Bern Your Enthusiasm – SNL

Bern Your Enthusiasm – SNL

Despite his friends’ (Bobby Moynihan, Cecily Strong, Jay Pharoah) best efforts, Sen. Bernie Sanders (Larry David) keeps finding ways to upset voters (Leslie Jones, Aidy Bryant) in Iowa.

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20 Responses

  1. DCgeek13 says:

    2:00 yes, yes he is

  2. DoubIeRose says:

    Clinton Wins Iowa Caucus
    um I think it’s supposed to say Clinton “Wins” Iowa Caucus

  3. chad dayley says:

    This is unrealistic the voters in this sketch didn’t have enough autism.
    Everyone knows Bernie voters have serious autism and/or extra chromosomes

  4. U. Yorubulut says:

    I miss curb so bad

  5. Daniel Bowne says:

    One of the best SNL skits I have seen in a while.

  6. A Patel says:

    How’d they forget Wanda Sykes? “So you can’t shake a black person’s sick
    hand. huh ass man?”

  7. Joseph Ang says:

    Feel the berning taxes!!!

  8. Patrick Gabriel says:

    If you guys are seriously considering voting for someone just because of
    how a television program portrays their fictional persona you are the
    problem with America

  9. J man26 says:

    Hillary Clinton, a candidate for the corporations. Bernie Sanders, a
    candidate for the people. Atleast the campaign contributions to each of
    those candidates prove that. SNL hasn’t been funny since 1995.

  10. Sean Alvarez says:

    Bernie is a bigger joke that this shitty snl cast free everything now,
    but.youll have to pay for it later. Forget about robbing Peter to pay Paul
    this socialist is wanting to rob Paul to pay paul. Trump 2016$

  11. Leo DiArgianto says:

    so Lorne Michaels is either a republican or for Hillary

  12. Leo DiArgianto says:

    good thing no-one watches SNL anymore ha

  13. lestliness says:

    That was awesome.

  14. Buggy The Clown says:

    That ending oh my god. That expression the how he settled for 2% why did
    that make me die so bad?

  15. Gary Cangemi says:

    Brilliant! Larry David just demonstrated to Saturday Night live how
    pathetically unfunny they typically are. This was like serving prime rib at
    McDonald’s. Way to go Larry! We need more Curb!

  16. Edward Gil (ObaREX) says:

    That was the perfect JB Smoove impression.

  17. Dimas Pasaye says:

    I actually laughed at an SNL sketch. Havent done that in a while.

  18. Roxana Sixtos says:

    And just why was my ad in Spanish?

  19. Austin Putnam says:

    Best SNL skit I’ve seen since Betty White was on MacGruber.

  20. Pat McGrath says:

    That one person who thinks this is real.