BEST Dunk Of All Time? 6’1 Jordan Kilganon Hits “Lost And Found”

BEST Dunk Of All Time? 6’1 Jordan Kilganon Hits “Lost And Found”

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Here is 6’1 Jordan Kilganon hitting a new dunk he created called the “Lost and Found”. Jordan’s jump program, Bounce Kit, will be coming soon.

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20 Responses

  1. Shawn Worthey says:

    I know it’s not nba but has anybody seen this? This kid is ridiculous…
    I’ve never seen a dunk like that.. And he’s only 6’1″….#crazybounce

  2. Aldo Bishalini says:

    what is this song?!??

  3. Rell Tell'Em says:


  4. tommy 6oy says:

    Why does this black guy look so white?

  5. Hunter James says:

    Lol white man to 

  6. CommandereON says:

    This dunk was unreal WOW

  7. Jake Sanchez says:

    Yeah I guess its alright. I just don’t understand why people get so
    excited about this stuff. I also don’t understand why everyone always runs
    around the court after people dunk it. Just another reason why basketball
    is stupid and all the pussies go and play it. Real men don’t play
    basketball and you all know it.

  8. Junr says:

    Bro, that dunk was PURE INSANITY!

  9. Calvin Coleman says:

    Holy extremely fucking shit!!!! That a 50+50+50 the best ever

  10. Cameron Richardson says:

    As a person that played college ball and can dunk this is pretty amazing.
    He jumps up while cuffing it, and like lobs it to himself behind his back
    while airborne and doing a 360…..what!!!! plenty of people can take off
    from free throw line like MJ or 360 Windmill VC style (not as smooth but a
    variation) and do all those other trick dunks jumping over people while
    holding a ball but this might be the best I’ve ever seen

  11. aTROLLwithBlades says:

    I thought i had made that up. But…. I did it on a oft sooo it doesnt

  12. Wilkine Brutus says:

    That was just disrespectful and rude. Geesh…with dunks like that, this
    dude clearly has no social manners. lol

  13. Kevin M says:

    You have to run away and throw all your stuff around as if there’s a
    freight train about to kill you while screaming and yelling “OOOHHHHH!” If
    you don’t, you’re just not part of basketball’s black culture. Also, be
    sure to tell the camera how important you are and the team couldn’t do it
    without you.

  14. Wiggins says:

    * Rim height, 7’8″.

  15. Mo Merrell says:

    Favorite dunker. He’s ridiculously creative

  16. Micah White says:

    Very creative dunk, i give it an “8”
    I would’ve given it a “10” if he dribbled the ball. I hate dunks where
    people run with the ball like they’re emmitt smith 

  17. enott93 says:

    white people evolving

  18. humanparadox says:

    Best dunk ever. Better than all the Vince Carter dunks

  19. teematt says:

    I mean ….if he did it on a 10 ft goal then I’d be impressed