BEST Black Friday Tech Deals 2017!

BEST Black Friday Tech Deals 2017!

Shout-out to Canon for sponsoring today’s video! Use the Code BLACKFRIDAY17 to save an additional $100 off the Canon EOS 70D Black Day Bundle until November 27th! Link:

It’s that time again! Time for the best time of year for awesome tech deals. We have a great list from cameras, tv’s, gaming, and more!

Find the rest here:

Xbox One S (microsoft) –
Xbox One S (target) –
PS4 Slim (GameStop) –
Games (GameStop) –
PlayStation Controllers (GameStop):
PlayStation Controllers (Walmart):
Xbox Controllers (Design Lab):
Xbox Controllers – $20 off!:

Sony XB950B1:
Sony XB950N1:
Sony MDR-1000x:
Jaybird x3:

Smart Home:
Google Home Mini:
Amazon Echo Dot:
Amazon Echo:
Google Home:

TVs, Laptops + More:
Samsung 49″ 4K HDR TV:
LG 55″ OLED:
Samsung Gear S3 Frontier:
Fire 7 HD:
Fire 8 HD:
Fire 10 HD:
Macbook Deals:
LG 32″ monitor:

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90 Responses

  1. Joseph Kelarjian says:

    yay 1st

  2. Koronops5 Baller says:

    Building my pc on black friday like if u doing the same

  3. Techondaily says:

    Just now watched TLD video and now yours Jonathan and UrAvgConsumer Awesome

    • Luke Gutman says:

      its jonothan morrison

    • Byukk says:

      +Mr Kanobi Not happening. He doesn’t resort to useless videos (C’mon. Just go on Slickdeals and you’ll find better deals for what you actually want/need). It’s kinda sad Judner is resorting to this BS. He’s one of the few that remain grounded and still produce quality content. TLD and Austin seem to be losing sight of what made their channels good in the first place.

    • dao linh says:

  4. Kevin Parker says:

    2:54 lmao I was like “There are Transparent PS4 now?” Lol

  5. Tom & Jaden says:

    Yo happy thanksgiving Dude 🤙🏽

  6. Kable10 says:

    Can anyone find me a good laptop on sale under 1200 dollars. I would prefer a macbook. Thanks guys.

  7. Israel Andrade says:

    The jay birds are $50 at best buy during Black Friday

  8. General K says:

    Under rated youtuber

  9. Sample Text says:

    Your average immigrant

  10. MaskSo #IntheBuilding says:

    Also the iPad mini 4 with 128 gb is going for 275 dollars at bestbuy considering the original price is 500 dollars

    • Noah R says:

      iPad Mini 4 128gb vs iPad 2017 32gb?

    • KingSam says:

      If you can survive on 32gb it’s a no brainier. If not get the mini 4. Personally I’d get the 2017 for $250

    • MaskSo #IntheBuilding says:

      KingSam I’m still getting the iPad mini 4, is better for me since I just going to use casually for watch videos and listen music and also to move around with the device , I had the iPad 2017 but I didn’t like it the screen is way too big for me. But that’s is just my opinion.

    • Emo Gio says:

      We don’t have Best Buy in Illinois anymore, it went out of business

  11. UrAvgConsumer says:

    Thanks for watching! Just a quick note that some of these don’t take effect until Black Friday so keep checking. And shout out to all of you commenting other deals you’re finding. Keep ’em coming 🙌🏾

  12. SteamRamSam says:

    knack 3

  13. Sufferinq/Savagegod says:

    Nba 2k18 is 30$

  14. David Desir says:

    You forgot the jaybird freedom f5 at $50 on bestbuy

  15. Ultar Gaming says:

    I’ll never be able to afford a MacBook even though they’re my dream laptop. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Battlefront Playz says:

      Same :/

    • iDylanTV says:

      Bryan Siv exactly these of morons always claiming it’s “garbage” lmaoo like bitch stfu I’d rather pay for for a flawless running system that will last 10 years with no viruses or hardware problems… meanwhile if u listened to these idiots and went out and bought a 1k gaming machine, the shit breaks down 4 months down the road with endless hardware and software problems.

    • Ultar Gaming says:

      I didn’t mean to start an all out battle between pc and apple. I was just stating that I’m not capable of affording a MacBook, even though I’d prefer to have one. Mainly because it’d be more useful, fulfilling and I know I have 24/7 customer support for a whole year if something happens. But again, I can’t afford one, nor can I afford a good windows machine. Which is why I’m still rocking a fanless Celeron System.

    • Guwap Gaming says:

      Elias gagnef its based on what you need it for

    • Joenha says:

      Ultar Gaming it hasnt up it only has downs in comparison to what you can get for less or the same price

  16. Beast Gamer says:

    I wish money grew on trees

  17. Joshua Alvarez says:

    Nah u not an average consumer anymore. Y’all rich af now.

  18. Andrei Vasile says:

    For you every friday is black friday. GET IT?

  19. Rubicon V says:

    Isn’t every Friday Black Friday at your house? LOL

  20. Logic Check says:

    How much were you paid for all this

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