Best of Day 2 at the Tokyo Olympics: Simone Biles takes the mat | NBC Sports

Best of Day 2 at the Tokyo Olympics: Simone Biles takes the mat | NBC Sports

Catch up on all the best action from early in Day 2 of the Tokyo Olympic Games, including highlights from the U.S. women’s gymnastics team and skateboarding’s Olympic debut. #NBCOlympics #Tokyo2020 #SimoneBiles
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Best of Day 2 at the Tokyo Olympics: Simone Biles takes the mat | NBC Sports

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42 Responses

  1. spiced blossoms says:

    The way I suddenly become patriotic the moment I see Simone Biles 🧍🏾

    • Bob Barns says:

      Trump and his low-education supporters attacked our capital on January 6 !
      Prosecutor him and those Insurrectionists!

    • Red Lights says:

      @fizzychizzy lol STFU, people don’t get arrested for being black. You don’t need to be their savior.

    • air maxy says:

      @apples 88 “the past” it still happens as we speak

    • Calvert Wildman says:

      @hdb80 Relax, I fought/and will continue to fight for all Americans to have the right of freedom of speech. Until to wear the uniform as I do, don’t speak on behalf of Vets.

    • Calvert Wildman says:

      @Red Lights yea the do, question mark.

  2. Chris says:

    The Olympic skatepark is gorgeous. So happy to see

  3. MYM says:

    Let’s go team USA. 🤞🏼

  4. Jules C says:

    NBC give the team a break! Let the Athletes do their best and stop pressuring Biles! She will do her best! No matter what, she still has the most medals.

  5. AndrewVelonis says:

    Clickbait. 5 seconds of Biles and a general round-up.

  6. Kyle Pace says:

    It’s a spectacle to see humans in their physical prime. It’s like real life superhumans.

  7. Michael Jackson says:

    “Japan air mandatory,I don’t make the rules” Tony Hawk 😁

  8. Jessie Jones says:

    She’s used to the drama, she’s going to do what she’s been trained to do. This is not her first time in the Olympics.

    • Shiro says:

      She’s going to lose because she’s black and isn’t allowed to take steroids anymore (you know, the ones that stopped her puberty? —> she’s titless)

    • Brody Penn says:

      @Shiro I think you need to lie down and get some rest, then you can comment on YouTube once you’re back to your senses.

  9. marinaserina says:

    Peacock gave the worst sports coverage I’ve ever seen for the Olympic wrestling trials. For example, they streamed two mats instead of all 4 so you weren’t able to see important matches like the semis for some weights. Hoping they don’t butcher it again for the real thing

  10. Maria Ellis says:

    Stop putting Simone on a pedestal and just let her be herself and compete.

    • Maria Ellis says:

      @Cory Simpson I agree. Most definitely!

    • Lucy Loo says:

      @Maria Ellis how come in America she is an African-American?

    • Maria Ellis says:

      @Lucy Loo because stupid people can’t let racial differences go away.

    • Ryker Jett says:

      Shut up and stop whining. She’s going to be on a pedestal, because she’s the best. It’s what comes with it. So stop crying

    • Damian says:

      ​@Wise Ferret The Olympics exist PARTLY as a friendly rivalry to bring nations together. Nations use the Olympic games as propaganda, officials of governments are there to look supportive. Even presidents want a photo with the winner, many times denied by the athlete. There are “losers”, they were “losers” before going to Tokio, if you see the number of medals that rich countries get and compare it with the number the poor countries get, then you will get a rough idea of who are the “loosers” and who are the “winners”. I know I sound like a downer, but I want numbers!

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