Benny The Butcher & J. Cole – Johnny P’s Caddy (Official Video)

Benny The Butcher & J. Cole – Johnny P’s Caddy (Official Video)

Listen to the Single “Johnny P’s Caddy”. Out Now!

#BennytheButcher #JCole #tanatalk4

Official Video by Benny the Butcher & J. Cole – “Johnny P’s Caddy” © 2022 Griselda Records / EMPIRE

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34 Responses

  1. Jon Denton says:

    Cole on a different level here. Butcher always delivers. Amazing.

    • Jayyy Lu 245 says:

      @King Hammers you’re opinion 👍🏽

    • Sunset says:

      @Creativity Inspires The Youth im a fan of both but lets be real Cole got this, Benny used the same flow pattern on a lot of songs. You sound like a Benny stan that doesn’t wanna call a spade a spade.

    • Creativity Inspires The Youth says:

      @Sunset 😂😂🤣😭 boy y’all definitely in y’all feelings today huh? SMH What’s crazy is that the lack of credit all the Cole stans refuse to give to Benny being that he’s the “newer” emcee outta the 2 is beyond me but hey, he was definitely talking to all y’all in his verse cuz’ y’all something else 🥴💯

    • Sam N says:

      @D Mortlock elite, elite, elite

    • Roody Aupont says:

      Yooooo wtf wuz dat?!!! I thought benny ish was fire, (which it is), til i heard cole’s verse. OMG, go 2 hell if i feature jesus. C’mon man. This was nas type ish. Cole got this hands down.

  2. FROAT says:

    2 of the best these days, nice collaboration!

  3. James Hopper says:

    Benny the Butcher has been at it for years and to see him hold his own a track with arguably the greatest of this generation is amazing. He knew the whole time what he had in him and didn’t give up just kept believing and pushing. Dude is a serious inspiration to never give up. Top top tier rap on this by both of these guys. Love to see it!

    • Andrew Stewart says:

      @REDthe argument should be Cole held his own smh

    • RED says:

      Cole is absolutely amazing, but there’s absolutely no argument that can be made for him to be the greatest of his generation. Also, it’s disrespectful as hell to be congratulating Benny for holding his own on a track with Cole when Cole hasn’t released a project better than Tana Talk 3 in the last 6/7 years.

    • delmar.worldwide says:

      for real man and the story of their come up makes it that much more inspirational. regardless of the cards you’re dealt, you can come out of that with hard work and dedication. griselda been such a big part of my past few years, they set a new standard for music for me, every song associated with one or more memories. seeing them take shit over is a beautiful sight

    • dylanoneill2011 says:

      Emphasis on “arguably”

  4. Simon Sinistaj says:

    Man!! As an older dude (43) I try to keep up with music and today’s hip hop and I love shit like this. And Alchemist is just a fucking magician with the beats! Don’t forget the video itself, the imagery, cinematography, setting is immaculate on this one. Incredible work all around here. Quality material.

  5. WHY TV says:


  6. cdh_410 says:

    No matter how much they try to hate it, REAL rap will never die. Salute legends

    • Wayne Jackson says:

      Salute, well said.

    • encdee says:

      Been saying it.. what hip-hop is born from can’t be killed. So the music can’t going no where.

      But what Westside Gunn is showing is that the culture has always belonged in the hands of the creators. That’s not news of course.. but West just play different 😏

      He’s doing what Master P did in the south, when NY had the south locked out. West took the blue print but loaded the mag with Daringer, Alchemist, Conway, Benny, Mach Hommy, Rome Streetz..

      Whenever the culture is curated by the creators, your dealing with something different. 🙏

    • Bernard Ellis says:

      BIG FACTS..!!!

    • Rex GameWell says:

      “We’ll” never go away

    • 2Nite says:


  7. LiveJ5 says:

    It’s like two conflicting styles but it still meshes into one masterpiece.

    • My Art My Rules says:

      @The GOAT Cole let me down, verse was solid. I always want the most anticipated collaborations to sound timeless. The production was there, Benny was sharp, and excited. The postering of arrogance in Coles Vs was there with words but not in rapping ability. 20 times listening to it, and I wanted another Benny verse instead of Cole.

      Song still fire just telling my truth

    • The GOAT says:

      @My Art My Rules ??????????

    • My Art My Rules says:

      As I stated below I rather had another Benny verse. Stop that arrogant shit Cole, bar up, time to spar..

    • Sean Gray says:

      All over a smooth ALC beat 🔥🔥

  8. Mario Pitts says:

    This lyrical madness , this is exactly what hip hop needs

  9. J1465 says:

    Never dropped a wack verse but it’s insane to see how much Benny’s pen game improves over time. Killed that shit!!!

  10. AE Alwayz Erupting says:

    “No weaklings last in my sneakers…I’m probably going to hell If Jesus ask for a feature…”
    I can appreciate artist like J Cole, Benny and Alchemist. That was dope combination. ⚰️

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