Best Toothpaste Art Wins $5,000! ft. Dental Digest

Best Toothpaste Art Wins $5,000! ft. Dental Digest

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23 Responses

  1. ZHC Crafts says:

    Like I said in the video, subscribe and you could win $5000!

  2. Carmen Hackathorn says:

    I just love the creative freedom this gives the artists. There’s always something new, something different and something you’ve never seen before. It’s pushing the barriers of art, and it’s really inspiring. Thank you for creating this type of content and giving this experience to such creative and fun people!

  3. energywen says:

    I just discovered this channel, and I think I watched almost all the videos. Love all the crafts videos! McKenzie is amazing in her art, Ben is great too, Jake when he finishes his art is amazing. Michelle has her ups and downs but I love this squirrel she did. Gonna need to see more from David but a talented human he is!

  4. Psych2Go says:

    Amazing artwork!

  5. bella edwards says:

    I just love David’s energy it is so fun to watch!

  6. Zhaine Mae Nalbog says:

    I just love their creativity. In every art they’re creating, I’m mesmerized with it. Supporting you guys all the way from the Philippines 😊

  7. Please help me get a play button says:

    Let’s all take a moment to appreciate ZHC and the time he spends to entertain us

  8. Icrador creeper says:

    HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?! toothbrush looks just like paint. I love paint. I also love ur videos! Keep it up! And hopefully i win the money so that i can keep up on some things since im having a hard time and im currently sick. Hopefully ur channel also grows so more amazing videos like these can be done! I love you all!

  9. Kerni Khongsai7 says:

    David have so much potential. He never fail to surprise you with his art.

  10. Miss Overlord says:

    Can we talk about how good of an addition David would be to the cast?! ♥️

    He is so talented!

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