Best Giant Art Wins $100,000 – Instant Influencer S2

Best Giant Art Wins $100,000 – Instant Influencer S2

I had 7 artists compete for $100,000! The challenge: paint a giant canvas in under 3 hours. This was wild!

David »
JB »
Jadon »
Joseph »
Kirsten »
Marissa »
Nick »
Ryan »
Sophie »
Tyler »

0:00 Intro & Recap
1:27 Warm Up Challenge
8:55 Background Challenge
23:05 Judging
34:16 The Results
37:37 The Sign Off

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38 Responses

  1. Tenzi says:

    giving me more Gordon Ramsey vibes with videos

  2. KayKay says:

    David’s art was literally the best painting ever. I loved it omg 💗

  3. MusicLover96954 says:

    Nick’s editing was incredible given the time frame that he had. It was the cleanest, the most YouTuber/influencer-esque, and probably the best this challenge. I wish he got to edit in the last challenge so we could’ve seen his potential sooner!

  4. You says:

    Listen I had low expectations and now I don’t 🥰

  5. 【Bromeliad】 says:

    Jake be like
    I’m still working, Okay?
    ZHC: The episodes nearly over

  6. X-ray1717 says:

    Joseph was such a nice person, and I wish him the best in the future!!!

  7. ADCArtAttack says:

    These are really motivating me!! Which is weird as I am already a creator, but yeah.. this is awesome!

    And artist show. Come on iinnnnn 😀

  8. Anoushka says:

    I feel that Sophie should have won it’s a beautiful painting that suites her so much and it’s actually a background

  9. heaven says:

    I already guessed that David is going to win this because, god his painting was so beautiful.

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