Bernie Sanders Looks Forward to Beating Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders Looks Forward to Beating Donald Trump

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders comments on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric.

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Bernie Sanders Looks Forward to Beating Donald Trump

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20 Responses

  1. Shane Rohrbach says:


  2. Dr Panda says:


  3. Mac M says:

    Go Bernie!

  4. Brett Gibson says:

    “Global Warming is causing terrorism” – Bernie Sanders. Seriously you guys
    want this guy in there?

  5. Sakura says:

    Trump should feel the Bern. 200, 000 people in the UK signed a petition to
    get him banned.

  6. MSS Tube says:

    Bernie couldn’t win even if he was running against Hitler.

  7. Theodore says:

    What the hell is this treason? Bernie Sanders is a socialist does nobody
    seem to get this? People supporting this wild eyed socialist, kiss our
    American values goodbye. God bless America and long live our Grand

  8. Ahsan Khokhar says:

    feel the Bern “Damn it”

  9. Don't Worry About It says:

    +rep great trader

  10. CFgames says:

    Take the journey with Bernie.

  11. DaGamingLife says:

    Visit to join the campaign.
    Free america from greedy racist, not even UK wants Trump. so wake up and
    vote Bernie!

  12. AeroDaFunk69 says:


  13. Sarah Naidjate says:

    #IfeelTheBern #BernieKnowsBest

  14. iMiXmUsIc says:


  15. Jose Arroyo says:

    Wow, reading these comments I see a lot of trash talk against Bernie being
    socialist. See, here is the thing. Bernie never said anything about turning
    America socialist. He simply said that the top 1% who own 99% of the
    economy will pay their dues from now on. Get your facts straight. That and
    if you are a Christian, he will not take away your religion, he will simply
    set in order the division of church and state that the constitution was
    founded on and that you Christians have shit on.

  16. AlexPizzaMan13 says:

    The only reason people are even considering Hilary is the fact that she is
    a woman. I don’t mean to be sexist but it’s the truth. America has never
    had a woman as president but oh, just because a woman is running, we should
    vote for her (Sarcasm intended)! If that is the only basis for why people
    are voting for her then no wonder our country is the way it is. The best
    choice for president on the Democratic side is Bernie, without a doubt.

  17. Harry Christofi says:

    Bernie Sanders will kick Donald Trump’s money bag ass XD

  18. CheesePleaseMC says:

    Fuck all you socialists who wants Bernie Sanders.

  19. Audrey Ana says:


  20. _ genitaels says:

    raise ur hadn if u watched this just bc it was popiular and trending