Bernie Sanders’ BRILLIANT Response To Trump’s Speech To Congress

Bernie Sanders’ BRILLIANT Response To Trump’s Speech To Congress

Bernie Sanders isn’t buying what Donald Trump is selling. In his response to the President’s first speech before Congress, Sanders calls out Trump for going back on his campaign promises, lying about corporate tax rates, and continues his push for a single-payer healthcare system.

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20 Responses

  1. Robo Kat says:

    You go Bernie! Wish you were our President.

  2. Radiant Angel says:

    Love Bernie! He’s for the people??

  3. AkJonny1965 says:

    The Republican party is no longer a party of American democracy, but is now the party of ethnic-romantic nationalism ideology. Their goals, agenda and actions will destroy democracy in America.
    They will redefine religious freedom, civil rights and even our inalienable rights. They will destroy our environment, economy, the middle class and our personal liberties and freedoms.
    We must proclaim this truth about them loud and long until they are not just defeated but are no longer thought of as American and are never allowed in power again.

  4. spoonerandforker says:

    Trump drained the swamp right into the White House.

  5. Dean Edelsten says:

    why the fuck, isnt he president?????

  6. l156a21 says:

    Waaaahhhh! How dare this stupid liberal poophead shatter my illusion of a right wing utopia! How dare he be the most honest and least corrupt politician in the USA! I’m so triggered! Waaaahhhh!!!

  7. Love Joy says:

    America is dumb for not voting this man in….instead we have a real retard…smh..dumb America

  8. k'inich janaab' pacal says:

    This man should had been our president instead of that orange idiot wannabe dictator putin dick sucking traitor.

  9. Eve Lynn says:

    Instead of saying we need less people in jail, why not work on jailing the right people. Let’s start in Washington D.C. and New York on the East Coast and California on the West Coast, then work our way to the middle.

  10. Mark Solveland says:

    Welfare keeps people poor

  11. indianrunner70 says:

    He’s damn right.. Trump talked about nothing for an hour.

  12. mudslider says:

    Everyone commenting that “we shouldn’t listen to him for bowing down to Hillary” are the hard core Trumpers fearful of what this man could do should people listen to him.

  13. MASTER BLASTER says:

    Trump wins 2020 in a landslide

  14. Elwink says:

    People with a healthy developed brain and decent world knowledge should back this man up, and cannot take Trump seriously.

  15. Scorehound says:

    As I watched this I thought to myself all the Americans who think that America is the greatest country on Earth yet its Government can’t even guarantee health care for its citizens when Universal health care is a way of life for so many countries. The Government of the United States, instead of putting billions towards making life better for its citizens would rather increase its military budget.

    The problem with America isn’t the people. Its the Government. The Government is bought and sold by weapons manufacturers, banks, billionaires, corporations and defense contractors. It doesn’t care about the people. Sad!

  16. Myaucat says:

    Trump didn’t drain the swamp, he just filled it with more corporate leeches and goldman sachs bankers. he’s got more corporate establishment elites and special interests in his cabinet than any previous administration!!!

    with all the spending and handouts he’s planning to give to the military industrial complex and the top 1%, the country will go bust as fast as the six bankruptcies he’s declared as a CEO, and we’ll be worse off than after the Bush era.

  17. EchoVids2u says:

    Bernie cares for America where as Trump cares about his self image and Russia.

  18. Grenherb says:

    bernie is all talk, nobody would have helped him if he got in hes to weak. trump already is getting more thing done then obama did in all his 8 years.

  19. Ali Kas says:

    Sanders is truly an inteligent man. I still can’t see how he didn’t get elected. He cares about the American people just as much as trump claims he does. Sanders is just more rational and realistic in the way he wishes to adopt change.

  20. Johnathan Walker says:

    When will people realize only politicians like Bernie are the ones who really care about them? As a Canadian, it’s sad seeing so many US citizens slip further and further from reality, actually believing Trump is doing things in their best interest.

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