Benintendi walks it off for Red Sox win in 10: 8/5/18

Benintendi walks it off for Red Sox win in 10: 8/5/18

Daily Recap: Andrew Benintendi hit a walk-off single in the 10th after the Red Sox scored three runs in the 9th to tie the game in a 5-4 win

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75 Responses

  1. oggleatwomen says:

    First as well as the red sox!

  2. Mike Main says:


  3. boxing #1 sport says:

    Yankees fans how does it feel blowing a 3 run lead in the 9th inning with 2 outs and the best closer in the game according to you guys ?…. Red sox owns Chapman and severino and that’s a fact.

  4. Jeffrey House says:

    To my fellow Yankees fans, we need to have faith and still support our team. We are going through a tough stretch but we will eventually turn it around. Are we gonna win the division? Most likely not be you have to believe and have faith that we can. Don’t get your head down over 1 series. We are the New York Yankees. 27 time World Champions. A minor setback for a major comeback. Keep your heads high and lets focus on Chicago.

    • Ben Brown says:

      Jeffrey House I like how you say it’s a “WE” thing. “WE need to keep our heads high”… it’s a you thing. Not a we. And you as a fan can cheer but that would make you part of the they factor. You have nothing to do with the yanks winning or losing all u do is sit and watch. You are just trying to live your life through the baseball

    • M& M says:

      BOSTON2001 Sanchez isn’t even hitting

    • O'Rangers Glory says:

      You can say all you want, I know the Red Sox is going to win the AL East maybe even the world series.

    • O'Rangers Glory says:

      I also hate the fact that you said WE ARE THE NEW YORK YANKEES, so what, the result had been set, Yankees isn’t the original Yankees anymore, The Sox make a total sweep to you guys, you the Yankees should be ashamed of yourself of being up by 4-1 and then some idiotic walks from Chapman and also Holder’s lack of pitching to let the Red Sox win, F Off Yankees, It’s Red Sox Nation! Finally the WE thing is none of your business, you have nothing to do with the Yankees, it’s an I thing, get over it!

    • J rod says:

      Jeffrey House GAY

  5. Joey Crum says:


  6. Javier Sánchez says:

    The Boston red sox are on fire, and the New York yankees are a dumpster fire😏

    • Michael Muniz says:

      Javier Sánchez after getting smacked around for 4 games. They are chronically butthurt. It will take weeks for it to go away they won’t be able to sit down for days due to the salt getting in the wound.

    • Michael Muniz says:

      Justin Hall 3 titles in 14 years. Our time is now and that is the only time we care about. You must hate to hear sports media call the Sox the best team in MLB. And how they are first in every stat except for HR which they are fifth..All those ancient titles mean zero to us there for you to get off on and be in awe of. When one of you bring them into the debate it is pathetic to us

    • Javier Sánchez says:

      Michael Muniz Their fans are still making up excuses. Sometimes you have to take a look in the mirror. Instead of blaming everything else.

    • PackersGiants Bolts says:

      Michael Muniz obp and steals red sox aren’t in first cubs are brewers are first in those respective stats

    • PackersGiants Bolts says:

      Michael Muniz red sox aren’t first in every pitching stat except for wins

  7. It's a me says:

    The yankees lost so bad we got people in the comments writing inspirational motivation shit to get them hype LMAO

  8. Jim Bertido says:

    Aaaaaaaand the Mets just gained a whole bunch of fans tonight.

  9. James Hicks says:

    shoutout all the west coast Sox fans that are still awake 👌👌

    • Nehemiah Howard says:

      James Hicks i was about to call it a night and watch in the morning

    • James Hicks says:

      Nehemiah Howard I watch all the games and I still watch all of these to see all the Yankee fan excuses 😂😂

    • baseball Ice hockey says:

      James Hicks Yankees dead

    • Ian Burgess says:

      You do realize that west coast fans have it easier than east coast fans right? They’re 3 hours behind. Therefore they didn’t have to stay up very late for the ending of the game.

    • Nehemiah Howard says:

      James Hicks i dont have mlbtv so i only watch the free games and any national broadcast games i can salvage. you lookin forward to what the a’s are doing

  10. Jim Bertido says:

    Yankee tears are my fuel. I got a full fkn tank tonight, boys.

  11. James Hicks says:

    Great approach by JD in the 9th, he could have tried to launch one, but he stayed on the pitch and drove it up the middle 👌

  12. Jim Bertido says:

    I think the damage is done to Cashman’s brain.

  13. Genesis says:

    Awesome win RedSox! Nice sweep of the Yankees! Solid pitching performance by David. Wish they could’ve gotten him the win though. Oh well. Hello 9.5 game lead! If there’s one mistake Cora made, it was bringing Hembree in the 7th. Should’ve brought Brasier or Tyler instead. That’s the one issue I had at the time.

    • josh river says:

      Genesis, How you dare to blame Cora in something here? Is not a mistake, that’s Hembree’s call to its duty and he didn’t complete it. But that’s why those guys perform in the way they are doing it, because Cora trust them. If someone can’t do it job properly, next player will raise and will complete the job buddy. Instead of looking for the manager of the year mistakes, go and congratulate him for his great and historical job as Red Sox manager!!

    • Ryan Adams says:

      Genesis hembree actually has an extremely low percentage of inherited runners scoring. That’s probably why Cora went with him, but it just didn’t work for him tonight, but you can’t win them all so no big deal.

  14. Jim Bertido says:

    I will use Yankee tears as lubrication tonight when I jerk off to highlights of the Yankees blowing a 3-0 lead in the 2004 ALCS. MEMORIES. 🤓

  15. Jim Bertido says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Yankee tears have caused a rainout to tonight’s White Sox game.

  16. Jim Bertido says:

    It’s time like these I wish I didn’t throw out my broom after I got a Swiffer from Santa.

  17. Javier Sánchez says:

    Tonight on double jeopardy! This team blew a 4-1 lead in the bottom of the ninth inning.

    • Javier Sánchez says:

      John Yay Yankees lineup is homerun, or bust. I rather have a good hitter with no power, than a power hitter that lives or dies on homeruns.

    • John Yay says:

      Javier Sánchez I don’t think that’s all of the Yankees lineup but me too

    • Javier Sánchez says:

      John Yay Boston can beat you with homeruns, or base hits. You can’t depend on homeruns everyday no matter how much power you got. Some games you have to win off base hits.

    • John Yay says:

      Javier Sánchez yeah I know that’s why they are the best team in baseball

    • Javier Sánchez says:

      John Yay Yankees leave a lot of runners stranded to, and that will make you lose to.

  18. Erik Smith says:

    I was at this game tonight and what transpired in the bottom of the 9th and 10th was some sort of crazy magic that I haven’t witnessed in a sporting event in quite some time.

    Fenway was absolutely electric in the 9th and the players fed off of that energy and made it happen to tie it up and then finish it out in the 10th.

    Such an amazing experience as a sox fan. This years team is certainly something very special, no doubt about it.

  19. Hunny Bun says:

    When the yankees think they have the game in the bag 😂 GOODBYE

  20. TerrorTyler says:

    Unbelievable What a comeback! 2 outs in the 9th, Sox still able to score runs! Thanks Miguel And Greg for Win! Sweep Sweep

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