Best Fire Tornado – DIY – no moving parts!

Best Fire Tornado – DIY – no moving parts!

The best way to make a fire tornado (in my opinion!) All you need are 2 glass half-cylinders. No moving parts, no fans, no squeaky bearings, just fire and forget!
Inspire to Make – Meteorite Ring

somebody pointed out NightHawkinLight was the first to do multicolored fire tornado, oops he gets the prize!

End Music : Ella Vos – White Noise

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20 Responses

  1. DriceYT says:

    Well crazy man that does typos stuff in his backyard, we meet again in my
    subscription feed.

  2. Kael Honeyman says:


  3. Hexaquan says:

    How hot does the glass get? I was wondering if I could do this with acrylic
    PVC pipes because they would be easier to cut.

  4. Chris Garvin says:

    Does it have to be glass? Can u used another curved solid that doesn’t

  5. Grant Thompson - "The King of Random" says:

    Epic Fuchsia Flame! Loved this project Kevin!

  6. Asther Silver says:

    well i know what im doing for science fair this year

  7. Arman says:


  8. Crimp says:


  9. Kobalt Aenethre says:

    You should try one split into three… red, blue, and yellow… the colors
    might mix and create a rainbow fire tornado

  10. Joshua Walters says:

    Will this work with a simple candle?

  11. Robert James Reid says:

    my hands are bleeding from cuts when do i see the tornado?

  12. ‫محمد زيات‬‎ says:

    what if the glass break because of tr heat?

  13. BeatJumper ? says:

    can you just use a plastic bottle instead?

  14. Safe says:

    can it be done with anything transparent? like a clear folder? (lol i know
    it would burn. but just wondered if the same thing will happen)


    He should’ve put some dry ice and water in the middle so it could make a
    better smoke tornado?

  16. Bilal Patel says:

    wow, literally saw this 2 days ago in a Hiroshima documentary

  17. Jamie says:

    you really are a genius, mate

  18. Captain Clash Gaming ★ Android & iOS Gameplay ★ Mobile Games & Video Games says:

    Epic video is epic

  19. Thomas Fam says:

    This dude look like a smart LNU

  20. Eat Veggies - Save Me says:

    PATENT your idea before it gets stolen and turns into a billion dollar
    industry. :)