Bernie Sanders: Now More Than Ever, It’s Our Revolution

Bernie Sanders: Now More Than Ever, It’s Our Revolution

The Senator from Vermont remains optimistic about the country’s future, and urges citizens to become more deeply involved in the political process.

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20 Responses

  1. Tiaan Engelbrecht says:

    Goddammit DNC…America could’ve had him, but no.

  2. Eric Lindström says:

    Sanders 2020, it’s happening

  3. UserX-1099 says:

    Please run in 2020 Bernie. Select Michelle Obama as your VP and u’ll win in
    a landslide.

  4. FrankValchiria says:

    to me it’s still a mistery how the american people didn’t choose this guy
    to run the country.

  5. Cinematic Gaming says:

    “Truth is treason in an empire of lies” – George Orwell

  6. fidorover says:

    I just hope *my* brain works that brilliantly when I’m 75.
    Bernie will be 79 in 2020, but I sense he’ll be a young and vibrant 79. And
    — with any luck — he’ll be our 46th president.

  7. RPD1175 says:

    Run again, Bernie! I’ll vote for you every time.

  8. Leo Pleasure says:

    He went after the Koch brothers that takes courage, those guys don’t play.

  9. Krishnan Kartha says:

    How was this noble man deprived of his rightful place in the DNC primaries?

  10. Tokoya says:

    I really hope that this man lives long enough to run for president again

  11. Roman Barna says:

    Those who are criticizing comrade Bernie for “selling out” or “betraying
    them” should shut up.
    Bernie made it perfectly clear early on that he would support the
    democratic nominee *no matter who* it would be. He also made it clear early
    on that defeating Trump was one of his highest priorities.

    Only because you’re too dumb to pay attention does not mean that Bernie is
    to blame.

  12. ƒine-ƒeather'd ƒiend says:

    Progressives who saw this coming in July, raise your hands ✋

  13. ren hoek says:

    how the fuck was hillary chosen over this man?!

  14. Captain Krossix says:

    Biggest mystery of 2016: How the fuck did this guy not become president?

  15. Tom Sawyer says:

    America needs more people that think like Bernie making the important
    decisions for America.

  16. DuskMindAbyss says:

    The one that got away.

  17. It Came From A Box says:


  18. mounir tighadouini says:

    How can the America not elect him as president? Can someone explain it?

  19. Soulless Ginger says:

    Bernie is pretty much the only person that can make me feel proud of my

  20. New Message (Unread) says:

    Sadly, the Bernie Bird was unavailable for the cover. He’s preparing his
    run for 2020.