Benjamin Netanyahu Speech to Congress 2015 [FULL] | Today on 3/3/15 | New York Times

Benjamin Netanyahu Speech to Congress 2015 [FULL] | Today on 3/3/15 | New York Times

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel used one of the most prominent platforms in the world on Tuesday to warn against what he called a “bad deal” being negotiated with Iran to freeze its nuclear program, bringing to a culmination a drama that has roiled Israeli-American relations for weeks.

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Benjamin Netanyahu Speech to Congress 2015 [FULL ADDRESS ] | Today on 3/3/15 | The New York Times

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20 Responses

  1. NinjaKiller999 says:

    WTF does 2500 year old stories about Haman have to do with this?? This
    Netanyahu guy is brainwashed and deluded, he keeps quoting 2000 year old
    prophecies to prove himself right and even ex Mossad agent have said he is
    obsessed with occult and very irrational

  2. CGC111 says:

    Why all ppl in congress are white ?

  3. Tini Y says:

    נתניהו יודע לדבר, אבל ביגלל זה אין לתת לו להמשיך להרוס את החברה בישראל,
    להנות על חשבון כל העניים, להרוס את העתיד של ילדינו ונכדינו, מספיק, הוא
    הוכיח שלא מסוגל לבנות שום דבר חיובי, לא מסוגל להחליט ולעשות שום דבר, שיתן
    למישהו אחר לנסות, וברור שנידרש הרבה זמן לאחר שהוא משאיר אדמה חרוכה 

  4. aappierce says:

    nice job not synching the audio and video, nyt. First time I’ve seen
    this–what a coincidence. Schmucks.

  5. Christian Branquhino says:

    Every year they get more and more ridiculous

  6. erez s says:

    למה לעזלזל אתם שולחים לי הודעות ספאם לפלא שאני יראה את הסרטון הזה??!! חלאס
    לבלבל בשכל בהודעות ספאם של הבחירות האלההה!!!

  7. M Al says:

    shame on those who are supporting this war criminal, and listen to him
    giving them lessons what they have to do in their own policy in there
    own congress.

  8. razzle nipper says:


  9. Sector Seven G says:

    Bibi please dont go!!

  10. Rick Frazier says:

    He said thank you, while his enemies scream “Death to America!”

  11. newalm says:

    The KKK is thrilled with the liberal Democrat’s hatred of Israel and Jews!
    They are looking at the Democrat party for new memberships! They say
    Democrats where the founders of the KKK in 1867 and are thrilled they are
    looking back to their founding roots!

  12. koko sam says:

    bibi been saying about nukes since the 80s iran its a few months before
    they get the bomb waiting still waiting but nobody talks about israel nuke

  13. David Reed says:

    Sad how such a manipulative sinister man can manipulate so many
    people….Iran has no bomb all the evidence points contrary, he is a liar
    of the worst kind. This man would see America invade Iran much like they
    did Iraq for Israeli gain in the region at Americas expense. Such a shame
    people do not know this; I seriously worry for the future of the west. Btw
    not saying that Israel engineered the Iraq war just saying they want a
    similar situation. 

  14. Jimmy Gay says:

    Does he know that Kevin McCarthy is associated with the KKK, an
    anti-Semitic group?

  15. Ali Isa says:

    He advised the Saddam regime to be whopped cause of the supposed reason
    that they had WMD. Almost 600 US troops were affected by either death or
    injuries. 500,000 Iraqis had died as a result of the conflict since the
    Look what it all cost at the end: ISIS!

    Israel has enough help from the US govt to attack Iran on its own. Sorry
    bud do you!

    And don’t diss the President because he didn’t wanna do things your way.

  16. Alessio Di Manto says:


    The protocols of the learned elders of Zion works on as time goes by.

  17. Keksi says:

    He is giving speech inside US congress which has dome above building which
    is symbolic representation of ISIS.

    Behind him there is a two pillars,representing knowledge by Lucifer/Satan.

    Above it says in all capital letter In god we trust but It doesnt say
    which god.

    Then above there is a clock with wings which is representation of CHRONUS
    associated with Cronus and Saturn aka Satan.
    And that is actual “god” these idiots are worshiping.

  18. natasha crabtree says:

    Thank you prime minister for speaking the truth. God bless the Jewish
    people, bless the iron domes that intercepts missiles that threaten them,
    and bless you God for your supernatural hand of protection over your chosen
    people. Israel will always be! 

  19. Sidney Longfellow says:

    IRAN is as much of a nuclear threat as he claimed Iraq was over a decade
    ago, zero. Who has killed more people the US, Israel, and England or the
    Middle East and Islamic people? Easy answer right. You people are being
    tricked badly; there is no reason to be afraid of the terror they have
    created to scare you. So wake up, get up, stand up, speak up, and when all
    else has failed (which it already has) FIGHT THE POWER! BY ANY MEANS

  20. Pat Walker says:

    WW3 because of delusional religious beliefs about a Bronze-age “GOD” that
    never existed. Sign me up. Praise the Lord.