Best Comeback Ever

Best Comeback Ever

look who’s laughing now

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20 Responses

  1. Noah Fence says:

    It’s ratatouille!

  2. chloe shirt says:

    wtf is this on my recommended?

  3. Enes Apaydin says:

    His laugh sounds like a a small teen deep throating a big dildo

  4. Dr. awde says:

    so fake

  5. Daenerys Targaryen says:

    Dont do Crack Kids :-)

  6. Kawa3 Gamer says:


  7. I am Logic says:

    you look like a transgender feminist ugly ah boi

  8. Johnny Linton says:

    Easily the biggest roast of 2016

  9. Jonny Burbridge says:

    dat laugh do

  10. 454ffv says:

    now this, this is what harambe died for

  11. SillySully says:

    Why is this trending

  12. Cheesus Christ says:

    This is just proof on how anything can become viral.

  13. swordsman3000 says:

    candidate for worst 10 seconds on YT

  14. Sebastian johansson says:

    funny shit xD

  15. radadactyl says:

    Press 8 to hear Donald Duck having a seizure

  16. Narciss says:

    i thought cool guys wasnt existing anymore

  17. Del says:

    I was on the bus today and this guy barfed all over me. I am never taking
    another shower as long as I live.

  18. Jeremy Rocano says:

    All the bullies of the bullies of the world better watch themselves from
    now on with this amazing come back. ?

  19. Avalanche2 says:

    Just from that 9 second video, I have deduced that this fellow simply LOVES
    the cock.

  20. Elias Walker says:

    that laugh tho…