Atheist Rebel says:

    Republicans party are 2 times loser to the black man.. About to be 3 times
    loser again

  8. Mirquella Santos says:

    Ummmm! This Benghazi blah blah blah is not working for these haters.
    Hillary is still polling pretty well and she has the backing of the party
    plus minorities, single women, plus most young. People are not that stupid.
    They saw how heartless Republicans cursed and humiliated Cindy Sheehan when
    she publicly cried about the death of her son in Iraq. Now all the certain
    they care about the lives of 4 liberals, wow. Haters you can always come
    and kiss my dogie’s behind. And Remember that hate consumes the soul.

  9. Demetrius Eliopoulos says:

    I don’t know what is more sad… The GOP trying to egg this shit on, or the
    “people” they represent stupid enough to believe this was an issue.

  10. Jack Everhart says:

    This hearing only proves how ridiculous this committee is and how foolish
    and unproductive these republican congressmen and congresswoman are. The
    people on this committee should feel utterly embarrassed by this circus
    act, and they should be ashamed for wasting millions of taxpayer dollars to
    fund this witch hunt.

  11. Andrew Emerson says:

    Ambassador Stephens requested increased security over 600 times and hillary
    either didn’t read the emails or denied the request even after there was a
    bombing at the embassy! Ambassador stephens didn’t have clinton’s private
    email but blumenthal did! She said when she read the emails of the
    ambassador requesting increased security before he died she read that as a
    joke! Put this bitch in prison and lock away the key. She is a vile bitch
    that cares about nobody but herself.

  12. Zach G says:

    Bitch, you’re smart. Ain’t nobody watching 6 hours of bullshit. Ain’t
    nobody got time for that. You dumb cocksuckers really know how to get away
    with evil… place it within something so boring that no a single mother
    fucker, even the articulate ones, are paying attention.

    Here’s what you need to know about benghazi:
    It’s like 3-4 years later, and they’re still talking about this shit.
    That means it’s fucking important, somebody’s lying,
    and some cocksucker needs to be laid to rest.
    It’s still an issue because they lied to you.
    But it’s so fucking boring that most people aren’t even paying attention.

  13. Clayton Bailey says:

    The part where Clinton says she hates america and wants to help the

  14. George Gallagher says:

    Ambassador Stevens’ death because of John O Brennan’s illegal operation to
    ship weapons from Benghazi to Syria in-order to arm his Frankenstein
    Creation ISIS is a very serious matter. It strikes at the very heart of the
    Cheney/Obama reign of terror porn on behalf of their Bankster masters (ECB,
    BIS, FED, Bank of England). Obama, Biden, Dempsey and Clinton should be in
    prison for the obvious stand down order that was issued by the President
    with the complicit support of Biden, Dempsey and Clinton…sitting there
    for hours watching Stevens being attacked and killed via drone camera is
    pretty ghoulish..:-(

  15. Tiffany Garrard says:

    As much as I would love for Hillary to go to jail, something tells me she
    is going to get away Scott free. I will eat my glasses if she receives any

  16. Seconds to Midnight says:

    Someone FUCKED UP BIG TIME, they are all hiding the truth about the muslim
    brotherhood ISIS their desire to unravel the middle east. This has all been
    planned and they distract us with 11 hrs of boring BS. She already got away
    with so much, clointons past is riddled with corruption. Wake up people,
    the fact that this women has not stepped down et should scare you. These
    people are arrogant POS

  17. Mo Nuddleman says:

    Chelsey Clinton for Ambassador! “What Difference Dose it Make”!
    Hillary the Hut? For President? Are You Fucking Kidding?

  18. whoRwe02 says:

    Critical and classified information regarding Benghazi incident is NOT
    designed for public release or NOT advisable for public consumption. System
    rules/laws (by laws) are applicable to any government agency or any private
    employer – any employee (of any level) who sworn to that rules must
    abide/follow such rules. (Do not be emotional if someone spill facts of
    human life. Every living thing seeks comfort and survival). Drink coffee of
    your own choice or flavor.

  19. pat fiasco says:

    you people are all dumb as fuck.

  20. Truelady2Anna says: