Best Week Ever.

Best Week Ever.

100 CLUB MERCH OUT NOW! (Thank you) (▰˘◡˘▰)
Minecraft Series Playlist:


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32 Responses

  1. Pikaboy70 says:

    Are my eyes deceiving me? Has the YouTube algorithm allowed for this to be on trending? ?

  2. Orange Giraffe says:

    Pewdie pie: hits 100 mil

    I’ve seen many things but

    This does put a smile on my face:)

  3. Jen Sawitzki says:

    We need to call Pewds ‘Marzia’s Husband’ until he gives Sven’s BF an actual name

  4. Luke Downes Luke Downes says:

    He said he would delete his channel at 100 million when he hit 50miion, look for your self

  5. DOGGOS with 100 subs says:

    Do the live stream on a weekend because some of us have to go to school!

    Like so Felix can see!

  6. Iron man Thanos’s best friend says:

    Gets married to Marzia: ✔️
    Hits 100M: ✔️
    Defeats ender dragon: ✔️

    A good week for gamer: ✔️

  7. Ryzse says:

    Pewdipie: looks at photo shop
    Also pewdipie: “BLABLA THE MINCRAFT”

  8. Korona STG says:

    Pewdiepie: Gets Married

    YouTube Rewind 2019: Did Yall Hear That? Is……Is That The Wind???

  9. Nergling says:

    You reached 100 mil! Congrats Felix, super chuffed for you

  10. Shadow Unicorn says:

    This is why Pewdiepie is better than T Series. Married, Beat Ender Dragon, and hit 100 mil.


    You still don’t know who parry the platypus is.

  11. tomasthebest 2006 says:

    How Felix and Marzia met them
    Felix:get on the boat!

  12. LuckyMat Gaming says:

    *Me watch commentary space*
    *Me watch the name of user in commentary space*
    Why all want subs with no video???

  13. generik j says:

    Pewds: after we finish our honeymoon, we’ll go to the fricking chamber
    Marzia: ah shit here we go again

  14. 500 subs with no video challenge says:

    Felix: Gets married

    Sven: has kids

    Also Sven: Felix it’s your turn to have BEBE

  15. Javier Palacios says:

    When you realize that Pewdiepie got married the same day Revenge minecraft parody got published

  16. BriZ says:

    *If PewDiePie isn’t on YouTube Rewind 2019 we’re dropping a 100 MIL DISLIKE BOMB*

    Also there is a youtuber copying you pewdiepie . I made a video covering it. Hes falsely striking people exposing him. Its trending in pewds reddit page.

  17. Mel Ferguson says:

    “Bro fist…”

    Me: prepares fist

    “Coming soon.”

    Me: disappointed drop of fist

  18. can i get 10,000 subscriber without videos says:

    Pewdiepie: Best Week Ever!

    Youtube Trending: *here we go again*

  19. Anna - - I love sex :* TAP ON M!Y PHOTO says:

    Its Iike a fairy tale. He slayed the dragon, g0t the princess, and have everyone in the kingdon announce him king.

  20. TH_Owl says:

    PewDiePie : but the most important of them all the truly thing that really matter 2M on PewDiePiesubmission redit
    Marzia : Am I a Joke to U ?

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