Bernie’s Political Revolution WILL NOT Be Suspended!

Bernie’s Political Revolution WILL NOT Be Suspended!

Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks reacts to Senator Bernie Sanders’ national live stream address on June 16, 2016. Cenk loved the tone of the speech, do you agree? Read a transcript of Bernie Sanders’ speech here:

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20 Responses

  1. Young World says:

    best way for Bernie to get elected is for Trump to beat Hillary. cause if
    hilary wins she will automatically be the nominee in 2020. if trump wins
    bernie will beat him in massive landslide after we all witness trumps
    horrible presidency

  2. Crazy Cat Bengals says:

    just like the occupy movement the Bernie bro movement will be forgotten
    instantly after the election is over. you either have all the power ( win
    the election) or none at all. sorry Bernie Bros

  3. bmore divine says:

    Can’t sway me to support Hillary if Bernie does. Like you said it was never
    about Bernie its the agenda he’s pushing. I’m not sleeping with that devil
    Hilary for nobody.

  4. SaintHeartwing says:

    Those policies goals won’t mean anything if he doesn’t actually endorse
    her. What he stands for isn’t going to mean anything he longer he puts off
    actually endorsing her, because if he doesn’t actually do that until around
    the convention, his endorsement won’t need anything, and he’ll just be seen
    as a spoiler. By this time eight years ago, Hillary Clinton had already
    conceded to the President Obama thrown her support behind him and told her
    supporters to unify around the candidate. To not ask his own supporters to
    do the same for Hillary is pretty selfish. You don’t get to have special
    treatment when you lose, because you played the same game as everybody
    else, and when you play a game you have to play by his rules.

  5. the dave says:

    It’s Bernie or Trump – Read ’em and Weep….We’re not compromising – Stop
    trying to tell us to.

  6. cnn8420 says:

    another full face video of Cent… Yuck!

  7. Artorias Abysswalker says:

    When Trump is President, the blame goes to all of you #BernieOrBust-Retards

  8. g13iceman says:

    as long as you make sure trump doesn’t win, you can fight for whatever you
    want. but don’t let that monster take our country, otherwise everyone
    (clinton supporters and revolution supporters) lose

  9. Knightcommander says:

    Sorry Young Turks, you’ve lost. Trump is going to win. No one with any
    brains can vote Hillary… If only Bernie wasn’t such a cuck. America needs
    a leader with balls.

  10. Robert Cunningham says:

    Cenk misses the point in this video, he is telling us to push for reform.
    But then he will go and tell us to vote for Hillary Clinton because we
    can’t have Donald Trump. I will be voting for someone I view as more
    progressive and not support the corrupt system that is trying to turn us
    away. Jill2016!

  11. TYT is Brain Cancer says:

    Communist Revolution…….Sanders 2016 !!!

  12. clintgimbel says:

    He has already lost. lol.

  13. Hunter says:

    Anyone else find it interesting that Cenk’s Wolf PAC has spent the vast
    majority–$222.1K or 58.4% overall–of their funds on salaries? And another
    20.9% on administrative costs. Indeed, a total of 79.3% that isn’t going to
    any cause! Compare that to the Hillary Victory Fund and you’ll make an
    interesting discovery. (Spoiler: hers spends only 6.6% on salaries and
    administrative costs combined.)

    In other words, it’s interesting that one who has such dubious numbers
    themselves can cry fraud and political corruption so often.

  14. Violence and Force says:

    cenk, you’re an idiot! you bet on a loser… your horse came in last…

  15. rio verde says:

    Dude you are to old to talk about a revolution

  16. David McMurdo says:

    Political revolution? Pffft ahahaha! You mean riling up society’s dregs and
    losing spectacularly? Wow. What a great revolution. Bernie and his
    supporters are total losers.

  17. Elias Trujillo says:

    I knew months back that the general election was going to between Trump vs
    Hillary. I’m sure not voting for Crooked Hillary. 2016 is the beginning of
    the Trump presidency!

  18. Chunk Oooger says:

    play video at 0.5 speed for incoherent rant by drunk homeless turk

  19. LizardLvr981 says:

    when will people realize that it’s over for the bern??? It’s kinda sad
    really lol…

  20. potfarmer420 says:

    So when he ends up backing Shillary i say vote Trump and watch this mother
    fucker burn to the ground…