Bernice Burgos Addresses Dating Rumors, Plastic Surgery & Entrepreneurship

Bernice Burgos Addresses Dating Rumors, Plastic Surgery & Entrepreneurship

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20 Responses

  1. matubaM says:

    I was like “let me keep an open mind and listen to this interview despite not knowing who she is ..”, but after 10 minutes I asked myself “what the hell are they talking about and why am I listening to this?!”

  2. roadblock2424 says:

    Why are IG Thots getting 1hr of interview space step your game up BC

  3. Ashley Bee says:

    She’s lying. There was a video of her daughter, not a photo.. Also, I follow her daughter on snap and ig and she loves attention and going clubbing. It’s expected though. She’s 21. Why lie and try to portray her as innocent.

  4. Nameless says:

    This is cringy

  5. Made in 86' says:

    Why she get 50 plus minutes but Regina Hall got 25? What does Bernice Jenkins do besides promo for fashion nova on shaderoom?

  6. Lexi Lou says:

    She’s a pretty woman. But she ain’t talking about SHIT. Like this was a complete waste of 51 mins, Regina could’ve had these 51 mins. Or call Jada, hell Phaedra Parks, Xscape,.

  7. Peta-Gay Robinson says:

    Pretty girl ! Please invest in an education . There is no reason not to have a GED. You have the money . Make the time . Educate yourself . That will make you even more powerful .

  8. Tamara Grant says:

    0:27 Who Is Bernice Burgos?
    0:52 Is being a 15-year-old mom “terrible”?
    2:35 How Bernice got her start
    4:37 Bernice doesn’t drink??
    7:02 How Bernice got celebrities to come to the club
    8:44 Why Bernice stopped bartending
    9:20 Bernice’s daughter “troubles” talk
    13:07 Bernice dating Drake?
    15:24 Bernice on her body enhancements
    22:54 Bernice on TI/Tiny situation
    24:03 Bernice checks Angela Yee
    26:14 How did Bernice and La La get close?
    28:25 Bernice and Khaled kiss?
    30:20 Why do people fucks with Bernice?
    31:49 What’s the next step for Bernice?
    33:49 Bernice’s thoughts on enhancements
    34:48 How Bernice deals with the haters
    36:06 Picture with Khloe conversation
    37:40 Who’s Hollered At Bernice?
    40:15 Don’t assume anything about Bernice
    42:54 Bernice and Planet Fitness..Work out video coming soon?
    44:21 Africa inspired Bernice to give back

  9. Go Getter says:

    she has a fucked up point of view on damn near everything. how in the hell would a mother support her daughter getting butt injections? y’all need to learn how to separate being a friend from a mother. friends support you through it all, mothers give you real advice whether it hurts your feelings or not. she’s very immature to be this old.

  10. Ericaa B says:

    I love how she slick tried to come at Angela Yee but they posted them clips and not once did she call her a video Vixen. Talking about “I watched it twice” 🤔

  11. Keturiah Baker says:

    this video should be called how to become a better Thot. It’s crazy how a college educated woman will never get this kind of platform.

  12. Jon Coleman says:

    Beautiful girl but tired of women like her and Amber Rose..they are toxic to these young girls out here man.

  13. shlinda1 says:

    She ain’t chasing fame but she got her entire body done and post her ass on Instagram, but she’s not chasing fame????

  14. Wunmi Williams says:

    Sounds like a female mendecees 😂

  15. shantellajohnson says:

    She probably got 51 mins because she doesn’t have shit else to do. Like she’s not even a F list celebrity 🤷🏾‍♀️. Actual celebrities have other shows and stuff to get to so they be on a time limit! She’s very pretty though!

  16. Famous Dex says:

    I despise girls that get surgery with a passion. Makes them look so insecure about their bodies. #AllNatural

  17. Cll 3 says:

    These THOTs throw that entrepreneur title around a little to liberally

  18. Horatio Douglas says:

    @ 15:40 The question was “What are some misconceptions about you”? Listen to her answer. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  19. imsodank1 says:

    Breakfast club might as well interview a used condom after this bullshit

  20. Jerreta Hartfield says:

    bless those of you who make it through this trash.

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