BEST All You Can Eat KOREAN BBQ Buffet in Seoul South Korea

BEST All You Can Eat KOREAN BBQ Buffet in Seoul South Korea

BBQs in South Korea is one of the most popular food items and a personal favorite of mine. Loads of beef, pork, veggies cooked on a hot grill or charcoal and then eaten with veggies or cold noodles is a dining experience you NEED to have while in South Korea.

But Korean BBQ is NOT cheap and can easily run $30 $50 or higher per person. That’s why I love all you can eat buffet style Korean BBQs and here are a couple of my favorite restaurants you need to try if you want some quality bbq meat and don’t want to pay too much.

1st place :
돼지상회 Gangnam
11, Gangnam-daero 98-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul KOREA

2nd place:
258-12, Changgyeonggung-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea

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41 Responses

  1. Moxie Beast ASMR says:

    Knew this was gonna get me hangry just from the title 😍❤️❤️❤️

  2. Amateur Eater - Mukbang & Travel says:

    Was looking forward to another Korea video!!!!!!! Dream came true

  3. Arjun Sharma says:

    Chef Mike Chen making all the mouth watering BBQ food!!! Love your channel and also the tasty food you eat!!

  4. Blob Zilla says:

    For some reason Mikey makes everything look tasty lol

  5. Ranton says:

    korean BBQ is just next level delicious 🥩

  6. Candace Josanne says:

    Having Sunday lunch while watching this vid wish I could get some of that lovely food.

  7. sherry valliere says:

    Too funny. My cousin is coming home and I made Korean BBQ ribs too.

  8. braeden90000 says:

    Dude your living the rich life

  9. bruh bruh says:

    Imagine if your job was to travel the world and eat good food. Mike is living well

  10. Jay Tran Ali says:

    Mikey keeps adding things to my bucket list!!!😋🍽🥢

  11. The Hungry Black Panda says:

    Korean bbq buffet!!!? SIGN ME UP!!!!!!!

  12. Chrism.94 says:

    The food always looks so good lol

  13. Nika Tark says:

    7:00 that laugh in background

  14. Farmer Cooking says:

    Hello Mikey Chen! ❤💛💚 Nice Korean Foods 👌👌 Looks so yummy and delicious 😋😋😋 your video makes me more hungry now! 😋😋

  15. abadatha says:

    Damn that spicy galby looks good. You can tell it’s hot because you can see Mikey sweating.

  16. jksmasknz says:

    mike chen is my fav vegan youtuber

  17. Ya don't say? I love the chocolate kingdom, BITCH says:

    Mmmm… delicious! I wanna go to South Korea to taste the food.

  18. Han Son says:

    삼겹살(pork belly) with 냉면(cold noodle)? you know how to eat!

  19. Toronto Eats says:

    Ah I love Korean BBQ! I can’r even imagine how good it must be in Korea. Yum!

    • Millennial Travel Confessions says:

      I’d love to try it from Korea too! The Korean BBQ in the UK is not that great…

    • Filisianboy9 says:

      Toronto Eats In America there is a good Korean bbq place called Dae Jang Keum in Michigan. The pork, chicken and beef they serve at that place are good! Still I am sure that it still does not compare to korean bbq in Korea which is cheaper from what I see in this video.

    • DPMixing says:

      To be honest Korean BBQ is probably best in LA. That’s because meat is more affordable in North America and LA Koreatown is the biggest outside of Korea.

    • Kermit of Rivia says:

      Korean BBQ turns women gay. Beware!

  20. SEW ALDO says:

    My dream is to go to South Korea and enjoy delicious food!

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