Bernie Sanders Speech After California Primary – TYT Analysis

Bernie Sanders Speech After California Primary – TYT Analysis

The Young Turks panel discusses Bernie Sanders speech after the California primary election. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, and Jimmy Dore, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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20 Responses

  1. Chris Cross says:


    What about the **TWO** criminal investigations Hillary is being subjected
    to by the FBI?

    The Young Turks have been remarkably under-informed about the FBI
    investigation of Hillary Clinton.

    Indictments are on the way. The judicial system cannot allow *anyone* to
    get away with what Hillary has done. She’s jeopardized national security!
    She took 22 top secret e-mails and transferred them to an unencrypted
    server located in her home. That’s a crime.

    Clinton criticizes Edward Snowden — a patriot who did NOT jeopardize —
    when she, IN FACT, has jeopardized national security.

    Hillary Clinton, an indicted presidential nominee? … Ain’t gonna happen.

    TYT is hardly mentioning any of this. The ruling class propaganda has
    succeeded on this point; that is to say, their propaganda — their IGNORING
    the FBI criminal investigation — has gotten TYT and other progressives to
    also ignore the FBI’s criminal investigation.

    The goal of any propaganda system is to get the people the propaganda is
    aimed at to “think like they do.” And that’s just what TYT is doing —
    they’re assuming the same thing that the ruling class is assuming — that
    Hillary has it sewed up.

    What happened to thinking outside the box, TYT?

    Sanders is n doubt waiting for the indictments to be announced publicly.
    TYT needs to do their homework. Sanders is the front-runner. He’s the
    front-runner because once Hillary gets indicted, Sanders wins the

  2. Michael Huston says:

    This is just destroying the party. It’s so sad. Democrats against
    democrats, I never thought I’d see the day. There’s a reason Clinton put
    “Stronger together” in her speech last night, we are divided over a
    freaking hissy fit!

  3. Dan says:

    If Bernie causes America to vote in a travesty like Trump then so be it,
    there’s no place for tactics in politics just as there’s no place for
    capitalism in politics. Maybe 4 years under a real tyrant will give America
    the push it needs to figure out Bernie (or an equivalent) is what it (and
    the rest of us) desperately need.

  4. MGD says:

    shame on California!!!
    I thought the people of California were better!

  5. hotrodmc80 says:

    What gives any of you the authority to steal my money?

  6. ben better says:

    Hillary Clinton is a pathological LIAR.

  7. Charlie Rage says:

    Here’s the thing. California was cheated out of Bernie. Their are people
    out there that didn’t get to vote because the people running the polls said
    they weren’t registered when they were. They would also change people’s
    parties without consent. Plus they never counted the mailed in votes. We
    need a recount.

  8. Federico Wannesson says:

    he didn’t only lose at delegates – he lost at the popular vote, too. but
    berncucks are blind to that simple fact: THE COUNTRY DOESN’T WANT AN OLD

  9. Leslie Djokovic says:

    Hillary whooped that little fucker Bernie’s ass tonight lol! Hillary 2016!
    First woman presidential nominee bitches!

  10. John D says:

    Communist Bernie came in 2nd in a 2 person race lmao

  11. marc-Antoine Hanson says:

    Thank you Bernie! you’ve just secured Trump as president!

  12. Gabriel Grover says:

    Are you guys going to cover the Voter suppression in California?

  13. THEO END says:

    Well I’m definitely not voting for Hillary and if enough people want to do
    a right in for Bernie I’m down for that, but if not. I’m going to have to
    vote for Trump and that makes me sad, but what other option do I have.

  14. Ginman says:

    You are not a True Progressive Cenk, you are just another pawn ! GENOCIDE
    OR BUST !!!

  15. Chandir says:

    Why do we have to accept that she rigged this whole process? Had she won by
    the rules sure, she should get the nomination. But like this? Hell no

  16. aprilwearsgucci says:

    I think Bernie is going to burn the party out of spite. Would Bernie
    Sanders and his supporters rather see Trump win the Presidency? I hope
    Sanders can unite behind Hillary. Both can work together to help defeat

  17. jesse chadder says:

    She won, Bernie lost get over it

  18. Nathaniel McConnell says:


  19. Fluxquark says:

    Bernie’s speech was amazing! If he does not run as an independent, write
    him or Jill Stein in! Stay active in the political process! This is our

    #Bernie5evah #NeverHilary

  20. awanil84 says:

    poor jenk stuttering like an idiot. what will u do now?