Best Bad Movie of 2018 – RANKED

Best Bad Movie of 2018 – RANKED

Instead of celebrating the best movies of 2018, we’re celebrating the worst! Here are four of the worst movies of the year, ranked from worse to worst. GMM #1469

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51 Responses

  1. Miss Ren says:

    Boyfriend Killer looks like a Lifetime movie

  2. PirakaFan093 says:

    No freaking way! We filmed that “time to spin the wheel of mythicality” last semester, so we didn’t think we’d end up getting on the show but here it is! I’m the one sitting in the chair lol

  3. Dennis Carlie says:

    If sharknado made a movie in 2018 this video would have been a minute long

  4. Dudeidu2 says:

    we really need a reaction face cam while the trailers are running! like so they can see 🙂

  5. Daphne Graham says:


    hopefully Will’s last name is Nye.

  6. Nichole Albers says:

    Mom and Dad AND Boyfriend Killer are both 2017 films! Come on Alex and Ellie ?

  7. Drewsefer89 says:

    Nick Cage definitely is the best at making bad movies good. The rest were just bad movies.

  8. Logican says:

    You say white old men determine or movies, but you two old white men tell us what foods are better in blind taste tests.

    • Rachel Maryanski says:


    • PyroNinja713 says:

      +Pamela Warren Relative to their average viewers, they very much are. They’re in their 40s.

    • Pinhead says:

      +PyroNinja713 They don’t look 40 at all, maybe except for link because of the grey hair, but before that I would’ve guessed they’re in their early 30s, time has been good to them

    • BrittersweetBeginnings says:

      +Pamela Warren Right?? I like how 40’s is SOOO OLD… Give me a break. And that’s coming from a woman in her 20s

    • PyroNinja713 says:

      +Pinhead Well don’t forget that they’re also famous “TV” personalities that have professional hair and makeup people. I’m sure they wake up looking a bit older than we ever get to see them.

  9. Akhmad Rizqi says:

    2018 Youtube Rewind

    I’m sorry can’t help it

  10. 3Xclus1v e says:

    It’s always nice to just sit down, relax and watch GMM. You guys have such a nice channel

  11. friendly says:

    Oh, come on, are we really gonna sit here and listen to this nonsense – that the awards are biased.
    Wait, that’s true. Nvm.

  12. Amy M says:

    William Haynes it is so good having you back in my life, you sweet angel

  13. Jessica Ross says:

    I haven’t watched any of these films but am not surprised they made the list. Nick Cages movies always make it to the top for me.
    If you ever have to destroy something, sing the hokey pokey?

  14. Kyle Lundy says:

    Nicolas Cage is phenomenal in 2018’s “Mandy” so watch that

  15. Guardian of the Galaxy says:

    Why is a gray hair + grandma style glasses and cardigan looks good on link?

  16. People People says:

    And I thought bird box was bad

  17. Joshua Hodge says:

    “Predetermined by a small group of mostly white old men”…the irony.

  18. StoneBrothersProduction says:

    Boyfriend killer was released in 2017 though. I thought this was 2018 best bad movies?!?

  19. 12 PackersFan says:

    Just looked: Mom and Dad is certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes…

  20. Eduardo Martinez/Tejeda says:

    They have get Nicolas Cage on this show

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