Best Custom Tablet Wins $100,000 – Instant Influencer S2

Best Custom Tablet Wins $100,000 – Instant Influencer S2

I had 8 artists compete for $100,000! The challenge: customize tablets for a few special guests. This was so much fun!

David »
JB »
Jadon »
Joseph »
Kirsten »
Marissa »
Nick »
Ryan »
Sophie »
Tyler »

Guest Judges:
AzzyLand »
Brooke Monk »
Jordan Matter »
Neekolul »
Ashley Strong »

0:00 Intro & Recap
1:01 Challenge Set Up
3:33 Customization Challenge
19:08 Judging
29:28 The Results
32:15 The Sign Off

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39 Responses

  1. You says:

    The talent displayed is insane

  2. Lonely Sandwich says:

    This was so stressful I wanted to cry

  3. Austria CountryBall says:

    I have never seen ZHC so serious and kind of strict while he was judging the beautiful art pieces. But anyways, good video and keep up the work while I bite my nails to see who gets out!

  4. VisionVODS says:

    The artists talent is insane and how they do it

  5. Jordan Matter says:

    Congrats to all the amazing artists!!! That day was so tense 🤣

  6. Aesthetic Study Vlogs says:

    The guy who got eliminated last round…. I wish he was here… He literally is so good at customizing…he would have excel this!

  7. Crystal Nivea Bobi says:

    Jadon would’ve killed this round, but sadly he was eliminated last time ☹️

  8. JayD Green says:

    Hopefully for the next episode no more teams so we can learn more of each artist own style. And so they can have their own down fall to blame.

  9. Emma As always says:

    Jadon would actually killed this round i mean- he made for it, i wish he was here:(

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